The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 7, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Following his pretty good week, Ron DeSantis had a pretty bad week.

-First, he tried to copy Trump at a Dairy Queen ice cream serving scene. It was a forced look. Then he spoke in front of maybe 20 people in a giant auditorium in Iowa. Really bad look.

2) Then the clincher: “We’re gonna go after these third-world countries that have become hotbeds of antisemitism.”

-Wait, I thought “we” just spent nearly 15 years doing that, and they’re still there with hotter hotbeds than before?

3) Hence, Bloomberg says, “DeSantis Camp Hit by Gloom as Aides Worry Race is Slipping Away.”

-Well, I stand by my comment of three months ago: it was already “slipped away” then.

4) As I said last week, the indictments of Trump are PR “circuit breakers” to stifle bad news about Rutabaga and Hunter. One of his attorneys expects a fourth indictment.

5) Meanwhile, the Obama judge who worked with Hunter Biteme gave Trump until Monday afternoon to respond to a motion to silence him before trial.

6) David “creased jeans” Brooks asks “We’re the bad guys now?”

-David, ya little sphinctermonkey: You’ve always been the bad guy masquerading as a “conservative.” You and Jenny the Ugly Lyin’ Red Rubin should marry and have Lenin twins.

7) Buried in the Tucker Carlson interview, the ex-Capitol Hill police chief says there was a “cover-up” of the Patriot Day (Jan. 6) festivities.

8) Text messages suggest the ChiComs thought they could use Rutabaga to acquire American energy assets. And they would be right.

9) A new “cancer stopping pill” could “annihilate” tumors and leave healthy cells unharmed.

10) How the “Rev.” Jesse Jackson (whom the only time anyone heard utter the words “Jesus Christ” was when he fell down a flight of stairs) remade the DemoKKKrat Party.

11) Also see a book by a friend, Donald Critchlow, Takeover: How the Left’s Quest for Social Justice Corrupted Liberalism.

12) Vivek Ramaswamy correctly calls the Uke War for what it is: a bribe repayment for Hunter.

13) DemoKKKrats are overperforming in 2023's special elections. Is it a clue for Rutabaga v. Trump?

-No. As made clear again and again, the MAGA vote ONLY turns out for Trump. They are sick to death of the GOP.

14) For now, the states have stopped the credit card companies from tracking gun purchases.

15) Ruy Teixeira, one of the few remaining DemoKKKrats with functioning brain cells, says the DemoKKKrats have a reemerging nonwhite working class problem.

-Rutabaga got this group with 67% in 2020. Now his lead is 16%.

16) Tuppence the traitor obviously did not even understand his Constitutional authority to hand challenged electoral slates over to the House and Senate for their deliberation.

17) RFK, Jr. has filed a lawsuit against youtube and Google over a “censorship campaign.”

18) Oh, so now Fed Ray Epps blames fascist Antifa for the Patriot Day (J6) violence?

19) Young Americans for Freedom won a case in the 9th Circuit over a liberal appeals court in its case against college censorship.



20) This guy wants us to think of AIs as our “children” in reassuring us that Skynet won’t kill us all.

-After reading this, I almost prefer Skynet.

21) Franklin Graham is returning to the UK after a legal victory over canceled events.



22) The Sixth Circuit Court allowed Kentucky to follow Tennessee in banning minors from getting mutilation transoid surgeries.

23) File under, too bad, so sad, Ian Watkins, the former singer for the Lostprophets and convicted pedo, was stabbed in prison.



24) The latest D.C. lie is that Rutabaga created more jobs than Trump.

-Nope. Rutabaga 400,000 jobs per month, Trump: 1.56 million.

25) Wolf Richter claims that disability claims have dropped to a 20-year low and that disabled people are employed in record numbers.

26) Hackers forced a hospital system to take its national computer system offline.

27) Pfizer loses $144 billion in value as Americans tell the China Virus vax to take a hike.

28) Zoom told its employees to get their asses back into the office. China Virus is over.

29) Payback’s a bitch: officials have ordered a Wisconsin brewery to close. It was a known supporter of DemoKKKrats.

30) The heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune says the founders would be “rolling over in their grave” to see that partnering with a transoid cost the company $27 billion.



31) Sweden (gulp) is now more capitalist than the USA.

32) Costs (reality?) are beginning to change the net zero debate in England.

33) Violence continues in Manipur as Prime Minster Modi faces a no-confidence motion.

34) In response to the French threatening Niger over the recent coup, Niger says “Up yours!” and has banned uranium exports to France.

35) Inevitable. Now the U.S. is blaming the “Wagner group” for the coup in Niger.

-Just a few weeks ago we were hearing the Ukes’ counteroffensive wiped out the Wagner Group. Now they’re so powerful they can stage a coup in Niger? Lazarus indeed!



36) Hollywood starlets face extinction as sexy AI-influencers invade social media. In truth, the day of the starlet is over, made possible by continual access to movies and stars without them being “special,” by social media, and by then taking television/streaming roles.

-If ya wanna be a star, ya better act like one.

37) The writers’ strike forced lib late-night shows off the air. Critics say, “people don’t care.”

38) A new book claims former president Zero “repeatedly” fantasized about “making love to men.”

-Ah, did you look at who he’s married to?



39) The American College of Cardiology is pushing China Virus vaxxes.

-Remember, folks, these were the same heart “professionals” who went along with goobstalker Ansel Keys in the early 1960s on half-baked and literally half-finished research to fundamentally change our diet from meat/fat/protein to that killer, carbs.

40) Heart scarring observed in children months after the China Virus vax.

-One more little bomb from the gift that keeps on giving.



41) New research shows golfing may double your risk of skin cancer.

-See. I always knew there was a reason they called it “a good walk, spoiled.”

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