The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 4, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Trump prosecutor Jack Smith admitted making a false claim to the court in the Trump case.

-The Iron Maiden—and not the band—is too good for this guy.

2) Trump lawyer: the 3rd indictment opens the door to more scrutiny of the 2020 election.

-Yes and no. According to Robert Barnes on his Wednesday night podcast, discovery in criminal cases is extremely limited, and instead, the defense has to rely on subpoenas of prosecution evidence, which can be quashed.

3) Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has blasted the corrupt Department of INJustice for the latest Trump indict.

4) Meanwhile, the vile Tuppence has said Trump should never be president again. It’s the disgusting traitor Tuppence who should never be president. Ever. Gateway Pundit reveals that this slimebag took secret notes of conversations with Trump before January 6, then lied to supporters on January 4.

-Get it? He knew in advance he not only was going to betray Trump, but he was going to willfully be a witness against him.

5) Well of course she is: Trump’s DC judge Tanya Chutkan is linked to both Hunter Biteme and Burisma.

6) I’ve been sayin’ it, Richard Baris has been sayin’ it. Black voters may well sit out the next election.

7) State GOPs are in trouble across the country. No money. Gee, imagine that. When you don’t fight the steal, people say, “Screw you.”

8) The Hunter Biteme investigation has turned into a DoINJustice cover-up. Well, yeah. Always was. And these are “reporters.”

9) In the first death penalty judgment of the Rutabaga’s administration, a federal jury recommended unanimously the death penalty for the synagogue shooter of 2018.

10) The utter pusbabbling, spoogeingesting fools in Georgia say they will have a mugshot if Trump is indicted there.

-This would be one of the biggest backlashes this state could ever see. It would make the All-Star Game backlash look like a hiccup.

11) Ron DeSantis issued a comment on Trump’s indictment without mentioning President Trump. Only problem? He hadn’t read the indictment. Other problem? He used the word “reform.”

-There is no “reforming” the FascistBI, the CIA, or the DC court system. It needs to be razed, scattered to the winds, and the earth salted.

12) The U.S. military is moving troops so their kids can have sex change treatments.

13) Joe Manchin-on-a-Hill said that the downgrade of America’s credit rating was a “historic failure” of Rutabaga’s non-leadership.

14) Rutabaga’s new climate czar is as utterly insane as he is.

15) Gavin Newsom, Kollyfornia’s dictator, has set up a PAC and a Super PAC for a presidential run, and DeSantis has agreed to debate him in November.

-This is potentially good for the winner, but disastrous for the loser.

If DeSantis “wins,” he could gain a couple of points in the polls, and Newsome would be damaged goods. If Newsome wins, it might cause DemoKKKrats to think strongly about evicting Rutabaga, and DeSantis would further collapse.

16) Eric the Red Adams is looking at more than 3,000 New Kabul sites including Central Park to house illegal criminals.

17) And a New Kabul health official says that the illegal criminals are bringing polio and tuberculosis to NYC.

18) A former DemoKKKrat mayor has plead guilty to 140 counts of kiddie porn charges.



19) A megachurch put on a “Jurassic Park”-themed church service with animatronic dinosaurs.

-And this is why Christianity in America is dying.

20) Gov. Ron DeSantis scored a victory as Disney’s board eliminated diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in the Reedy Creek board.

-As best I read the story, this is not Disney Corporation’s board.



21) Kollyfornia is on a jihad to recruit kids into transoid kindergartens.



22) The demonic Rutabaga administration is thoroughly evil at every single agency. Here is the FTC waging a war on the free market.

23) BMW warns electric cars will cost more to make.

24) Fitch Ratings downgraded the U.S. credit rating on fiscal deterioration.

25) Rutabaga’s electric vehicle push could be the death of U.S. automakers.

26) It seems I have this story almost every week: “Americans got used to spending big during the pandemic. Now they’re running out of money and racking up record credit card debt.”

27) Bank of England said UK borrowing rates will stay high after its new hike.

28) Noah Smith: Notice his point #1, that the south/west/red states overwhelmingly are getting the jobs, and #3, that there is a big tech bust going on.

29) Anheuser-Bush lost $390 million in the second quarter.



30)  Wow. Over 1 million women have gone missing in India from 2019-2021.

31) Very cool: never before-seen footage of U.S. troops saving thousands of Jews from a Nazi death train bound for a concentration camp.



32) Helps to have the real “Big Guy” on your side. SAG-AFTRA granted “The Chosen” a waiver despite the strike, meaning the show can continue filming when no one else can.

33)Sound of Freedom” held onto #4 spot with a $2m overnight and $153.4 million. It’s right behind “Haunted Mansion,” Disney’s latest bomb which is $38 million worldwide!

-“Mansion” had a price tag TEN TIMES that of “SoF,” whose numbers are domestic only box office. Profits for investors closing on $60 million. Losses for Disney on “Mansion” so far are at least $262 million.

34) Sharon Osboune said she vomited for two weeks after taking the expensive weight-loss Ozempic shot.

-Course, you can get the same result at a fraction of the cost by binge-watching videos of Lizzo, the Human Planet.

35) Woke outrage backfired, as Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” became his first ever #1 on Billboard.

36) Jonathan Majors’ assault trial has been delayed.

37) File under “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice,” as Ariana Grande and her boy-cheat Ethan Slater went on multiple double dates while their spouses were carrying on their romance.

-Makes ya almost yearn for Megxit and the Ginger Duke.

38) This study says the best predictor of happiness in America is marriage.

-Just ask Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Larry King, Billy Joel, Billy Bob Thornton, Richard Pryor, James Cameron, or J-Lo.



39) A Florida steak house has become the first in the U.S. to serve vegan filet mignon.

-I think anyone who serves fake steak should get paid in fake money. This is an abomination unto God.



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