The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow August 2, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) As expected, more bogus charges from Smith against President Trump. I’m sure Smith has a whole box full, any time the news cycle begins to go against Rutabaga or Trump’s numbers rise too far.

2) A growing number of people avoid the news because it’s depressing.

-So says the WashingtonCompost. What the Compost won’t tell you is people avoid the news because it’s filled with lies, not news.

3) Strategist Ed Rollins, who in May said Ron DeSantis “will be our next president,” changed his mind and said he has been a “very flawed candidate” who “has a tendency to . . . think out loud” and now “would be shocked” if Trump did not win. Rollins also excused the campaign, saying, “It’s not their fault.”

4) Yet this story completely blames the “campaign” for a “high-risk strategy of laundering incendiary videos produced by their staff through allied anonymous Twitter accounts.”

5) The Secret Service has refused to reveal White House coke info after a FOIA request. Just spitballin’ here, but what if, in fact, it was an AGENT?

6) A majority of Americans support voter ID, and limited mail-in voting.

7) The demonic Rutabaga administration is withholding gubment money from schools with hunting courses. This is especially bad because when Rutabaga runs the U.S. back into the 1200s B.C., those hunting skills will come in handy.

8) U.S. Senator from Alabama Katie Britt had a sudden medical issue with numbness in her face.

-I’m sure she isn’t vaxxed, though.

9) Oh? Eric the Red Adams of New Kabul says Rutabaga must “control the border” because there is “no more room” in New Kabul. Sure, there is Commissar. Just mandate that anyone with a Park Avenue address has to take in five “friends from a foreign country.”

10) Yet another new poll, Echelon, has Trump up 3 nationally over Rutabaga, up 6 in swing states. That’s a butt-kickin’ right there, but not quite a landslide yet.

11) The NewYorkSlimes notes that DeSantis’s Super PAC burned through $34m, and he still fell in the polls.

12) Bone health worse for vegetarians: 50% increase in risk of hip fractures.

-Now if you’re vaxxed and vegan? Fuggedaboudit.



13) A CBS Hoax News hack tries to explain that Rutabaga “isn’t getting much credit for an improving economy that people aren’t feeling.”

-Gee. If you’re sick, taking medicine, and don’t feel better after two years, is the medicine working? Ya dumb buzzardgulper.

14) Exxon-Mobile plans to build a giant lithium facility in the small Arkansas town of Magnolia.

15) Troubles for Wall Street’s 111 Wall Street Tower as foreclosure looms.

16) Niiiice. Distributors are giving up on Bud Light as they do not think it will recover.

17) Job openings have dropped to a two-year low.



18)  As discussed earlier, there was a coup in Niger. France has threatened to intervene, prompting West African governments—such as they are—to threaten retaliation. Burkina Faso, previously Upper Volta and soon to be Lower Volta—and Mali are among those threatening France.

19) Now, the UK, not satisfied with trying to get into one war in Ukraine, is making noises like it will jump into the Niger mess.

20) How homogeneous is Japan? Not as much as you think: 98% are “Japanese,” but that does not mean “Yamato.” It means a large number of Koreans are “becoming” Japanese through intermarriage.

21) Thus, this story: Japan registered a record population decline and an unprecedented surge in foreign residents. (Japan lost half a million residents in the last year).

22) The fascists in Australia, their bloodlust for power jacked up through their recent success in China Virus lockdowns, are now going after “misinformation,” including requiring such sites as Substack or Twit to ensure there is no “misinformation” in any post.

-Shoulda let the Japanese have this rathole.

23) And the Canucks aren’t any better: A Canadian pastor convicted of “inciting mischief” in the trucker protests faces up to 10 years in prison.

24) Seems like the “muh Climate Change” peeps missed the Hunga Tonga-Hunga eruption that shot up 4x the amount of water vapor into the atmosphere that the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption did, and this could, according to NASA—shocked! “end up warming earth’s surface.”

25) Oh? So the cargo ship burning off Holland had 500, not 25, electric cars on it. No wonder they can’t put it out.

26) Italy admits wildfires were not caused by climate change but by an arsonist. Who woulda guessed?



27) Disney’s latest flop is “Haunted Mansion,” which, after its first week, has pulled in only $33 million on a budget of $150 million + marketing of about $150 million.

-In other words, as of now, it’s over $180m in the hole.

28) Tennis star Yibing Wu collapsed at Wimbledon. More vax carnage, and they don’t care.

29) Lizzo, who claimed the title of “Human Planet” from Stacy M1 Abrams, has been sued for reverse fat-shaming dancers who were pressured to perform sex-like acts at a sex club. This creature is disgusting.



30) What could it be? Hoax News media is shocked by a 30% increase in heart attack deaths among ages 25-44.

31) “Caught Red-Handed” Scientists have called for a retraction of the paper in Nature, saying the China Virus did not originate in a lab as fraud accusations mount.



32) Whoopi Goldberg says she wished she had never gotten married as she lamented three “boring and expensive” divorces.”

-Yeah, but Whoop, look at it this way: those divorces gave three men Christmas in July as they never had to look at you again.



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