The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) A trial date has been set for May 20, 2024, for President Trump in the documents case. Lawyer Robert Barnes does not think this will end up being the final trial date.

2) More on the Rutabaga’s bribery file.

3) Well, well. The Mayor of New Kabul (NY), Eric the Red Adams, says there is “no more room” for migrants, “Our cup runneth over” after a mere 90,000 criminal illegals descended on the hellhole city.


4) While DeSantis did not actually say this in this way, the NYSlimes headline will not help: “DeSantis Doubles Down on Claim that Some Blacks Benefitted from Slavery.”

-I increasingly think DeSantis won’t be able to hang in until December.

5) Libs should love this because they say we don’t have to listen to the Supreme Court: Alabama has defied the Supes with a new congressional map.

6) The grandson of John F. Kennedy, Jack Schlossberg, has attacked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

7) Rutabaga downplays age talk.

-But the doddering, demented, child-sniffing walking pantsload has to have “accommodations” made. What, like a big stock of Depends?

8) You know how I feel about these headlines (“expected to”), but it seems, in fact, something may happen: “Hunter Biden Expected to Face up to 10 Criminal Referrals” for money laundering and bribery. Would the Department of INJustice dare actually bring cases?

-If so, congrats, big-time Congressman Comer.

9) Hysterical headline from the Tampa Bay Times that there are a “ridiculously high” number of faculty leaving the New College of Florida—only later do you learn “Some of those were retirements or sabbaticals that were planned long before the school made national headlines in January.”

-I’d say the more faculty that leave all colleges and universities, the safer we all are.

10) DemoKKKrat pollster Celinda Lake has a warning for both parties from Gen-Z. Typically, for Republicans, it’s “change your policies, for DemoKKKrats, change your messaging.”

11) Landlords in the Hudson Valley are suing the town of Monroe for an ordinance that prevents them from owning more than 3 rental properties.

-Important suit for private property rights.

12) Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison “allegedly” paid herself millions in a single bonus payment, knowing about the impending collapse of FTX.

13) Illegal criminal children are released across the U.S. with tuberculosis.

-Again, the depth of evil in the Regime of Moloch and Baal is almost inconceivable.

14) A billionaire who visited Epstein’s Pedo Island is pouring thousands into the coffers of vulnerable DemoKKKrat senators.



15) Researchers are horrified that 1/6 of the responses to a woke survey basically told the researchers to eff off.

16) While Kollyfornia is fining a school district $1.5 million for rejecting materials celebrating homosexual Harvey Milk.

-Homeschool, people. Homeschool. And leave this Moloch-riddled state.

17) Reuters: Trump nearing a majority of Rs at 47%, Ramaswamy coming on strong at 9% (triple just a month ago).

18) People look like crap, dressing slovenly, reflecting the overall decline in standards everywhere.

19) Evil lying Hoax News media loved whistleblowers until they started blowing the whistle on Rutabaga.

20) Michigan’s GOP is in trouble because MAGA won state chairmanship, and GOPe doesn’t want to donate.

-It’s McTurdism in Michigan—they’d much rather have a DemoKKKrat than MAGAdonian.



21) The Miss Italy pageant restricts itself to “Miss.” As in women.



22)  New Jersey plans to join Neanderthal states of New York and Kollyfornia in implementing an electric vehicle sales mandate.

-Psst. You car salesmen in adjoining states: stock up on gas-powered muscle cars. You’re about to have a land rush.

23) David Blackmon’s expose of where carbon fascism came from in two parts. (It was a long time in the making, and the great Rush Limbaugh was right at the time). Part I, Part II

24) Office vacancy rates are soaring.

25) Summer of strikes? 650,000 American employees threaten to walk off their jobs.

26) File under good news! The Washington Compost is losing $100 million, just a decade after Bezos bought the paper.

27) Why the $90m Stanley tools automated factory failed to deliver Black & Decker’s Craftsman tools.



28) Here is a review of pedophilia in Ukraine-controlled Severodonetsk.

29) Yeah, those sanctions are really having an impact. Here is a video of a typical Russkie shopping mall where even the pet stores have abundant goods.

30) Nightmare fires on the isle of Rhodes sparked the largest evacuation in Greek history, with 19,000 fleeing: fire chief said the fires “were set by human hands.”

31) India’s ban on rice exports raises fear of global food price rises.

32) Has Ukraine lost 40% of its population since 1991?

-What does that have to do with child trafficking? Certainly, the fertility rate of .7% is one of the lowest in the world. Chernobyl?

33) The Telegraph folks. When they admit the Ukes are losing, you know they’ve lost already.

34) Experts are puzzled by a drop in Brazil’s homicide rate after a rise in gun ownership.

-Who knew?

35) The world’s cheapest pizza is in India: Domino’s, $.60.

36) Rutabaga became a war criminal as the Ukes began using American-supplied cluster bombs on the battlefield.

37) Vlad Pootie-poot has accused the West of “outright satanism.”

-Thing is, he ain’t wrong.

38) The DOD Inspector General released a report showing that criminal gangs got their hands on a grenade launcher, machine gun, rifles, and ammunition from the U.S.

39) Hungary’s Viktor Orban shows why he is Europe’s best leader: he says the EU has abandoned Christian heritage for homosexual “hedonistic paganism.”

-Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

40) Italy has started removing lesbian mothers’ names from birth certificates.

-Good. Heather does not have two mommies.



41) Smooth-voiced Tony Bennett dead at age 96.

42) Vinyl record sales are climbing and growing in popularity.

-What? All that digital compression don’t turn you on?

43) Disney’s disaster, “Indiana Jones and the Dumpster Fire of Depression,” has more problems: it used a prop without permission and is now being sued for money it has already lost.

44) “Sound of Freedom” fell to third over the weekend after two new rollouts, the horrid unwatchable “Barbie” and the extremely long “Oppenheimer.” SoF is now at over $124 million, while “Indiana Jones and the Chalice of Constipation” has yet to make its money back (-$200m more or less).

45) Apparently, Vice did a doc on DeSantis at Gitmo, but Showtime shelved it the day after DeSantis announced his run for the presidency. It was apparently called the “Gitmo Candidate.”

46) Love it! A counter-protest group crashed the Just Stop Oil meeting with their own “rape alarms” attached to balloons!



47) The ChiComs lied about the number of China Virus deaths: one province released actual numbers of cremations—a 70% increase.

48) A study shows that many hospitals profited during the pandemic.

49) The Cleveland Browns placed Marquise Goodwin on the non-football illness list with blood clots in his legs and lungs.

-All it will take is one successful suit against Big Pharma. Just like Big Tobacco. And “the walls . . . will come tumblin’ down,” to quote John Cougar Mellencamp.

50) Peter McCullough points out that a healthy subject bias has deceptively created the illusion that the China Virus vaxxes were “saving lives.”

51) Meanwhile, the military lied about the effects of the China Virus vax, showing that cases of myocarditis soared after the vaxxes.

52) A new study of 5 million Georgians found the China Virus vax increased the likelihood of a stroke by 57%.



53) A U.S. “Influencer” has branded herself as an “emotional support stripper” for soldiers in Ukraine.

-I tried getting my emotional support stripper on a plane once. Didn’t work. Something about the collar or the leash—I don’t recall now.



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