The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 18, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1)  Trump at Turning Point USA: “The American Dream is dead under Biden, but we will have it back very soon.”

2) President Trump admits his biggest mistakes in his first term were “people”—personnel decisions, including Mark Esper, Barstool, and Sessions.

3) Meanwhile, President Trump has a 39-point lead, getting 53% among Republicans (down 2 from June), DeSantis at 14 (down five), and Vivek Ramaswamy and the corpse formerly known as Tuppence are tied at 7%.

4) And in West Virginia? Trump is up 60!

5) Jenny the Ugly Lyin’ Red Rubin was caught in a massive mistake, saying more people left Florida than any other state.

-That this goblinesque loser still has a job is a modern miracle.

6) Evacuations have been ordered in Pennsylvania after a (nother) 40-car train derails.

-Our infrastructure is crumbling, and evil, demented pervert Rutabaga sends billions to Green Screen Zelensky.

7) “Prison Karen” Ghislaine Maxwell is having a hard time behind bars, and wants to be moved.

8) Semiconductor lasers have hit steel-slicing levels.

9) The mayor of Newport, Oregon, resigned after sharing a meme that called Bud Light “Tranny Fluid.”

10) You can almost hear the pleading from NRO: “DeSantis Needs to Take Scalps at CNN.”

11) A new Alzheimer’s miracle drug slows the early stage of the disease by up to 60%.

-Very good news.

12) And this related story: doctors found a pair of missing dentures in the stomach of a dementia patient, presumably her own.



13) Ryan Burge’s most recent research shows DemoKKKrats are moving away from the “idea” of religion faster than they are actually leaving the church, while Republicans are actually leaving the church faster than they are leaving their identification as “evangelicals.”



14) Rutabaga has drained almost half the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, while gas prices are up 48%.

15) Disney stock has fallen to a near-52-week low, the second worst-performing stock on the exchange.

16) “Sound of Freedom” is now beating “Indiana Jones and the Hemorrhoid of Horror,” “Elemental,” and “Insidious” put together, only outpaced by “Mission Impossible 263.56 part 0.49.”

-In fact, SoF has now outgrossed MI in domestic sales by $5 million—the only thing keeping MI on top is $155m in foreign box office sales.

17) Twit boss Elon Musk says that ad revenues have fallen by half since his takeover and that the company struggles with a “heavy debt load.”

18) ExxonMobil is to become the #1 owner-operator of CO2 pipeline in the U.S. with the Denbury purchase.



19) China’s economy is facing its biggest challenge in decades.

20) It’s TASS, but the Ukraine legislature has introduced a bill to withdraw from the CIS child trafficking agreement.

21) Youth unemployment in China has hit a record as the economy begins to bust.

-This is where I said, “Told ya.”

22) China’s export restrictions on Germanium and Gallium shake up the global order.



23) The Tuckster, fresh off beheading Tuppence at TPUSA, has struck an ad deal worth more than $1 million with PublicSq online marketplace.

24) “Mission Impossible–Dead Reckoning Part 1" is doing well in total—$235 million—but is lagging domestically. Tom Cruise still is “the” international action hero.



25) Steve Kirsch says the VAERS data clearly shows the China Virus vaxxes are an unmitigated disaster for pregnant women.

-The only catch: “trust the science” types won’t recognize VAERS ever since Dr. Fallacy told them not to.



26) A Rivian electric truck was in an accident (a “fender bender”) in which the insurance company offered $1500, and the repairs were estimated at $42,000.

Ah, dunno. We did all the repairs on my 69 Camaro, and it came out looking like a beaut!




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