The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 17, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Clearly, the most eye-popping news of the weekend was Mike Pence’s utter meltdown when questioned by the Tuckster. Tuppence was rambling about how we haven’t given the Ukes enough when Tuckster interrupted and asked him about the crumbling cities, record suicide rates, falling paychecks, and Tuppence snorted, “Not my concern.”

-Get it? To the elites, America is not their concern, or, as Roger Kimball writes, this “narrows the GOP field.”

2) Tuckster later said savaging Pence was like “beating a five-year-old at ping pong.

3) Then Tuppence learned his fundraising has sagged, and he has NOT received the 40,000 individual donations needed to make the debate stage!

4) Americans are widely pessimistic about democracy in the U.S.

-Wonder why? We have such an open and tolerant government in place.

5) Steven Hayward gets it on the five essential truths about the modern left.

6) The DeSantis campaign has laid off staffers after burning through one-third of its campaign donations and still falling in polls. (Most donations are “from large donors who cannot donate again”).

7) From National Review:DemoKKKrats Gesture Impotently in the Direction of the Supreme Court.”

-They still can’t believe they almost had it all until Trump saved the courts.

8) Good. This Patriot Day (J6) prisoner is taking his obstruction case to the Supes.

9)Why Trump gets Underestimated: Despite his (so-called) unique flaws, he’s actually good at traditional politics.”

-What the author means is that he actually likes people, cares about the country, and it shows. And he talks like ordinary people, not in “political-ese.”

10) The House passed a defense bill with restrictions on abortion and transoid procedures.

11) Top DemoKKKrats are searching for a Rutabaga replacement.

-But the problem is, and will always be, Harris. They can’t get rid of her, and if they try to ditch her if she actually runs, they will look racist.

12) Rutabaga just announced a $39 billion student loan forgiveness program that will again be struck down by the Supes unless he came up with some novel rationale.

13) COMMENT and news: There is perhaps one DemoKKKrat with his head on straight, Ruy Teixiera, who conducted a survey of DemoKKKrats. On immigration, 60% of DEMOKKKRATS favored securing the borders and creating more legal and managed immigration.” Ok, not quite a wall, but gettin’ close. Even closing the borders and reducing ALL immigration got 17%. The most popular position on so-called “climate change” was to use ALL types of sources including oil and gas. On transoidism, this is shocking. THE most popular position (41%) was “states should ban all gender transition treatments for minors and stop gender ideology in all public schools.”

His conclusion: "Cultural leftism not only does not represent the views of most voters; it also doesn’t represent the views of vast segments of the very party—the DemoKKKrats—that is now identified with promulgating cultural leftism."

My take: These voters are ripe for plucking by Donald Trump.

14) Yes, even just one illegal vote can change an election.

15) Good. Christopher Rufo reports that Florida’s deprogramming of leftist DEI programs is having a “chilling” effect on tenured radicals.

-I say, freeze 'em out.

16) Trump’s former Sec of Ed, Betsy DeVos says the next GOP president should shut down the DoEd and champion freedom of the classroom by stripping unions of power.

-Uh, Betsy, YOU headed the DoEd for four years. How many times did you try to reduce your own budget?

17) RFK, Jr. stepped in it with remarks leftoids thought were “antisemitic.”

18) Beautiful young woman was run over by a lawn mower in Modesto Park. Father demanding answers. I would think so.

19) Every one of these miscreant pus-guzzling diddlepicking analslacking clatterchodes needs to be removed from all public life. Shouldn’t even be allowed to be dog catchers: Georgia county plans reparations study and can’t even fund basic infrastructure.



20) U.S. Gross Domestic Income is shrinking.

21) Tesla’s first cybertruck has rolled off the assembly line.

22) “Back to earth”: the reality of energy transition—demand for oil and gas is underestimated, and global energy demand is increasing.

-Ain’t gonna get there with wind and sun.

23) Florida has become the nation’s inflation hot spot due to housing demands

-i.e., people fleeing the insane DemoKKKrat pus-toilets once called great cities.

24) Moronic Janet Screamin’ & Yellin’ confirmed what so many leftoids always claimed: war is all about money, saying funding the Uke War is the “best boost” for the global economy.



25) A report says the Ukes are leaving behind their western tanks and advancing slowly on foot.

26) Other reports suggest that, in fact, it is Russia that now is on offense again.

27) And this story: “Young men in Ukraine hide in fear of being sent to die: “My friends were trained for five days and sent to Donetsk.



28) “Mission Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part One” is slightly underperforming at the box office due to domestic sales of only $40m, holding its own internationally at $82m. So far, not the blockbuster we were expecting.

29) Meanwhile, “Sound of Freedom” stunning everyone with another strong week, so far at $85.4 million with NO international release and limited theaters domestically. It came in second to “Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1.” This movie has made money for investors, who, according to one investor who contacted me, already got a letter informing her she would be getting a check soon.

30) Media mogul Barry Diller says Hollywood’s “overpaid” actors and execs should take a 25% pay cut and warns of an “absolute collapse” of the industry if the strike drags on.

-Pssst. Barry. It’s not just the strike that will bring the collapse. It’s Woke, Woke, Woke.

31) Laurie Regan explains why the left hates “Sound of Freedom.”



33) A survey of autopsy studies showed that 73% were “independently adjudicated” as directly due or significantly contributed” by the China virus vax . . . and the paper was quickly pulled after publication saying it did not go through proper peer-review . . . after the Lancet accepted it.

34) The China Virus lockdowns drove us to drink, particularly to drink at home alone.

35) The evil and untrustworthy CDC used a journal to promote masks despite “unreliable” and “unsupported” data.



36) And finally, is Ringo the most underrated drummer ever? No. Because any musician worth his salt realizes that Ringo is the epitome of playing drums for the SONG. He never, ever overplayed, never tried to make the drums a feature, and most important, never played a note when a hole would do just fine.

-I saw Ringo a month ago, solid as ever. His drum lines were songs unto themselves, and I have yet to talk to a pro drummer who doesn’t admire Ringo.



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