The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 11, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) President Trump leads Ron DeSantis by 20 . . .  in Florida. Trump’s lead there has widened.

2) Rutabaga is becoming more demented and more angry.

-“Biden’s Private Fury” basically reveals an old man suffering from dementia who was never kind, nice, gentle, or civil to anyone, but now those traits are exacerbated by his dementia.

3) Meanwhile, during an inspection of the Royal Guards in England, Rutabaga zoned out and had to be redirected after he kept trying to talk to a soldier who was forbidden to speak.

-By the way, why does Rutabaga always walk with that scowl and looks like he has a load in his adult diaper?

4) This is a small signal that the surrender caucus GOPe thinks Trump is going to win in 2024. Now they are trying to do the Ru Paul/Yertle two-step to keep him from being effective.

5) Tracy Beanz has a long thread on the victory at the court over the MO suit on censorship against Rutabaga’s henchmen.

6)It’s Seven Grandchildren, Mr. President,” as the New York Slimes rips Rutabaga for ghosting Hunter’s daughter, that he doesn’t want to pay child support.

7) As the Atlantic calls for Rutabaga to step aside.

-Good luck.

8) A Columbian beauty was found dead in the bathtub of a married music exec’s posh hotel room, killed by ketamine and trendy “pink” cocaine.

-So, wait, Hunter Biteme is now a music exec too?

9) “Aw, Schweikart, that child pedo stuff is all made up.” Videos of unconscious boys’ rapes were found on the phone left at a Tennessee restaurant. The phone belonged to a popular soccer coach, Camilo Campos.

10) The Supes have resurrected two different whistleblower accounts against companies for allegedly defrauding Medicare and Medicaid.

11) I’m sure this will enhance recruitment; the USAF has cut pay for the toughest jobs but won’t disclose details.

-I’m sure illegals can put those complex circuit boards together and fly an F-35 with no training.

12) The Groomer City (SF) exodus continues as a century-old Boutique, Groovin Bros., has left.


13) A new header here, our favorite lefty, Noah Smith, argues that Twit is declining, and that’s a good thing to eliminate the cancel culture.

-I think a) this take was a predictable take once Twit no longer became one of the cancel culture leaders under Elon, and b) it represents more of a lib regretting cancel culture is going—even though he tries to make the opposite point. I just never trust a lib.

14) It’s in the videogames, too: “Baldur’s Gate III” features a “tender, consensual sex scene with a bear.

15) Ryan Burge on four of the most dramatic shifts in American religion in the last 50 years. The “evangelical surge” started in 1980 and lasted until 2018, when it was pretty much back to 1980 levels.

16) And this religious note, Pope Francis’s new cardinal says, “We don’t want to convert young people to Christ or the Catholic Church.

-Precisely why many people claim the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon.

17) Tom Lewis, benefactor of my alma mater Arizona State U., has pulled all his funding due to “left-wing hostility and activism.”

-I pulled all my funding the day I graduated.



18) I consider this economic, not entertainment news, although the collapse of Groomerville, Disney, is certainly entertaining: From Variety, “Disney’s Harsh New Reality,” film flops, shrinking box office.

-When you’ve lost Variety . . . .

19) And Disney park attendance has dropped, thanks to price hikes and wokeness. AVERAGE wait times are 27 minutes, down by half from 2019.

20) And Amazon’s Andy Jassy is insisting he’ll take a hard look at spending, but the problem is clear: Amazon Prime is spending oodles of money on all shows, and many of them are pure woke horsesnot.

-Citadel, which I thought was pretty good, cost $150 million for a handful of episodes and failed to chart in any week. Just as at Disney/Lucasfilm, where the feminist harpy Kathleen Kennedy has successfully killed three franchises herself, at Amazon, Jennifer Salke was behind the woke “Rings of Power” that had 63% of the viewers leave the series before the end. It is also widely claimed Amazon has a “star banger” approach and overpays for useless cardboard boxes such as Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

21) And while we’re on the topic of failmachines, Bud Light has now dropped out of the top ten most popular beers after costing Anheuser-Busch $20 billion with a B.

COMMENT: What do these all have in common? They are all epic fails related to trying to push a woke social agenda in the marketplace.

22) Reuters says the quiet parts out loud: green energy cannot make it without subsidies.



23) Poland celebrates a national day of remembrance for the victims of the Genocide of Polish Nationals committed by the Ukraine Republic.

-Don’t think you’ll see this on CNN.

24) A Brit cervical cancer group has rebranded the vagina as a “bonus hole.”

-You can’t make this stuff up in these people’s clownworld.

25) I keep sayin’ this, and people keep sayin’ I’m wrong: China thinks its economy is in such bad shape Xi held a meeting with experts to save it.

26) And it gets worse for the ChiComs as a U.S. appeals court revived a lawsuit accusing Cisco of aiding the ChiComs in persecuting Falun Gong.

-That’s F A L U N Gong. Not “Bang a gong.” Oh, never mind.

27) Speaking of China, there was a mass stabbing at a kindergarten where six were killed. I wonder if ChiCom cops stood around while it happened?



28) A jury will decide if a note found in Aretha Franklin’s couch cushions constitutes a legal will for her $6 million legal estate.

29) Faux News stock is downgraded as viewership plummets.



30) And now it’s a “rapid” and likely “unexplained” rise in kidney stones among kids.

31) Mr. Meta Mark Zuckerberg (“Meta” means death in Hebrew) privately told Fascistbook execs to be cautious about the China Virus vaxxes because “we just don’t know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people’s DNA and RNA,” then proceeded to censor anyone who repeated that publicly.



32) And finally, I guess at the U.S. pen in Florida, they don’t do Epsteins, as pervert gymnastics doc Larry Nassar was stabbed twice in the neck, twice in the back, and six times in the chest by an inmate.

-Now, we taxpayers are paying for this horror. I don’t mean that he was stabbed. Hell no! I mean that we cannot properly train our most violent pusbuckets to eliminate a pervert with a single strike. Time for some real “knife control” classes at our prisons. Come on, people.



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