The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 10, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) See? The strategy to “take Trump out” and run someone else ain’t working, as almost 1/4 of GOP voters say they would be more likely to vote for him if he were convicted.

-This is because they understand that such a conviction would be entirely and solely to keep him out of the presidency and that if they can get Trump, they can get DeSantis or Vivek or anyone else.

2) Bartiromo asks RDS how he plans to stop the FBI from working with Twitter, etc. He responds he would end the weaponization of government.

-See #1 above. You won’t be around. The “kidnapping” charges they are already preparing for you if Trump goes out are being circulated as we speak.

3) President Trump rocked the UFC fight in Vegas as one fighter crawled out of the ring to shake his hand.

4) “Hottest days ever?” Hogwash.

5) A good series on “how we got here” with gender disaffirmation and sexual mutilation. Here are all three parts.

6) Harassment and death threats against web designer after she won her USSC case to uphold free speech against homosexuals/transoids. I’m sure the Department of INJustice is investigating this as thoroughly as it did a garage rope shaped like a “noose” for Bubba Wallace.

7) A new procedure involving retinal thickness is confirmed for an early diagnosis of MS.

8)  . . . while we are running low on a key chemo drug for cancer patients, cisplatin.

9) A 79-year-old mathematician has solved an “infinite dimension puzzle” that has vexed theorists for decades.

-To quote “Freeper” Bipolar Bob, “I can count the number of nights this infinite dimension puzzle has kept me awake at night on one (closed) hand.”

10) Homeless encampments remain in Portland despite the tent ban. -

Cuz, you know, if you don’t have police actually REMOVE these people, they just stay.

11) A Georgia mayor was arrested on trespassing and burglary charges, says he thought the house was “abandoned.”

12) Nevada’s DMV has prohibited a license plate "GOBK2CA" that’s short for “Go back to Kollyfornia.”

13) The Demented Pervert, Rutabaga, got up close and sniffed another girl.

-This snot-goblin is the most evil, vile thing ever to hold public office.

14) The New York State Supes actually got it right in siding with a renting company making a New York State rule unconstitutional.



15)  We are seeing a major pushback against “net zero” policies worldwide; Jim Jordan investigating ESG investment houses for anti-trust allegations.

16) Inside the negative equity timebomb: US Homeowners lost $108 BILLION in equity, with 200,000 at risk of going underwater if prices fall 5% more.

17) A third of Seattle’s residents are considering leaving. Of course, there’s that non-action reference, “Considering.”

18) New vehicle sales jump 17%. Where are people getting the money?

19) Nineteen state attorney generals sue the Rutabaga admin for idiotic electric truck rules.

20) An amazing article on the collapse of the NBA after it went LeBrewski-level Woke.

-It is now trailing the WOMEN’S NBA in attendance! They don’t want to talk about it for obvious reasons.

21) Six red southern states contribute more to the nation’s GDP than the entire northwest.

22) Bidenomics in three charts as the share of total net worth held by the top 1% is near its all-time high with 25 straight months of no real wage growth.

23) While only 209,000 jobs were added in June, earnings remained nearly a full percent behind inflation.



24) The U.S. announced it had destroyed the last of its chemical weapons stockpile.

25) ...then it provided clusterbombs to the Ukes while railing against other nations’ use of this ammo. . . .

26) ...While the cluster weapons the U.S. is sending to Ukraine often fail to detonate.

27) Edward Luttwak on why no one can end the Ukraine War.

-Putin is able to fight a “limited war,” and Zelensky can’t invade Russia.

28) And Rutabaga, perhaps seeing the writing on the etch-a-sketch, says Ukraine isn’t ready for NATO membership.

29) Germany’s energy-intensive industries continue to suffer, with production falling sharply in May: the energy crisis in Europe is not over.

30) Canada looking to euthanize vets with PTSD.

31) Easy to overstate the impact of some events, but this is big: The Dutch government has collapsed, leaving a WEF devotee out of a gig.

-First, it was Hungary, now Holland. The bullseye is Germany.

32) Just in time, too, as a transoid model won the title of Miss Netherlands.”


33) Noah Smith, a Chinaphile, says that China is at its peak but won’t decline fast.

-I disagree. Commie societies tend to unravel instantly once they really start to come apart. “Dey kain’t hep it.”

34) By the way, did you know the world still loves America?



35) Christopher Rufo exposes Oregon’s castration machine: Oregon Health & Science University.



36) A tale of two movies. “Sound of Freedom,” made for $15.2 million, has now grossed domestically $40.2 million.

-For non-insiders: It cost $15.2 million to make; theaters take half the box office, so they took $20.1 million. That left $5.1 million, of which Angel Studios probably took about $1m to distribute. Marketing was probably (conservatively) $2 million.

So, the really good news is that the investors have now made a profit of about $2-3 million on a movie that has been out just over 10 days. Phenomenal for such an unknown film. Keep it going.

37) Meanwhile, “Indiana Jones and the Hip Replacement of Hermes” hit $248 million on a $500 million budget, including marketing. Remember, the theaters take half the $248 million, so “Indy” has $124 million, making it one of the biggest disasters ever. It’s down over $350 million with “Mission Impossible 247 coming Soy Reduction” coming out this weekend.

-Disney has more flops than the NBA finals.

38) “The Flash” reached $261 million on a $200 million budget (not counting marketing and the theater cut, or -$300 million so far.

39) An interesting source: Fitty Cent said of New Calcutta (LA) that it is “finished” by the no-bail policy: “Watch how bad it gets out there.”



40) A damning audit shows New York, under Nipplepin Venthoarder, paid up to $14,000 per China Virus vax.

-And they didn’t even get an “I Heart Dr. Fallacy” t-shirt.



41) The UK Daily Mail reveals what it’s really like to be BFFs with a supermodel.

-I think needs to fact-check this report and send me to bird-dog Emily Ratajkowki to confirm the details of this article.



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