The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 6, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) The Secret Service is investigating how cocaine got into the White House. Oh, FFS, two words. Hunter Biteme.

-Why even go through this charade?

2) While this story says the stash was in a “cubby” in a West Wing storage facility, NOT in the Library.

-The lies, the lies.

3) Experts are now raising the possibility that the entire case against President Trump could be dismissed due to DoINJustice misconduct.

-Fine, but when can you get someone to prosecute Grand Moff Garland?

4) Clash between real-world expectations and climate alarmism as “experts” warn Smith Island in Maryland could be underwater, but home sales are surging.

-Now, about Plymouth Rock, still visible, still in the same place it was in 1620 . . . .

5) President Trump leads Rutabaga by 7 in Echelon’s Swing State poll.

6) While former Bushite Matt Dowd says President Trump is in a “much more dominant position” now than in 2016.

7) Well, good news ending here: a Massachusetts woman was found trapped in mud at a state park.

-Think we could get Rutabaga to visit a park? “A little to your right . . . .” “A little to your right . . . .” “Right there . . . .”

8) Obviously, these people need more pain. St. Louis mayor says inflation, not his DemoKKKrat policies, is causing problems in major cities.

-Even then, pusventilator, inflation IS a DemoKKKrat policy. So ya still lose urinalloader.

9) ‘Mericans know who they can trust, and it ain’t the cops. Gun sales topped 1 million for 47 straight months.

-And those are the ones we report . . . .

10) Ron DeSantis to send wife Casey to Iowa to “reboot” the campaign.

-I don’t know how to say this, but if your wife has to constantly be the face of your campaign, it ain’t “your” campaign.

11) Dobbs’ impact on adoption: “proving to be multifaceted and complicated to measure.”

-Translation: “Damn. They were right. Adoptions would go up.”

12) The body positivity movement has utterly failed to convince women (hell, anyone!) That it’s ok to be fat.

-And this is the UK Daily Mail, where, if you scroll to the right, you’ll see:

*”Kristin Cavallari shows off her incredible bikini body . . . .”

*”Real Housewives of New York vet Luann de Lesseps models a blue bikini . . .

*and “Nicole Scherzinger shows off her sensational figure in a navy bikini.”

-I just wanted all ya’ll to have evidence from the story. That’s all.



13) The demonic WEF says all fashion will be abolished by 2030: “Humans will all wear a uniform.”

14) Now, a boycott of Ben and Jerry’s. Doubt this will go anywhere, as most people who know about these commies ditched their iced junk years ago.

15) Factory orders declined year over year for the first time since 2020.

16) Niiiice. Portlanders cannot flee, as no one will buy their houses.

17) Looks like New Mexico’s governor set up an abortion hotline that only pushes abortions.

18) Holy cow. A state-by-state survey of beer sales over the 4th shows that Bud Light/Anheuser Busch did not lead in one single state. Modelo, Michelob, Miller.



19) Another globalist fail. Indonesia says, “hell, no, we won’t export our minerals.”

20) Don’t look now, but the ChiComs are in default on a trillion dollars in debt to U.S. bondholders. Will the U.S. force repayment?

-You know the old adage, “You owe the bank $100, you have a problem. You owe the bank $1 trillion dollars; the bank has a problem.

21) A French iteration of the Tonya Harding scandal? One soccer player accused of sending hit men to injure a fellow squad mate. Both lives have been ruined.

22) Argentina’s inflation at 114%.

23) France slowly getting red-pilled faster than the U.S., as its top court denied an appeal for reparations by descendants of slaves.



24) Actress Allison Mack has been released from prison for her role in the NXIVM sex slave case.

-And just when she was getting to know Jodie Arias and Elizabeth Holmes.

25) I’d call this shocking: “Sound of Freedom,” an indy film backed by Angel Studios, was dead even with “Indiana Jones and the Squid Ventilator” at $11.5 million. SoF had a budget of $14 million, so it has a ways to go to break even (about $27m), but “Indiana” reportedly has to get to $500 million.

UPDATE: It appears Sound of Freedom BEAT Indiana Jones and the Pouch of Prunes by $3m on the Fourth!



26) The pandemic is officially over in Spain with the elimination of maskies.

-Dr. Fallacy deeply disappointed.

27) The CDC removed “COVID vaccine” as a cause of death on death certificates.



28) Netflix has a touching documentary about pop singer Lewis Capaldi, who had successive million-selling songs and played in front of stadium-sized crowds. Then he had to write the next hit, and it drove him to Tourette’s-like anxiety that sidelined him for three years. The good news is he’s back.

The bad news is that while not incapacitated, many people have anxieties about everything from public speaking to heights.

-In my own career, I played in front of 10,000 people and debated Nobel prize winner Milton Friedman going down a barge on the Danube. Not the slightest jitters. But the one time I was terrified was when I, as a historian, was awarded a prize by the American Economic Association and had to deliver my research to economists. The point is one way to avoid anxiety is to know that you know that you know your stuff. We get scared when we don’t know if we’ll be good enough. Congrats to Lewis for getting help and overcoming it.



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