The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow July 5, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Two of these stories came out, so I’ll deal with them jointly. First is Newsweak, “Ron DeSantis’s Campaign is in Deep Trouble,” saying it has been “floundering” over the past month, and his favorability fell to 35%, down 10 from a week ago. “We are way behind,” says spokesdude Steve Cortes.

As a Trump advocate, remember this: the Hoax News Media, whether it is saying things you agree with or hate, is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. There is always an objective and an agenda.

Here are the links: Newsweek, Politico

2) Meanwhile, don’t look now, Ron, but Vivek Ramaswamy is now in double digits. I had predicted earlier he would challenge DeSantis for #2, but it took a while.

3) A Trump-appointed judge gave the U.S. a major victory over the demented Rutabaga’s evil regime by ordering the government to immediately end its mass-censorship operations targeting Americans who talk about election fraud, vaxxes, or anything else.

4) Tracy Beanz has a long thread discussion on this here. As she puts it, a massive win for freedom on the 4th of July!”

5) Hunter Biteme visits the White House. Cocaine is discovered.

-Now the spin ensues to try to make it “not Hunter’s.”

6) Rutabaga and his evil crime family are existential threats to American law.

-Yes, they are.

7) President Trump says, “We have a very dangerous idiot in the White House.”

-Fact check: True.

8) A second bus of illegal criminals from Texas has arrived in New Calcutta (LA). Good.


9) Three-quarters of Americans say the American dream is still within reach. Recent research on millennials shows that after a slow start, they are right on track in all major indices.

10) Tony Lyons is keeping American trade publishing alive.

-I include this partly because Tony’s Skyhorse Publishing will be releasing my new book, A Patriot’s History of Globalism: Its Rise and Decline, early next year!

11) More than 3/4s of those raised Protestant are still Protestant, a slightly higher percentage than that of Catholics.

12) American patriotism remains near historic lows thanks to evil thyroid-sucking DemoKKKrats.

13) This attempt at revisionist history fails. Yes, the Revolution was a worldwide war, but the Brits had lost two major armies, had not been able to secure a single major interior area, and were increasingly finding it impossible to keep their army supplied. Sorry toots, try again.

14) An armed Las Vegas employee likely stopped a mass shooter in his tracks. Good on ya, man.

15) Concerned it is losing ground to Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) and Kinshasa-on-the-Delaware (Philly), Baltimore (Nairobi-on-the-Chesapeake) saw a block party turn into a war zone, killing 2, injuring 30.



16) Construction spending on U.S. manufacturing plants soared.

17) Yet, at the same time, U.S. manufacturing activity shrank by the most in three years.

18) The only question is which is stronger, the evil or the stupid, in these people. Rutabaga’s administration is now looking at ways to block the sun.

19) Just 8% of cars cost under $30,000, down almost 40% from before the pandemic: the “least affordable motor market in modern history.”

20) Rutabaga’s regulations are costing America $10k per family.

-Yeah, but his moronic stupidity and plain old bad policies are costing us a lot more in the long run.



21) An interesting analysis here says that Russkie electronics countermeasures are far better than anticipated and are causing U.S./NATO precision-guided weapons to miss their targets.

22) The ChiComs apparently realize their crap infrastructure, obscured by gleaming touristy high-rise cities, is about to collapse, warning of “multiple natural disasters” in July.

23) New audio confirms that John "Lurch" Kerry gave secret info of Israeli airstrikes to the Iranian Foreign Minister.

-Every single person in this outlaw, illegitimate administration is a criminal. A true Nuremberg would await them all in a just world.

24) Hysterical rumors that the Russkies had planted bombs at the Zaporizhya nuke plant were shown to be . . . rumors. No weapons found.



25) Another cross-dressing/transoid murderer kills five in Philly; made Facistbook posts about “black massacres and evil spirits.”

-Well, at least this transoid knew where the motivation was coming from.



26) Shocked. Useless MSNBC anchorette Joyless Reid admits that affirmative action got her into Harvard.

-Cuz God knows she has zero intelligence and less talent.

27) Anheuser-Busch still hasn’t gotten the message. Its latest “grunt” ad featuring Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce is just stupid and is being mocked. Meanwhile, sales slipped further to close to -30% from the beginning of the ad.

28) The “Sound of Freedom” movie is a must-see and, at the same time, doesn’t quite stick to the ending. It is one of the few movies I would give a “B” rating to, but still say you have to see it because of its absolutely critical subject. It is well made, with superb acting by Jim Caveziel and co-stars and excellent photography. But the true story oddly leaves you let down, as the final escape is too easy, and there is no sacrifice. (Tim Ballard is still alive, as are his cohorts in the rescue). Still, movies like this need to be made and can only get better, and we need to show that people will take the topic of child trafficking seriously. Pay it forward.

29) Meanwhile, “Indiana Jones and the Colostomy Bag” has tanked with a five-day total of only $82 million domestic, about the same level as the disaster “Superman Returns—but did Anyone Notice?”

-Insiders are calling this “Indiana Jones and the Box Office of Doom!”

30) Users didn’t like it, but Elon Musk said his temporary limit on users and unverified accounts is designed to stop AI Censorship “Death Star.”



31) Yes, I will go there. A Chinese man cheated 8 women out of over $500,000 then got stuck on a 23-story window ledge trying to flee.

Was his name . . .

Won Hung Hi?



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