The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Rutabaga says he wants to crack down on “privilege” in education after he called the U Penn president to get his granddaughter in.

2) And now investigators have evidence Rutabaga as Veep shared classified national defense info including briefings on troops with Hunter the Scumbag.

Sperry: Investigators Have Evidence Joe Biden as VP Shared Classified National Defense Information – Including Briefings on US Troops – to Hunter Biden

3) Nothing will happen, but this is a hoot. Rutabaga picked up on a secret burner phone obtained by a journalist who called the number. This phone was revealed in the Hunter Biteme scandal.

-So “The Big Guy” is still at work for his cut.

4) Rutabaga, slapped hard by the Supes, turns around and offers Student Loan Forgiveness 2.0 supposedly “consistent with the Supreme Court ruling.”


5) Andy Stanley, whose apostate teaching is 180 degrees off that of his father, laments that the “Entire Bible” has become the Church’s “Authority.”

-Well, duh, ya puswarbler.

6) Solar projects are turning into a disaster as groundwater dries up.

-Cleaning dust off solar panels takes water. LOTS of it.

Solar Projects Turn Into Disaster as Groundwater Dries Up, Leaving Residents Furious: ‘Dead Without Water’

7) Speaking of solar, here is what one hailstorm did to a massive solar field in Scottsbluff, NE.

8) DemoKKKrat strongholds are seeing their tax revenue plummet.

-Good. Let them Chornobyl. Maybe we can build giant containment buildings around them and close them off forever.

9) Oh? Kollyfornia State University has proposed regular tuition hikes to forestall a budget gap.

10) Looks like we are poised for another court victory, as the Fifth Circuit appears skeptical of the ATF’s pistol brace rule.

11) Two men were arrested with 200 catalytic converters on Chicago’s West Side.

-“Psst. Buddy. Rolexes? Catalytic converters?”

12) For a second time, the Supes vacated a judgment against Oregon bakers.

-There needs to be some punishment doled out on these people who keep bringing this suit.

13) Finally, the door swings the other way: A University of Cincy prof gave a student a zero grade for using the phrase “biological women” and has been slapped with a former warning and ordered to undergo free speech training.

-Now, that said, I don’t think profs on either side should be forced into mind-think training. The Departments should punish them if they stray too far outside their discipline and the approved curriculum.

14) A Harvard prof allegedly fabricated multiple behavioral science studies.

Harvard ethics professor allegedly fabricated multiple behavioral science studies

15) Homelessness is up 10% in New Calcutta (LA) despite a flood of money for programs.

-Actual headline should be “Homelessness is up 10% in LA BECAUSE OF a flood of money for programs.”

16) A new review found that Rutabaga’s administration failed to foresee the Afghanistan mayhem. Of course, it did. They didn’t care what happened over there to our soldiers and translators, let alone to the Afghan loyalists.

17) A new court order reveals proven gubment/big tech censorship.

Bombshell Court Order Outlines Proven Government/Big Tech Censorship

18) Nice. Two birds with one judicial stone as the Supreme Court Affirmative Action ruling could undermine racialism in corporations.

19) “I Told You So: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Reveals His True Anti-Gunner Nature.”

-But that was only the beginning of RFK’s bad week as he then bashed the Supe decision on affirmative action.

20) A firm majority back the Supreme Court Affirmative Action decision.

21) Buttplugs promised to fix the system. Now 3,000 flights were canceled.

22) Yet another court slaps down Rutabaga over guns in the “ghost gun” ban.

23) One-third of Republicans would NEVER vote for Mike Pence, putting him in the lead over Nick Knack Haley (20%) and Vivek Ramaswamy (16%)

Mike Pence Takes MASSIVE Lead in Presidential Poll . . . About Who GOP Voters Would NEVER Support

24) Multiple explosions in Washington, D.C., from Molotov cocktails, more than all total on January 6, 2020.

25) Can’t make this up. Melinda Gates says she’s concerned AI will be biased against women.



26) The shoplifting epidemic in America has a $100 billion price tag.

-It’s not “shoplifting.” It’s theft, pure and simple, and Rutabaga and the DemoKKKrat mayors have all endorsed this as a way of collapsing the system.

27) The Teamsters have warned of a nationwide strike.

28) Chicago business barometer signals contraction.

Sweet Home Chicago? Chicago Business Barometer Signals Contraction At 41.5 As M2 Money Growth Evaporates

29) Despite $4.1 trillion spent, “green” wind and solar aren’t even keeping up with the growth in hydrocarbons. Nor will they.

30) Mountain Valley Pipeline in West Virginia can finally move forward.

FERC approves all construction on Mountain Valley

31) Yep, they went there. CNN is now touting giant kites to pull cargo ships across the oceans.

-Pssst. Pussprinklers: These are called . . . SAILS.



32)  France, racked with immigrant riots, has deployed “armored military vehicles.”

-Good luck. This may have finally gotten out of their control.

33) The worse it gets in France, the less the Hoax News media is covering it because a) it’s immigrants, and b) it’s their equivalent of fascist Antifa, and our Hoax News Media is 100% fascist.

The Worse It Gets in France, the Less American Corporate Media Is Covering It and We Know Why

34) France has mobilized 40,000 officers to quell violence.

-In case you missed it, this is all Muslim-related, as the incident that started the riots came when a Muslim youth fled police in a car and was shot after being pulled over, then trying to restart the car. The police officer is in some trouble, and it’s the third driver-pull-over death in France.

35) French police say, “We’re at war with vermin.”

-Kinda strong, but who let the vermin into the house?

36) And French unrest has spilled over into Switzerland and Belgium.

37) Suddenly, Marine le Pen appears to be drawing enough leftist support to actually win a presidential election.

38) A crucial West African LNG project still hasn’t produced its first gas.

39) Fascinating map of immigration: only Poland, which allows no Islamic immigrants, has had NO terror attacks or riots.

40) The British public resists ending gasoline cars, and industry leaders tell ministers to back off.

41) That’s because the production of electric vehicles creates up to 70% more emissions than gas equivalents.



42) Some 250 Hollywood celebs have signed a letter demanding Big Tech censor anyone who opposes mutilating children.

43) DFL Party in Minnesota handed out coloring books at a fair showing Joan of Arc as a transoid.

DFL hands out coloring books at county fair suggesting Joan of Arc was trans



44) “Indiana Jones and the Vial of Geritol” is already trailing the flop “Flash.”

-This was an extremely expensive movie to make and is now on track to lose money.

45) Ol’ Indy (literally) came in at $60 million in the U.S. (horrible) and only $130 million globally—$142 million less than the previous Indy movie.



46) A peer-reviewed paper says mRNA China Virus vaxxes should be labeled gene therapy products.

47) CDC reports confirm that .6 million American children and young adults died since the FDA approved the China Virus vax.

48) The China Virus vax may compromise immunity, according to this study.



49) It was inevitable. Now they are coming for Virginia Woolf’s 1927 novel To the Lighthouse because it might “trigger” some gidgetrippers.

-Folks, I am so waiting for the day when they get to “Team America: World Police.” Now that will be some triggering. Remington may have to increase production due to demand.



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