The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) President Trump said that RFK, Jr. is a “good man” and that his “heart is in the right place.”

-Not saying this will happen, but don’t discount a dance between the Trump/RFK, Jr. camps once Bobby loses in the primary. Could be the “dream team” in a lot of ways. Of course, take this from the guy who said Kanye West would be a presidential candidate five years ago.

2) Wild. President Donald Trump is the only living president not descended from slaveowners.

3) You know, today they call Alex Jones “bonkers,” then tomorrow, everything he predicted comes true. So now he says Trump knows about an assassination plot and is “ready to die.” I do not find this at all weird. If there isn’t a plot—or 10—against Trump, I’d be surprised. They will stop at nothing to keep him from being in the Oval Office again.

4) In a blatant stroke of honesty, Liz Clusterbomb Cheney said that the problem with American politics is “We’re electing idiots.”

-Of course, voters fixed HER particular oversight last election.

5) President Trump got his first court victory as Judge Cannon smacked down prosecutor Jack Smith, denying the gubment plea to keep a list of 84 witnesses under wraps.

Judge Cannon Smacks Down Jack Smith, Denies Government’s Motion to Keep List of 84 Witnesses Under Wraps in Classified Docs Case

6) New Kabul will impose toll charges for driving a car into the city.

7) American materials scientist and co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery, John Goodenough, died at 100.

8) Ron DeSantis told Silicon Valley donors he’s against tariffs on the ChiComs.

9) Republicans have headed off Rutabaga in his attempt to declare a “climate emergency.” The real emergency is the demonic usurper in the Oval Office.

10) Well, update on the poor employee who was sucked into an airplane engine. It appears it was suicide, as he gave his watch and wallet to another employee before walking into the engine.

11) No question now, Rutabaga not only manufactured votes via the 2000 mules but stole the 2020 election with rampant corruption, including squashing probes into the Biteme Family’s crime bribery operation, involvement again by the FascistBI, CIA/FBI “disinfo” on Twit and elsewhere, and a dozen more ways.

12) Macabre but fascinating scientific analysis of what happened to the people inside the Titan.

-Basically, imagine a 1 millisecond-long steam press falling on your body—12 milliseconds sooner than your brain could process pain, or your eyes would make you aware of what was happening. Then the bodies were cooked at about the heat of the sun by the air explosion. Literally, they felt no pain.

13) Iowa’s Supreme Court, in a 3-3 tie with one judge recusing, said that the “heartbeat bill” was a different abortion standard than that of the state constitution and invalidated it.

14) Rutabaga’s student loan forgiveness and affirmative action are on the Supe docket.

15) Libs freak out after Muslim-controlled Hamtramck, MI city council has banned transoid/homosexual flags from gubment buildings.

16) DemoKKKrats are warning the party: the threat of President Trump returning to office in 2024 is “very real.”

-Translation: PRINT. MORE. BALLOTS.

17) Another DeSantis event. Like most, fewer than 100 people, half of them donors.

18) President Trump continues to lead Rutabaga by 3 points; Rutabaga continues to lead DeSantis by 2 points.

19) And in the latest poll, DeSantis loses ground to back under 20% against Trump.



20) An utterly moronic headline: “Vacant office buildings (in Colorado) find new life as affordable apartments.”

-They are “affordable” to the renters but not to the builders or landlords, who will go bankrupt, leading to more homeless.

21) Likewise, in Groomer City, tenants say the three-year ban on evictions kept them housed. Landlords say they are drowning in debt.

22) Still waiting on the magical future of wind power.

23) The average American has over $54,000 in debt.

-What? Counting the house?

24) Ford layoffs loom in the U.S. and Canada.

25) The AI-powered diversity recruiting firm Joonko is in chaos as the CEO is accused of “staggering” fraud.

-I guess the Elizabeth Holmes Give Blood and Get Rich mini-course didn’t work out so well.

26) Illiumina, a DNA company, began cutting jobs.

27) Texas Oil and Gas employment rose, but drilling declined.

28) As prices of homes fell, sales rose.

As Prices of New Houses Drop, Sales Jump: Cut the Price and They Will Come.



29) The Supes refused to hear the College of the Ozarks’ challenge to the Rutabaga’s HUD transoid policy because, so far, HUD has not imposed any sanctions or charged the college in any way. Thus it does not have “standing.”

-As painful as it is, people must realize that THIS court does not deal in hypothetical harm.

30) So weird-o-rama: a Kollyfornia transoid murderer who targeted a lesbian couple has been placed in a women’s prison, drawing outrage from women’s activists who say he (wait, what??) could prey on other females.

-But I thought transoids were “ females.”

31) The latest stupid company to step in it, Bounty, which has announced a new “inclusive artists” campaign –

-Translation: white people need not apply because we don’t care how good your art is.

32) New York Governor Hock-a-Loogie signed a “safe haven” law for transoid youts to go along with the sanctuary city law in New Kabul, which is working so well.



33) The head of the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland admitted that today’s inflation was caused by massive spending sprees during the lockdowns.

34) Rutabaga’s administration worries that the Uke counteroffensive has fallen behind schedule. That’s because it never even got started.

35) Some countries don’t fool around: five people are awaiting word if they will be executed for standing in the way of the queen’s limo in Thailand.

36) There are serious financial and banking problems everywhere. The economy “seems to have accelerated to the downside.”

*German business climate index heading down; securities held by U.S. banks decreased by $212 billion from March to June, and China’s economy continues to falter.

37) Who woulda predicted this? Germany is dragging down Europe. (Well, the UK doesn’t count anymore).

38) Ireland is offering to pay people up to $92,000 for them to live on one of its 30 remote islands on its western coast in an attempt to revitalize the islands.



39) Well, this story isn’t quite dead yet: Michael Jackson’s molestation accuser Wade Robson is heading to trial against Jackson’s corporation over abuse claims.



40) Millions haven’t regained their sense of smell or taste after the China Virus.



41) And finally, a movie-goer was killed after two couples got into an argument over reserved seats during a screening of the new Jenny Lawrence film.

-The name of the film? “No Hard Feelings.”



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