The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 27, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Welp, that didn’t last long. Remember when yesterday I said DeSantis had a pretty good week to 10 days?

-Hold muh beer.

2) We have one of our first identifications of the so-called “Patriot Front” who is a college poly sci major who says he “wants to work for the government.” It appears he already is.

3) Here we go again: Rep. Comer “about to” expose more Rutabaga payments—“Millions and millions of dollars” from “adversaries all over the world.”

-Fine but . . .

“About to”

“Poised to”

“Prepared to”



This is not action. I’m reporting it not as news but as a cautionary tale about how news is NOT written these days.

4) And, for what it’s worth, news that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has announced the house “will be launching” an impeachment inquiry into Grand Moff Garland.

5) It appears the Hoax News Media has had enough with the Perpetual Liars’ Club known as the White House Press Office, refusing to let the spokespooges off when they refused to answer a question.

6) How to make real men: King Randall and the life of Preparatory School Boys.

7) About all those Titanic conspiracy theories: they are poopie-caca.

8) Has RFK, Jr. changed his spots? Here’s what he said about “climate change” in 2020:

9) Or that he was broken up over dictator Hugo Chavez’s death in 2013. . .

10) An annoyed janitor turned off a super-cold freezer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and destroyed decades of scientific work.

11) Supposedly counter-intuitive, but the more educated you are, the more likely you are to attend religious services.

12) Although Gallup says church attendance is below pre-pandemic levels. The churches were badly wounded by their willingness to go along with the lockdowns.

13) Every week, we have news from that bucolic paradise Benghazi-by-the-Lake, where over the weekend, a mere 29 were shot and only 8 killed.

14) This is the second time this has happened recently: an airline employee was killed after being sucked into an engine of an operating aircraft at San Antonio Airport.

15) The so-called “pride” flag is actually the flag of American occupation.

-True dat.

16) The Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit over Trump’s former D.C. Hotel.

17) Ron DeSantis has asked a federal district judge to dismiss Disney’s lawsuit against him over the Reedy Creek reorganization.



18) New Kabul has cracked down on coal-wood-fired pizzerias to cut carbon emissions.

19) Michigan’s proposed “green energy” policy by Witless Protection threatens to slam the door on a manufacturing renaissance.

-Precisely. They do not WANT a “manufacturing renaissance.” Wrong voters. Trump voters.

20) The black/white unemployment gap has closed, and for the first time ever, blacks employment exceeded white employment rates.

21) The FDIC accidentally released a list of companies it bailed out for billions in the Silicon Valley collapse.

22) States are considering (there’s that term again!) charging drivers by the mile to maintain the nation’s roads.

23) The Texas Manufacturing Survey disappoints for the fifth straight month.

24) Analysts say Bud Light will permanently lose 25% of its business.

-Not nearly enough.

25) Inside the office debt time bomb as commercial real estate teeters on the edge of financial meltdown: “zombie” spaces dominate Groomer City and Manhattan with owners set to default on billion-dollar loans this year.



26) The average age of patients claiming “gender dysphoria” has fallen from 31 to 26 as parents and activists brainwash children into “seeking care.”



27) “Disgusted” New Zealand surgeons are required to prioritize operations by ethnicity. Well, they can’t be too disgusted if they are still surgeons.

28) Italy is cracking down on dress codes.

-About time. I’m sick of seeing shorts and flip-flops in churches and Vegas shows too.

29) Norway’s wealth tax has driven out more superrich in 2022 than in the previous 13 years combined.

30) Planned Parenthood has been banned across Saskatchewan after supplying 9th graders with a sexually explicit card game for “queer youths” that teaches them about becoming attracted to extreme porn and kink. Which is to say, your basic transoid stuff.

31) Headline: “Now for Putin’s revenge: Russian dictator vows to hunt down Wagner chiefs who led coup . . . .”

-Wait, what? Just three days ago, the Daily Mail had Pootie-poot on the run, hiding, and about to have his gubment collapse.

And “dictator?” Really? Lessee, who is having their Gestapo arrest political opponents? Rhymes with Rutabaga.

32) And this: “Wagner chief ‘frantically tried to call Putin” en route to Moscow after realizing he had gone too far. . . .”

-Does Operation Valkyrie ring a bell?

33) While this analyst says Prigozhin is already dead or a “cup of hot polonium tea” awaits him in Minsk.

-I hear that is a very good blend.



34) A box office analyst says that Disney has lost $890 million on the last eight studio releases.

-Honestly, while that is a record of incredible incompetence and wokeness, that number isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Should be billions.

35) Jesse Watters has been given the Tuckster’s old Faux News slot.

-I like Jesse, but this is akin to handing a 12-year-old a Panzerfaust as the Red Army encircles Berlin.

36) Looks like Miss “Gotta Calm Down” herself brutally dumped Megxit by refusing her a slot on Megan Markle's podcast. “Stars want proximity to real royals.”

-I’m sorry, folks, this guy has been dead for a while.



37) Another UFO was spotted over Las Vegas weeks after a family there claimed to have seen 10-foot aliens.

-Has anyone seen Victor Wembanyama since the NBA draft?



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