The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 23, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) John “Sloth” Durham said the FascistBI ignored the Cankles illegalities to tie Trump to “muh Russia.”

Little Rant: Folks, I don’t want to see one more headline about how Durham “went off” on the FBI or the Swamp. He IS the Swamp. The very fact that Grand Moff Garland did not immediately fire this guy told you all you want to know about the fact that he was part of the “cleanup crew,” NOT someone to get the demonic baddies. If you’re still believing in some sort of secret “sting” yet to happen, you might as well be a Flat Earther.

*Flynn was bankrupted, and his reputation ruined

*Carter Page, a naive innocent bystander, was charged

*Manafort was sent to jail for life

*Trump was hounded for three years, spent a gazillion on lawyers, had his term deeply crippled and his reelection affected, had the 2018 midterms stolen, and is STILL not out of the woods

*Meanwhile not one single ringleader—not Combover (aka Comey aka scrotumtoter), not Deep Stroke, not Pageboy, not McCabre, were even so much as investigated.

If Sloth Durham did anything, he proved once and for all that Q was a Deep Fake, an operative either from the CIA or the Russkies or some other group, focused entirely on preventing popular reaction to the criminal activities within the agencies until it was too late. And those criminals include one Jeffrey Sessions.

2) Now, Sloth Durham complains the rules should change so heads could roll at the FascistBI. No, Slothhy, you should INDICT PEOPLE, then heads would roll.

3) Here is an example of what I’m talking about: “Durham Goes Off on FBI, CIA, Schiff During Wednesday Testimony.”

-If he went off, he would have arrested someone.

4) A whistleblower says that Grand Moff Garland sabotaged the Hunter Biteme case. Of course, they did.

-Why is this presented like it’s even a surprise?

5) It turns out “Christians” is a fairly positive term in American society: it scores near the top among the “military,” “working-class people,” and the “middle class,” even among DemoKKKrats. Among Indies, it’s #4; among Republicans, #3; Atheists? Not so much. “Atheists” rate in the bottom three among all political alignments!

6) DemoKKKrats growing concerned about a Joe Manchin 3rd party run. Now, what if we have BOTH RFK, Jr. And Manchin-on-a-Hill running?

7) A fed judge ruled against Florida’s admin and regulatory bans on Medicaid coverage for transoids. Just another skirmish in a long battle.

8) “The Ideological Subversion of Biology.” Basically, we’ve regressed to pre-Enlightenment “science,” as with the China Virus, “Scientists both inside and outside the academy were among the first to begin politically purging their fields by misrepresenting or even lying about inconvenient truths.” This is a must-read article.

9) My friend and “Freeper” BillyBoy has a terrific long comment on how McCarthy utterly failed in the House Censure of Schiffty, the Human Lemur.

10) Lockdown disaster: Reading and math scores for middle schoolers have fallen to the lowest level in decades.

11) When the House voted to censure Schiffty the Human Lemur, DemoKKKrats staged an insurrection.

-Why aren’t they in prison?



12) Home sales are down 23%, and prices falling still.

13) Where do CEOs see AI helping them?



14) Christopher Rufo speaks with a physician on the demonic and idiotic medical malpractice in the transoid world.



15) Several powerful Uke brigades are missing in action—either dead or deserted, most likely.

16) The Titan has been declared imploded, and all aboard are dead.

17) The U.S. Navy detected the implosion on Sunday but held the news until today’s whistleblower testimony on Hunter.

-Tellin’ ya, the evil in these people is beyond description.

18) All of “muh Russia” is now happening in Great Britain, where newly declassified files show Britain’s role in false flags and terror attacks in Operation Gladio.

19) Of course he did. Rutabaga, or the demon inhabiting his serpentine body, launched a CIA, military, and state department campaign against Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil.

-And no, that election wasn’t legit, either.



20) The top diversity officer at Disney (Groomerland) has left the company . . . but the office remains.

-Are they learning their lesson? Probably not.



21) New emails show that the China Virus vax mandates were based on a lie and that the mRNA vax was failing in January 2021.

22) A more detailed look at some of these sources.



23) No intrigue in the NBA draft as the San Antonio Bonespurs picked the 19-year-old French 7-foot-5-inch three-point shooting whiz Victor Wembanyama.

-As a Suns fan, I sincerely hope he is the biggest bust since LaRue Martin. Oh, did I mention I coached NCAA b-ball?

I was at a tiny school, the University of Wisconsin-Richland Center, with a total student body of 212. I had lectured to CLASSES at UC Santa Barbara larger than that. Anyway, they needed an assistant men’s basketball coach. I volunteered not knowing an “x” from an “o.” Our team was bad: 5-14. But somehow, we made the playoffs. My only contribution was getting a star player kicked out of a game. We were running a pick for our best shooter, and this guy was holding our player’s jersey every time around that pick. So during a timeout, I backed up to the ref -never looked at him- and said, “Mr. Referee, number 14 there is holding our guy’s jersey every time on that baseline pick.” I went back to the huddle and told the coach, “Coach, run that pick play now. One more time.” So he did. And the player held. And when he was called for the foul, he exploded and got two “Ts” and outta the game. And I quietly said, “I did that!”

This is all detailed in my autobiography, The Rhythm of History


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