The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Special Counsel John (Sloth) Durham said that the FBI agents “apologized” to him for the Russia Hoax investigation.


2) An Obama-appointed judge said that wearing a t-shirt saying there are “only two genders” is not protected speech.

-Sigh. Lord, lightning. Please. Lots of it.

3) How e-bike battery fires became a deadly crisis in New Kabul.

4) The case against General Michael Flynn will stay in Florida.

It’s Official: Flynn Case Against Govt to Stay in FL

6) And just the latest: four dead after another New Kabul bike fire.

7) RFK, Jr. must be saying something right, as the Los Angeles Times calls him a “threat to our democracy.” Er, that would be the Hoax News outlets, ya scabpunchers.

8) In Virginia, each of the contested races was won by a Republican.

9) National test scores have plunged with no sign of pandemic recovery.

-As. By. Design.

10) The State of Georgia closed the “ballot suitcase” investigation and found no fraud in 2020 at the ballot counting site. Of course, they never did explain why two women took out ballot boxes and recounted them several times. Oh no.

11) Kentucky’s AG Daniel Cameron scored a victory against the threat of banks cutting off conservatives.

12) North Carolina’s senate has overridden four of Governor Cooper’s vetoes, including one banning universities from requiring “diversity” statements from applicants.

-On to the NC House.

13) President Trump said China “owned” the U.S. until he took office.


14) Are colleges on a trajectory to collapse? The author argues they not only are not offering traditional skill sets that translate to better jobs but are also repelling people who attend for reasons other than a job. And almost none of them are woke.

15) Demented Rutabaga, the demonic spooge toilet, spilled “sensitive information” about the Chinese spy balloon to campaign donors.



16) County commissioners have put a moratorium on the wind farm that was going to permit killing whales as a condition of its construction.

17) Now, merely to “feel comfortable” in Groomer City, it takes an income of $1.4 million, and to be “wealthy” there requires over $4 million.

18) Speaking of Groomer City, Good Morning America said it was too dangerous to film in the city’s downtown, and the mayor London Breed (actual name), claims such comments are “hampering” the city’s efforts to bounce back.

-In-Breed: Groomer City ain’t bouncin’ back. It will eventually be like Carthage.

19) Restaurants face an unappetizing slowdown as consumers buckle their belts!

Bidenville! Restaurants Face Unappetizing Slowdown As Consumers Buckle Amid Two-Year Bidenflation Storm (Biden Gets 1 Star Review)



20) A victory for religious freedom as a federal court exempts a Texas company from following transoid/homosexual protection rules.



21) The CEO of OceanGate, which operates the sunken Titan submersible, explained that his company didn’t want to hire any “50-year-old white guys” because they weren’t “inspirational.” Guess who’s now working their asses off to save these billionaire bumpkins?

22) Even Green Screen Zelensky says the Uke offensive is “slower than desired.”

23) Gangs got inside a Honduran prison and slaughtered 41.

24) Inflation in the UK spiked to a 30-year high.

Inflation Shocker in the UK: Core CPI Spikes to 30-Year High, Driven by Spike in Services, even as Motor Fuel Prices Plunge

25) Four reasons China can’t reset the world: it’s now a competitor, not a cog in the supply chain, its growth is slowing, it’s a closed society, and it’s risky.

26) The ChiComs are demanding England hand over the Falklands to Argentina.

-This could get spicy.

27) Major gas explosion in Paris injures 29.



28) Faux News continues its collapse: Hannity is now behind Joyless Reid in 14th place.

Fox News Collapses In Ratings After Ousting Tucker Carlson: ‘Hannity in 14th Place, Behind Joy Reid’

29) Marvel is now using AI art for its new “Secret Invasion” series. They say it fits the theme—but is it to save money?

-Indeed, is this a test to see if they can replace writers who are striking?


30) Critical Drinker gives a strong endorsement to “Extraction 2.”

-Indeed, the one long first fight scene is something to behold.



31) Rand Paul wants proof that Dr. Fallacy actually retired.

32) England’s former chief medical officer said that the China Virus lockdowns “damaged a generation.” Yep.



33) Researchers found there is a new super fungus, immune to many drugs.

-I think it’s called DemoKKKraticus Spoocificus, and it’s also impervious to morality, reason, or voters.



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