The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 21, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) Hunter Biteme got a plea deal on tax violation charges. However, the bribery scheme is still there to be charged.

2) Minneapolis (New Mogadishu) is among the worst major cities for crime.

-Well, George Floyd, one criminal, won’t be contributing to that number.

3) Naomi Wolf, feminist turncoat? A lib who challenged the lies of her country.

4) Texas’s grid is facing crisis conditions before summer even arrives.

5) More lawfare: in Kollyfornia, lawyer John Eastman faces disbarment proceedings over a memo that said that Mike Tuppence had the Constitutional authority to reverse the 2020 election.

-Folks, it won’t stop 'til our people start doing the same to theirs. And while they may have some of the richer states, we have more states with more resources.

6) They keep revising these numbers upward: the Juneteenth weekend in Benghazi-by-the-Lake killing spree now is up to 13, with 75 shot in total.

7) An NBC reporter says RFK Jr. might not be a DemoKKKrat because he stated his opposition to vaxxes and D.C. corruption.



8) To many Americans, it already feels like we are in a deep recession.

-That’s cuz, in many ways, we have been since the moment the demonic Rutabaga took office.

9) An unexpected housing surge, most since 2016. Well, all those people leaving New Kabul and Kollyfornia have to live somewhere.

10) Meanwhile, the Philly Fed Business Conditions index declines AGAIN.

11) And remote employees are leaving the big cities run by DemoKKKrats in droves.

12) As “return to office” has now entered the desperation phase. And no, offering $10 to the charity of one’s choice won’t cut it as an incentive.

13) While the governor of Kollyfornia has had his claim that there is no Kollyfornia exodus debunked.

14) Americans say no thanks to woke corporations: nearly half opposed companies promoting radical ideas.

-Another 17% are “indifferent”—but wait til it affects their kids.

15) Wendi Mahoney reports that the Rutabaga’s administration will not investigate Gotion Inc’s ties to the ChiComs. This is land for a battery manufacturing plant in Michigan.



16) Jersey Shore, Chris Christie, says transoid procedures on minors should be allowed if parents consent.



17) Niall Ferguson on the end of globalism.

18) A “fundamental culture change”: Europe’s energy giants are pivoting back to oil. As we always knew, they’d have to. (“We’re responding to what people want,” said one exec, and obviously, they don’t want green).

19) China has become the world’s “indispensable nation.”

-Gee, in more sane times, we’d just take it over so they can’t blackmail us...

20) A Mexican judge was abducted, beaten, and released by kidnappers outside his home.




21) The second consecutive summer of bombs at the box office shows Disney's failures are affecting Pixar. How long before they affect that harpy, Kathleen Kennedy?

22) The search for actor Julian Sands, who went missing while hiking in January, continues. Not to be a doomer, but it’s nearly July.



23) Monkey virus DNA was found in the China Virus vaxxes.

“Safe and effective.”

24) All-cause mortality up after mass China Virus vaxxes.

25) Military members who were kicked out for refusing the vax seek to have their discharges upgraded.



26) We really didn’t need a study to prove this, but “right-wing” women are more likely to be attractive, and “left-wing” women more likely to show contempt. That’s cuz the lefty harpy-iods are uuuuuuglllllleeeeee.

-I mean, they’re so ugly there are 20 “l”s between the U and the Y.



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