The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 20, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) The continuing saga of how diversity/wokism is destroying trust and unity within the ranks of the military. “Being politically correct has somehow become the most crucial part of our training.”

2) The USSC unanimously relaxed sentences for gun crimes. “Congress just made a mistake,” said Justice Elena Kagan.

3) Ryan Burge: new research shows the gap in “religiosity” between men and women has closed and that people became much less religious during the pandemic.

-So the China Virus certainly achieved one of Satan’s purposes.

4) As I have argued, the “woke bubble” is about to burst.

5) Porky Pritzker’s Illinois struggles with the ballooning cost of healthcare for illegal criminals, which has passed $1 billion. Suck it, ya evil snotrockets. Illinois is another of those states you’ll just have to leave. It is not capable of reform until Chicago is reduced to dust.

6) Harvard/Harris now has President Trump with a 6-point lead over Rutabaga. Keep in mind in 2020, he never once led in national polling.

7) 55% of voters think the Trump indictment is politically motivated.

8) Politico: “The GOP field discovers there are only side acts in the Trump show.”

-All they can do is respond to Trump, and he “gets all the coverage.” Boo hoo.

9) Gonorrhea is apparently such a serious issue that billboards warning against it are appearing in 19 cities.

10) A majority of DemoKKKrats want Rutabaga to debate Bobby Kennedy, Jr.

-Hell, I’d do pay-per-view for that one.

11) Ozempic use has sparked a spike in ER visits with multiple new side effects: Blurred vision, kidney failure, and gallstones.

-Yeah, but you lose weight, right?

12) A lib donor to the George Lincoln Rockwell Project, Elementary School Chapter, has been arrested for starting a massive Kollyfornia fire. These Lincoln Project people are so industrious, starting fires when they can’t find children to molest.

13) This New Yorker was kicked out of a gym for staring at a woman . . . even though he’s blind.

-This raises an important question by “Freeper” Nickcarraway—do seeing eye dogs ogle women for their owners?

14) A Delta pilot was arrested at the airport after showing up drunk for a flight from Edinburgh to New York.

-Yeah, but was his LAST flight from Dublin to Edinburgh? Irishmen everywhere wanna know.



15) Shareholder petitions trying to push woke got crushed as energy companies are backtracking on absurd green goals.

16) Pretty funny. Kollyfornia’s non-existent bullet train, where not a single mile of track has ever been laid and where the costs are now estimated to be $128 billion, will now be run by “solar energy.”

-Because it doesn’t exist. Why not? Why not just run it on human farts or jello? Just pass a new law.

17) Predictable for our age: an Anheuser-Busch marketing exec admitted the transoid ad was a “wake-up call” after the company lost $27 billion in market value—and was then named “Creative Marketer of the Year.”



18) A girl has sued a hospital for removing her breasts after she claimed she was a boy, claiming (rightly) undue influence.

19) More attempts to suppress reality as a Mayo Clinic professor was suspended after stating the obvious, that testosterone improves athletic performance.

-Seriously, this raises the question of if “juicing” for men vs. women is ok; how long before MLB and the NFL have to permit it for everyone?



20) Japan has a grand strategy as a declining power, namely, to rebuild its military.

21) Five people went missing on a tourist submarine to descend 12,500 feet to the Titanic. Only hours of air remain.

22) The race to rescue them must be the deepest undersea rescue mission ever—11,000 feet deeper!



23) The biographer for the Tuckster says Faux News staffers are jumping ship to work with him.

24) Singer Bebe Rexha required three stitches after an audience member, Nicolas Malvagna, threw a phone into her face. He has been arrested.

25) Amanda Bynes is back in a psychiatric hold after, apparently, she called authorities on herself.

-Hey, maybe she and Brittney could have, like, a Canasta club or something?

26) Well, I said I wouldn’t talk about Megxit and the Ginger Duke, but this is news, I guess; Megxit is now accused of faking interviews for her axed Spotify webcast.



27) Viagra lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s by almost 70%.

-Not gonna touch that one with a ten-foot condom.



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