The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 14, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) President Trump pleaded not guilty to all 37 charges at the Stalinist Hoax Show Trial in Miami.

2) Meanwhile, in the real crime, the Burisma scabpickle who gave Rutabaga a $5 million bribe that the Hoax News media refuses to discuss is a . . . wait for it . . . Russkie asset.

-Now to John Brennanskie.

3) Vivek Ramaswamy, currently polling at between 1-3% in the GOP presidential race, has filed a freedom of information request against the Department of INJustice in the Trump indictment case.

4) Trump beating DeSantis badly in Kollyfornia and over 50% (53%), killing the DeSantis strategy of siphoning delegates there.

5) The percentage of donations from so-called “political fact checkers” that go to DemoKKKrats is 100%.

6) Nearly 200 Indiana churches have left the United Methodist Church.

-Don’t worry, Groomers: these churches will have so-called gay-pride flags flying within a year themselves.

7) And we had this in a slightly different format yesterday, but the Episcopal Church shows a major decline.

8) This is good that Newsom thinks his state’s population loss was “anomalous” and that other states lost residents. The longer this fecal mud-hole stays afloat socially, culturally, and financially the more catastrophic the bottom will be. And that won’t be a bad thing. They need to hit rock bottom to come to repentance.

9) Denver sees 10 injured in mass shooting as the Nuggets fans packed the streets to celebrate their first-ever NBA championship. These celebrations are taking on a decidedly Arabesque / Palestinian flavor with the celebrants blasting their AK-47s into the night skies.

10) Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) said the Bank of Amigo shared private financial info on gun owners with FascistBI without a warrant. Yeah? And who will prosecute the Bank of Amigo?

-Grand Moff Garland?

11) How a so-called scientific journal was bullied into withdrawing a paper showing that at least some of the transoid-rage in which normal people suddenly discover their chromosomes lied to them comes from social pressure.

12) Can this beat MS? Studies showing, “Yeah, it can.”

13) Scary: from the Daily Mail, “Awkward” Ron DeSantis “has to be told when to smile by advisors.”

14) Transoid demonic lunacy and the impact of the lockdowns has 15% of U.S. children receiving mental health treatment. Three out of five teen girls feel “persistently sad or hopeless.’

-The ones who need mental health treatment are all in Washington.

15) Speaking of mental health, the Nashville shooter’s autopsy indicated no testing was ordered for prescription meds.

16) And speaking of lunatic transoids, progressive churches are now “queering” Jesus in top divinity schools.

17) Sweaty Little Man Marco Rubio says now there will be “tremendous pressure” on the next GOP president to charge Rutabaga and his family.

-Two things there, Rubes. First, Rutabaga will pardon himself and his family before he leaves, and second, the next president you refer to is Donald J. Trump.

18) More evidence of our crumbling military: the latest F-35s will into storage until the upgrade woes are ironed out.



19) Westfield walks from its mall in Groomer City. Couldn’t happen to a nicer Moloch-ridden filth-temple.[/embed]

20) Boycotts are working: Bosses at top firms have cut earnings call mentions of diversity, equity, and BS by almost 1/3 already as Bud Light/Tar-Gay see shares slump.

21) The abortion biz has shut down for good in Indiana. Good. Now only 56 other states to go.[/embed]

22) And in still more good news, Planned Parenthood’s abortion biz will fire 15% of its staff nationwide.[/embed]

23) Bud Light sales dropped another 24% as its rival Modelo gains market share.

24) While the Starburqa union claims dozens of stores can’t decorate for homosexual pride.

25) Welcome to the Tea Act of 2023: Kollyfornia’s pot tax revenues fell for the 7th straight quarter.

26) EbLens Clothing Chain in Massachusetts will close all stores, laying off 500.



27) Japan is beginning to make something of an economic recovery, in that it’s not China.



28) Some 50 years after they broke up, the Beatles will release their last song, courtesy of Paul McCartney “extricating” John’s voice from a tape.

29) Treat Williams, star of “Prince of the City,” “Hair,” “Everwood,” dead after a motorcycle accident at 71.

30) Cormac McCarthy, author of “No Country for Old Men,” died at age 89.



31) One of my favorite subjects, Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes says she cannot afford $250 a month in restitution payments to pay back the $452 million she scammed.

-Dare I go there? Maybe she should . . .Sell blood?



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