The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 9, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) The FascistBI gave the House Oversight Committee access to the Biden doc, averting a contempt vote.

2) Rutabaga called the British Prime Minister “president” and forgot who Winston Churchill was, despite, I’m sure, going to school with Churchill.

3) The Supreme Court said that Alabama’s congressional districts discriminated against very large black populations and required a re-drawing of the state’s congressional districts.

4) Social conservatism is the highest in a decade. Millennials, for one, are slightly trending more conservative.

5) A conservative group has targeted the Bank of Amigo with a new ad over its ESG policies.

6) Suicide ideation is higher among transoids.

7) One Rhode Island city is putting its illegal criminals on a “Dignity Bus” to house them.

-You’re almost there. Now just gas up that bus and send it back to the border.

8) Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, the “crown jewel” trail has been destroyed by the homeless and their garbage.

9) The American College of Pediatricians states that there is not a single long-term study that demonstrates the safety or efficacy of transoid sex changes in children.

10) More than half of GOP voters want the Patriot Day (J6) prisoners pardoned. President Trump suggested this first, DeSantis chimed in.

11) Demon-infested Kollyfornia’s senate has passed a bill to prevent employers from mandating employees to confront shoplifters.

-See, the plan is to make sure neither cops nor employees stop the steal, so the companies go broke. Evil capitalists that they are.

12) “How AI Will Save the World.” Most of these benefits are things God provides and should be sought from Him, not a computer.

13) Meanwhile, in New Calcutta (LA), the city is looking at creating an Office of Unarmed Response (instead of cops), which will soon be renamed the Office of Unarmed Victims Shot in the Line of Duty.

14) Former interior secretary under Reagan, James Watt, dead at age 85.

15) Fat Ana Navarro, the only female who can give Lizzo, the Human Planet, a run for her money, said she would be “gleeful” if Trump was indicted.

-Course, Fat Ana has been known to be “gleeful” and downright pornographic when presented with a plate of ribs.



16) Bankruptcy filings grow at the fastest rate since 2010.

17) A Toyota study shows that electric vehicles may be unnecessary to lower CO2 emissions. Actually, because of all the coal-fired electric plants they will need for electricity, Evs will add to CO2 pollution.

18) Global steel production in 2022 fell the most since 2009, with China’s falling again for the second straight year.

19) This couldn’t happen to a nicer city full of groomers: up to 30 San Francisco hotels could stop paying loan payments soon on $725 million in loans. Too bad, so sad.



20)  Funny. China’s gubment-encouraged electric car boom is, in turn, forcing a massive coal-burning boom because they need coal to run their electric networks.

-In other words, more Coal-bell.

21) Assisted soooo-eeee-cide has become the 3rd largest cause of death in Quebec (7% of all). Perfect for the anti-humanist demonic cancerchickens running our governments.

22) Uke forces suffered “stiff resistance” and losses on assaults on Russkie lines. This is from CNN, so wow.

23) In Me-hee-co, eight call center workers who were reported missing were found hacked up in plastic bags, courtesy of the cartel.

24) The Huns have recommended a 90% reduction in meat-eating for their subjects.

25) Vigilantes in Haiti have been fighting back against gangsters, sealing off and protecting neighborhoods.

-Anyone seen this guy?



26) A good column explaining why these “teasers” are just that. The so-called “whistleblower” has no actual proof himself and didn’t even see some of the things he claims exist.

27) Near Las Vegas, a police camera captured what appeared to be a craft crashing, and nearby residents reported two 8' creatures in their backyard.



28) Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcast Network, dead at age 93.

-I was interviewed by Pat around 2004 when Patriot’s History came out.

29) The Tucksters Twit show hit 100m views.

30) When adjusted for inflation, “Little Mermaid” tanking, though Disney spinmeisters trying to make it look like a success.

31) Likewise, for the new “Indiana Jones” movie, opening at $60 million, is one of the most expensive movies made in years. It is on track to lose money.

32) Former New England Patriots player Malik Gant died at age 25. No cause of death was revealed.

-I’m sure it had nothing to do with a certain vax.



33)  Looks like many of us were right all along that the lockdowns, not the pandemic, did all the damage. Lockdowns “may” have saved 4,000-10,000 but caused millions worldwide to slip into more poverty, according to a new World Bank study.

34) And here we go . . . a nurse injured by the China Virus vax is heading to trial against a former employer to force a workman’s comp payment.



35) And finally, Red Bull really does give you wings, as a secret ingredient added to energy drinks could be the “elixir of life.”

-I think we had this in my rock and roll days. They were little white pills with a cross on them, and I could swear I saw angels as I sped across the Texas desert . . . not sleepy in the least.



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