The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 8, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) A once-awesome tool of freedom, “Voice of America,” has been run into the ground by an affirmative action hire.

2) We documented in “Rockin’ the Wall” (2010) how VOA and Radio Free Europe blasted in rock and roll to the Iron Curtain—which ALL of those people understood was the voice of freedom.

3) Bobby Kennedy, Jr. Has the White House sweating.

-Well, I don’t think so. They know how to buy delegates on a level he can’t even comprehend. He’ll get votes. They’ll get delegates.

4) Minnesota has made college tuition-free for illegals . . . but not residents.

-Evil, evil, evil. Maybe it’s time to hand these lands back to the Sioux and say, “Finish the job you started with Custer.”

5) The Revolution eats its own in Washington State, where Karen Johnson was ousted after she made racist remarks about Hispanics. Boo hoo.

6) Wow. Supposedly we are in some renaissance of racism, when in fact, since . . . wait for it . . . Donald Trump came on the scene; we are in a massive decline in complaints of racial discrimination to the EEOC.

7) Some of the nation’s largest pediatric hospitals will no longer do mutilations or offer “gender modification” (i.e., satanic spooge procedures).

8) Mollie Hemingway addresses ways to stop the steal.

9) The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center or, more appropriately, Spoogistic Pustule for Legal   Communists) has labeled parental rights groups as “hate and anti-government groups.”

10) A transoid man is going to compete in the Miss Kollyfornia pageant.

-Ladies, you should all, and I mean every last one of you, refuse to participate. For God’s sake, grow a pair of mammaries??

11) Oh, wait. Now that more useless sphincterschnockels have joined the GOP presidential race, the opposition “worries” about the crowded field.

-No need to worry. Trump will kick all your asses.

12) Scientists are just now figuring out what every Pink Floyd fan has known for 40 years: sound waves can trigger a torpor-like state in mice and rats.

13) Almost 5,000 churches have left the Methodist Church over its abortion position.

14) A Hispanic shift, not Ron DeSantis, made Florida redder.

15) Slater Bayliss, bundler for Yeb Bush, is a lobbyist for Bud Light in Florida and a major bundler for . . . Ron DeSantis.

16) From Variety, no less: Instagram algorithms connect a “vast” network of pedos seeking kiddie porn.

17) Illinois Governor Porky Pritzker signed a law saying citizens may only file a suit against the state from one of two DemoKKKrat-controlled counties.

-Guessing this will get the court slapdown quickly.



18) It continues to get worse for Anheuser-Busch, as it now will be fined by the Environmental Protection Agency for violations related to the prevention of chemical accidents.

19) Confounded Interest asks if the Fed is actually the U.S. economy.


20) Reddit announces layoffs.

21) And it’s official, Bud Light has now dropped to second place behind Modelo Especial.

-Total Anheuser-Busch market cap dropped $27B since Operation Petticoat.

22) This is a sickness and must be stopped. A record low 67% of high school seniors did not see their friends “almost every day” last year, ratcheting up the isolation that has an all-time high number of kids depressed and suicidal.



23) Norway, hardly the most conservative of Euro countries, has joined several other nations to restrict child mutilation in the name of feelings.

24) Still one more example that the Ukes have lost. Now The Nation says we need to break our “addiction to global intervention.”

25) Structural inflationary pressures are signaling the end of globalism, ending the “globalism dividend.”

-This is the focus of my new book, which will be published with Steve Bannon and Skyhorse next year, called A Patriot’s History of Globalism: Its Rise and Decline.

26) And populism in Thailand . . .

27) Predictable: South Africa’s ruling party proposes race quotas for water use.

28) After dawdling because they knew they would be marching into a meat grinder, the Ukes finally bowed to international pressure and launched their ill-fated offensive.

29) While this fungal-brained Brit berates a driver for not turning off his ELECTRIC car and thus “polluting.”



30) Mel Gibson is making a documentary on the $34 billion global sex trafficking market, with Jeffrey (he-didn’t-kill-himself) Epstein at the top of the iceberg.

31) Well, that didn’t take long. Chris Licht, the new CNN boss who vowed to get rid of the lunacy there, is gone.

32) Shannen Doherty has revealed that her breast cancer spread to her brain, and the odds of survival are not good.

33) The Tuckster launched a new Twit show that had over 21m viewers, with another 9m from Elon Musk’s retweet.

34) The “Iron Sheik,” a WWE legend, real name Hossein Ali Vazin, dead at 81.



35) And finally, this is what happens when you don’t have a Constitution with a “cruel and unusual punishment” clause: a Finnish driver was fined $129,400 for speeding 20 miles over the limit because all fines are based on . . . wait for it . . . income.

-I say, if yer gonna speed, do it right. But walk away.



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