The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 7, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Talk about “fake news,” Piedmont Rising is making political ads that look like news broadcasts.

2) Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) said that the FascistBI is afraid their informant on the Rutabaga family will be killed if unmasked.

-Really? Who would do that? Not the pristine and law-abiding Rutabaga family.

3) Big 2nd Amendment ruling as the Third Circuit Court upheld the right of a felon to own a gun if the crime was non-violent (food stamp fraud).

4) File under “What any free market economist would tell you”: gubment loans do not help students. And this from a gubment source, the National Bureau of Economic Research.

5) Millennials are getting more conservative.

-Well, this idiot has to get something right over time.

6) In wonderful New Kabul, the city has unveiled an $11,000 “safe drug use” vending machine that gives out crack pipes, Narcan, and fentanyl test strips.

-Probably not much longer til they just give up and give out fentanyl itself and end the whole problem.

7) Florida’s AG defeated Rutabaga’s administration in court once again, this time on a parole issue.

8) Euro eco-loons are recruiting “arrestable” members for mayhem in the States.

9) Louisiana passes a bill to ban minor mutilation with a veto-proof majority.

10) A Mar-a-Lago employee draining a pool flooded the room with all the video surveillance logs.

11) Another plane carrying illegal criminals arrived in Sacramento, and Kollyfornia whines that it’s DeSantis again.

12) New Kabul mayor Eric the Red Adams says he would consider housing migrants at Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s place.

-Note, “consider.” After “considering” it, he would reject it.



13) Tar-Gay has been hit with yet another downgrade as its stock hit 130, down again from just two days ago. KeyBanc downgraded the stock as the company lost $13 billion, desperately racing to catch Anheuser-Busch.

-Also, its funding for NDN Collective calls for the US to hand back Mount Rushmore to Native Americans. Gee, that would be me. I was born here.

14) While this former Anheuser-Busch exec says Bud Light only has “a few months” to prevent sustained market loss.

15) Meanwhile, the satanic designer of the Tar-Gay products said the company set a “dangerous precedent” by removing his products.

-Yeah, dangerous for Satan and his swine.

16) Groomer City (SF) office towers are now selling for only 70% of their original list.

-Get it? Not only did they LOSE during the housing boom, where prices doubled, but they have also gone even below that!

17) While we’re on the subject of Groomer City, the owner of SF’s largest hotel, the Hilton Union Square, is just walking away, giving it back to the lender.

18) A report says Illinois is struggling to keep jobs.

-Gee, can’t imagine why. I mean, Benghazi-by-the-Lake, in particular, is so wonderful.

19) People are spending more on groceries but buying less.

-We’re getting to Weimar Germany levels with some foods.

20) Rowan Atkinson, “Mr. Bean,” feels duped by electric vehicles.

21) A Bitcoin crash as investors pulled $780 million from Binance in the last 24 hours after the SEC went after it.



22) In England, the clap or, as the Great Rush Limbaugh used to call it, “gongorrhoea,” has spiraled up to a 100-year high, along with a reemergence of syphilis.

23) While with the horrible economy in England, “meter tampering” becomes more popular.

24) Toy maker Hasbro has pulled a Troll doll because of inappropriate button placement. Seems like if you press its privates, you get a response.

25) The increasingly desperate Green Screen Zalensky has ordered the destruction of the Kakhovskaya Hydroelectric Dam.

26) While our news, of course, blames the Russkies.



27) The DoD whistleblower says the US has recovered the “dead pilots” of a craft of non-human origin.

-He says he has never seen one of these alien bodies. I have.



28) In Hollywood, the Film Actor’s Guild (FAG) has voted to strike if higher pay doesn’t come their way.

29) A group of former US women’s soccer players had a match against a team from Wrexham composed of older Brit males and lost 12-0.

-But, of course, men have no athletic advantage over women.

30) You can’t shut some of these grifters up.  Now Anna Delvey has undergone a makeover to look like a schoolgirl to launch her podcast . . . What? From prison.

31) And taxpayers get fleeced again as the Buffalo Bills broke ground on a new $1.5 billion stadium that had taxpayers picking up $850 million.



32) Johnson & Johnson no longer has authorization for the vax.

-Seems that there is just no demand.

33) According to Korean researchers, some sudden deaths were ONLY caused by the vaxxes.

34) Great piece by Jeffrey Tucker: “Twenty Grim Realities” of the lockdowns.

35) RFK, Jr. says Faux News didn’t run negative vax stories to keep its big pharma advertisers.

36) Our own Wendi Mahoney looks at (as Rush Limbaugh called her) “the Scarf Queen,” Deborah Birx.



37) Love it. This sports reporter stiffarms a rowdy fan who tried to interrupt her reporting.

-This idiot never even made it into camera shot.



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