The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 6, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! The FascistBI has refused to hand over the document alleging the Rutabaga bribery scheme, and Republicans are initiating contempt proceedings.

-Big deal. Without a DOJ willing to actually enforce the law against lawbreakers, this is meaningless.

2) While President Trump says the Rutabaga’s Department of InJustice will soon arrest him.

3) Didn’t see this coming: RFK, Jr., saysI support the Constitution—that includes Second Amendment.” Now, that said, this is exactly what many gun-grabbing DemoKKKrats have said over the years, but it’s good to hear Bobby at least refer to the Constitution.

4) And RFK, Jr. also says that Pfizer funneled $12 million to CNN anchor Anderson (Chicken) Cooper to push the vax.

5) And RFK, Jr.’s Instagram account was reinstated two years after telling the truth about the vax got him banned.

6) Steve Friend explains how the FascistBI is a “faith based institution.”

-Yeah, satan-faith.

7) Ron DeSantis says, “I just started running,” as he attempts to deflect the horrible polls. Remember, these polls were supposed to improve for him when he announced.

8) Former Tar-Gay vice chairman said the “tuck swimsuit” was the “one item” where “the big mistake [was made].”

9) A Texas sheriff wants to bring charges against DeSantis for “luring” illegals onto planes and then shipping them to Texas.

10) While Kollyfornia calls DeSantis’s relocation program “state-sanctioned kidnapping.”

-Personally, I have no problem with it. SEND. THEM. ALL.

11) Something I have long thought, that the 14th Amendment protects the unborn.

12) Weirdo slitherchicken transoid former Rutabaga official Sam Brinton arrested for stealing bags AGAIN.

13) Former FBI agent, sexual deviant, and spy Robert Hanssen was found dead in his Supermax Prison cell at age 79.

-I don’t think he tried to kill himself.

14) The clown posse, known as the Kollyfornia state senate, passed a bill to give illegal criminals unemployment checks.

15) File under “Oh no, he didn’t.” Yes, he did. New Kabul mayor Eric the Red Adams has floated the idea of housing migrants in “private residences.”

-I think we fought a war over illegal quartering in 1776, if I recall.

16) Tim “Bankster” Scott’s appearance on The View ends in embarrassment because he acted like a traditional Republican.

17) Predictable: In 2020, Kollyfornia changed the insurance language on its double mastectomies for gender-crazed females from “cosmetic” to “reconstructive” to remove age limits so they could mutilate children.

18) Nick Knack Haley says a win for the Ukes is a win for all of us.

-Er, Nick Knack, I don’t have any illicit laundered money in Ukraine. So, no.



19) Most corporations continue their homosexual/transoid spooge policies despite boycotts.

20) Bud Light sales staff are on the receiving end of “middle fingers” and see their commissions take a huge hit.

21) West Coast states have some of the highest unemployment in the country.

22) 30-year mortgage rates are up 143% under Rutabaga, with more Fed hikes to come.

23) Yikes! Popsicle, Burger King, GM, Firestone, IBM, Tesla, John Hancock, and MANY more are foreign-owned??

24) Speaking of GM, it will invest $1 billion in two Flint, Michigan plants.

25) They actually think this is a win: Disney’s “Gay Days” gets a bumper turnout in defiance of Ron DeSantis with “thousands.” But then you read, “Host hotel reservations were slower than usual.”

-This repels people and will alienate even the “tolerant” sorts.

26) Like the rest of Groomer City (SF), a new pizza startup Zume shut down after raising $445 million.

-Folks, PLEASE “buy Larry a coffee” at the link below. If I raise just 1/100th of that, I can make a whole video series from Patriot’s History of the United States.

27) A couple with a $600,000 budget says they are “demoralized” because they can’t find a house.

-Where are they looking, Manhattan? The Hamptons? $600,000 will get you an estate in Maricopa or Bullhead City, AZ.



28) Larry Johnson: the Ukes are “going kamikaze” with their futile attacks.

29) A shift in Uke war reporting: in this report, only 2 soldiers out of a battalion had survived since Kherson. “Killed . . . killed . . . killed . . .wounded,” says the soldier swiping through photos.

30) Another instance of shifting reporting in the Uke war: “This may be Ukraine’s only chance to liberate its occupied territory,” says the . . .  Wait for it . . . Daily Mail??

31) Oh? “Neo-Nazis in Ukraine may be a problem after all.” From the New York Slimes.



32) U.S. officials say they have retrieved a craft of “intergalactic” origins.



33)  Legendary rock and roll station Live 105 to return to the airwaves.

-It apparently will be the only business still operating in Groomer City.

34) Spotify has laid off 200 people from its podcasting team.

35) Kanye West seems to have a bizarre effect on his wives/girlfriends who wear these ridiculous outfits after dating him.

-Now, that used to happen to me; then I found out they were really trying to change their appearance so I didn’t recognize them.



36) And finally, Colombia’s “cocaine hippo” population is even bigger than scientists thought.

-Lizzo objects to the allegation she comes from Columbia and insists she only uses fentanyl...



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