The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Interesting piece by the esteemed Jack Cashill: was the entire “Muh Russia” hoax all because Deep Stroke was trying to impress Pageboy?

2) RFK Jr. Has been blocked/banned by Instagram.

-I’m serious here: representatives from Team Trump and Team Kennedy should arrange a JOINT town hall (agree to ban discussion/questions of guns/abortion) and get 50+ million viewers.

3) Another DemoKKKrat charged with vote fraud. Notice I can never find any stories about REPUBLICANS charged with election crimes. And I look.

4) State Farm Insurance is not selling home insurance in Kollyfornia anymore because of the state’s idiotic fire policies.

5) DemoKKKrats are starting to lose ground in New York, says Politico.

6) A little-known USSC case coming this month will say a lot about whether the state can harass individuals and companies (New York, of course, attacking, an anti-immigration website).

7) Jennifer Sey asks if this is the “Medication Generation?” Her argument seems to be supported by Jean Twenge’s detailed analysis of the generations, Generations, which details the high levels of depression in America. However, Twenge ties this more to low income caused by a lack of blue-collar jobs, not early over-medication.

-Good argument to have.

8) I dunno: “The people doing the most damage to America are the Mainstream Media.” Up there, but I’d say terrorist DemoKKKrats, which includes some of the Hoax News Media.

9) The FascistBI has caved, and Smarmy Wray will hand over the Hunter Biteme docs.

-As if Congress can get Grand Moff Garland to indict this living diverticulitis bubble.

10) The FascistBI shielded two firms tied to the ChiCom regime that holds U.S. voter data in mainland Chy-na.

Kanekoa Releases The Konnech Files: FBI Shielded Two Firms Tied to Chinese Communist Regime That Holds US Voter Data in Mainland China

11) Jesse Morgan, the truck driver who said he drove 288,000 ballots in the 2020 election to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, from New York, was ordered to unload his ballots in Lancaster, even though they were supposedly Harrisburg ballots. His trailer vanished.

-Were the ballots part of Rutabaga’s “81 million (phantom) votes?”

12) Benghazi-by-the-Lake really lived up to its nickname this weekend, with 50 shot and 10 dead.



13) How ESG fecal pollution is affecting most major corporations and how the Bud Light backlash terrifies them. (Hint: They are trying to serve two masters, and as Jesus said, will find they can only serve one).

14) American Airlines, struggling with a pilot deficit (thanks, vax!), has grounded 150 flights nationwide.

15) Wolf Richter argues that job growth has recovered somewhat, and the number of multiple jobholders declined slightly.

Long View of Job Growth by Industry. And the “Multiple Jobholders” Question

16) A new book by Michael Lind argues cheap labor has destroyed Western societies.

17) Elon Musk says Tar-Gay will face shareholder revolts and suits.

18) Boo hoo. Student loan borrowers are about to be thrown back into repayment, and “the economy will suffer”—especially if the Supes strike down Rutabaga’s debt cancellation.

-I say, let it suffer. If this is the result of forcing people to pay their debts, fine.



19) It looks like the BRICS countries and OPEC have had it with Western liars, er, journalists, banning three Western media organizations from their meetings.

20) Sweden has become a “Gangsta’s Paradise”: 20% of the population is foreign, and in Stockholm alone (“Benghazi-by-the-Soderstrom”), there are 52 gangs.

21) A deadly train crash in India has killed 280 and injured 900.

22) Ireland, rapidly seeking entrance into TASS (the Totalitarian Anal-Spooge States), is looking at a mass slaughter of cows to reduce atmospheric plant food.

-And there actually is a book called “How Ireland Saved Western Civilization.” HAH!

23) U.S. Allies are abandoning us just two years after Trump leaves.

24) There are several tsunamis about to collide, including low profits for shippers, record lows at the Panama Canal, huge dislocation of shipping from West Coast to East, and West Coast port shutdowns due to labor issues.

25) File under: “One More Reason Holland Never Became Great.” Holland is now trying to keep Islamic immigrants from stealing bikes . . . by offering them $20 bikes. So what happens if they steal cars?

Dutch Try to Keep Muslim Migrants From Stealing Bikes by Offering Them $20 Bikes

26) Officials say 25% of Uke bomb shelters are unusable or locked.

-Maybe there is money stashed down there?

27) Rocket Man and the NORKs have been granted a position on the World Health Organization’s Executive Board. Truly the inmates are running the asylum.

North Korea Earns Seat on WHO Executive Board Despite Abysmal Human Rights Record

28) A just-discovered vial of oil in Rome revealed that Romans smelled like hippies.

-Which I guess is to say they smelled like Patchouli oil, weed, and urine.



29) The Human Planet, known as Lizzo, says “fat shaming” is making her hate the world.

-Well, I’m sure in many places, it’s reciprocal. Seriously, every time I see this woman, I think of Jon Pinette’s great comedy routines on Chinese buffets: “No buffet for you! You heah fo-awh howah! YOU GO NOW.”

30) And here it comes: X-box partnering with the homosexual/transoids.

31) Over 4,000 were baptized at an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the “Jesus Revolution.”

32) The City of Miami Beach has sued Sarah Morris, an internationally acclaimed artist after her public artwork installation fell apart months after it was unveiled.

-“Longevity? We don’t need no stinkin’ longevity.”

33) Mark Wahlberg announces plans to create Hollywood 2.0 in Nevada, away from Hollywood’s corruption and overall spooge.

-Love it, but Markie-Mark: the problem ain’t creation of content. The problem is distribution. We need a Christian/conservative Harvey Weinstein.

34) New Kabul says that Penn Station is no longer compatible with Madison Square Garden due to the latter’s need to expand loading arrangements.

-Gee, New Kabul is really gonna miss that revenue.



35) Most American adults are refusing the China Virus boosters. Finally.

36) Good. The China Virus Vax (thanks, Dr. Fallacy) has now made it “nearly impossible” to pass new Vax rules.



37) And finally, Churchill Downs has suspended all races as 12 horses have died at the track over a five-week period.

-Just asking for a friend. Were they giving the horses the China Virus Vax too?



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