The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) FINALLY! One of the great Patriot Day (J6) reporters, Julie Kelly, has received FULL access to the Capitol footage. Whatever is out there, it won’t be censored by Faux News or hidden behind “deals” anymore.

2) Yeah, this is the way to launch your political campaign. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says he might run for president after warning of more rate hikes.

3) Hunter Biteme is being funded by a globalist fungalfecal named Kevin Morris.

Meet Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s Newest Caretaker

4) Months later, Kollyfornia will now send $95 million to flood victims who are “undocumented” and don’t qualify for federal flood relief.


5) Speaking of demonic, the new mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake is blaming Memorial Day Weekend violence on “community disinvestment and poverty.” Hey, fecalspooge: blame Zero. He’s the one building a useless presidential library in the middle of the hood, “disinvesting” cuz no one will go there.

Chicago’s New Mayor Blames Memorial Day Weekend Violence in the City on ‘Community Disinvestment and Poverty’

6) In other Benghazi-by-the-Lake news, an “anti-theft” Walgreens there has just two aisles of touchable merchandise.

7) Some 10,000 photos from Hunter Biteme’s laptop have been released online after redacting the “genitalia.”

8) Here is a good synopsis of the eight main threats from AI: really, they boil down to three. Weaponization in ways we don’t know about but “Skynet” type retaliation as well, including “power-seeking behavior” and “emergent goals” (i.e., the old, “Must kill people to protect them”; information/deception/proxy gaming; and enfeeblement of humans by doing their jobs and/or locking in value for the rich and powerful.

9) A retired NYPD sergeant helped ChiCom spies stalk dissidents and threaten to kill their wives and kids unless they returned to the homeland.

10) Good for her. The “fastest girl in Connecticut,” Chelsea Mitchell, is suing the state after losing to transoid men.

11) File under “If they’re so rich, why aren’t they smart?” One of Benghazi-by-the-Lake’s wealthiest men has a plan for stopping violence there (“violence intervention programs.”)

-Q: What happens when the “violence-interveners” are shot?

12) File under “Some drone did something,” as a USAF drone trained to kill targets attacked the operator instead.

-“I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t let you use me like that.”

13) Where we are in society: a woman fired after coming in late 47 times was awarded $11.25 million in a “racism” lawsuit. (NOTE: New Kabul, lawlessness capital of the USA).

Woman Fired After Showing Up Late to Work 47 Times Awarded $11.25 Million in Racism Lawsuit

14) Rutabaga falls onstage after wandering aimlessly.

-No sympathy, no mercy for this evil clotdropper.

WATCH: Biden Wanders Aimlessly, Struggles To Find Stage Before Air Force Speech

15) Dee-Santis or “Deh-Santis? His team won’t say.”



16) Rutabaga’s economy unravels as Challenger’s job cuts soar almost 287%.

Biden’s Economy: Challenger Job Cuts Soar 286.7% YoY In May As M2 Money Growth Collapses

17) Mortgage rates have re-spiked to 7%.

That was Fast: Mortgage Rates Re-Spike to 7% Range as it Sinks in that the Fed Won’t Cut Rates “Anytime Soon,” Mortgage Applications Plunge to 1995 Levels. Even Investors Pull Out

18) And the ISM manufacturing index in May fell to 46.9, the seventh straight month of contraction.

Biden’s Economy! ISM Manufacturing In May Falls To 46.9, 7th Straight Month Of Contraction (McCarthy Surrenders To Biden And Allows 2 Years Of Uncontrolled Spending And Debt)

19) Bud Light has fallen from the #1 spot.

20) Speaking of epic fails, Tar-Gay stock has now fallen yet again, to $131 a share, or down another 3 points from yesterday when it hit a three-year low.



21)  Heavy sea ice has forced a Russkie icebreaker on a long southerly voyage.

-Here’s the dirty little secret: since 2007 (1/3 of the satellite record), sea ice has been steady. No decrease. But for 2022 and 2023, monthly averages have been higher than the period 2010-2020. Oops.

22) Ukraine’s falling birth rates amid the war with Russia worries doctors. I’m sure it worries the Uke military, too, although it’ll be hard to “age up” 18 years in time to stop the Russkies.

23) Apparently, Japan’s supreme court has a John Roberts, as it just said the government’s policy against same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

-And so the decline begins.

24) “Some people did something.” A former Polish foreign minister has thanked the U.S. for blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline.

25) Apparently, all the feral youts from Benghazi-by-the-Lake took a vacation to Bournemouth Beach in England as a weaponized brawl broke out among 50 of the peaceful celebrants.

26) A Brit tourist was killed after being run over by a tram in Barcelona. Are you sure his name wasn’t “Gaudi?”



 27) A celebrity gossip columnist says actor Jamie Foxx suffered a stroke shortly after getting the China Virus vax.

28) Steve Hilton is the latest MAGA star on Faux News to be canceled.



29) And finally, former model star Christie Brinkley (age 69) says she will still pose in a bikini.

-Who am I to argue?


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