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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow June 1, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) Reeling from his botched debt negotiations, Kevin McCarthy has given the Patriot Day J6 tapes to John Solomon who will begin reporting.

2) And in more good news, Smarmy Wray blinked, and will let Comer see the Rutabaga’s bribery file, but Comer says “Not enough.”

-Finally, Rs are leaning how to play the game.

3) Mike Tuppence, the Betrayer, with his 1% support, has launched a presidential campaign.

4) A group of 21 Republican states have joined a lawsuit against a school’s plan for encouraging transoidism without notifying parents.

5) Approval of same-sex marriage stalled, even fell a bit.


6) Benghazi-by-the-Lake’s City Council approved $51 million in illegal criminal crisis funding. As if that anal-cavity of a city doesn’t have real issues to spend money on.

7) While “Ridgefest” has become the latest event to be canceled in Benghazi-by-the-Lake due to feral analbuckets taking over events.

8) A dispute that started when a teacher in Tennessee snatched a cross necklace from a student was resolved with an apology.

-The clear message was not to “mess with the faith of our kids.”

9) Facing a sweltering summer and his own pus-guzzling anti-energy policies, the brilliant Gavin Gruesome floated a plan for Kollyfornia to buy energy.

-Oh, so other states have to “pollute” for you to survive, ya analdipper?

10) So an eating disorder helpline used AI that gave humans harmful advice, after firing the humans for costing too much.

-I’m not sure, but I think the AI said three cartons of Haagen Daase was just fine to lose weight with.

11) Speaking of wonderful advice from machines, Hawaiian tourists followed their GPS right into the water and sank their van.

12) The hits just keep on comin’: Jeffrey (he-didn’t-kill-himself) Epstein continued to “entertain” up to seven young girls a day and was so obsessed with their teeth that he had a dentist chair installed in his mansion.



13) Chicago’s PMI plummeted, marking the longest contraction since 2008.


14) The president of Giant Foods says he might shutter stores due to the surge in shoplifting: theft has risen at least tenfold in five years.

15) Bud Light now on the verge of losing its title as the best-selling US beer as sales fell another 25.7% in the biggest weekly decline yet.

16) While the shares of Bud Light’s parent company are down 20%.

17) And in Tar-Gay world, the company lost $12.5 billion in value as its so-called “diversity” chief said “white women” should take action against systemic racism.

-Sink this mo-fo, ladies.



18) Ugandan students from 13 universities protest Rutabaga’s sanctions threats: “We don’t want your pro-gay money.”

-Good for you guys.


19) The U.S., which is broke, sent $1.3 billion to Chy-na, the Russkies for “gender equality,” cat experiments and, of course, more Wuhan lab research.

20) Looks like someone has found Jesus, so to speak, as Britain’s PM Rishi Sunak is urging all Euro leaders to make ending illegal immigration their number one priority.



21) So I guess there won’t be a reunion of “The Ranch” cast as Danny Masterson was found guilty of raping two women in a second trial.

22) Major League Baseball players blast the Dodgers pro-homosexual/transoid days and drag promotions as promoting hate for Christians. Which it does.



23) The song “Boycott Target” hits #1 on iTunes.





24) Researchers have discovered Chimno, the “youth gene.” 1) How can I get some before my next nap, and 2) How is this different from the Chinos gene?



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