The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 31, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) Much needed! President Trump’s campaign is fundraising for a ballot harvesting operation in battleground states.

2) The entire transoid craze leads to one group, as do most lunatic movements.

3) A text Jim Biteme sent to Hunter suggests (as we all knew) that Rutabaga was in on their ChiCom business plans.

4) A trove of uncovered emails shows Jeffrey (he-didn’t-kill-himself) Epstein was in contact with the world’s elite after being jailed for being a sex offender: those scheduled to meet with HDKH included Chris Rock, Richard Branson, Wendi Murdoch, and Peter Thiel.

5) Boston University will require students to take “Social Justice” writing courses.

-You know what would be real social justice? If all of these people met Ancien Regime-type endings, if you catch my drift.

6) Texas legislators voted to dismantle the DEI infrastructure at all public universities. Good. Now fire all those lubespooger nutjobs running the departments.

7) How Mike Tuppence stabbed President Trump in the back on the China Virus, getting rid of Tom Price and installing Alax Azar, a former president of Lilly.

8) Kudos to this courageous woman for reclaiming her daughter from the clutches of the transoid agenda.

COMMENT: There have been a ton of stories that I try not to report beginning with so and so “considers” impeaching Wray, or “intends to” or “mulls” or “may” or “plans to” or “could” or any number of other non-action words. This is clickbait clattertrap and does not involve actual ACTION. Until someone is arrested, it is meaningless.



9) Even a Christian company such as Chick-Fil-A has been pressured into hiring a veep of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

-No, no, no. Do not hire these people. They will destroy your companies.

10) The Case-Shiller 20 Metro Home Index goes negative.

11) David Blackmon lists many of the 150 ways Rutabaga has hurt America.

12) He provides a link for all 150 here, but it’s a subscription.

-I dunno. I can probably think of 100 more by myself.

13) Elon Musk says commercial real estate is in a meltdown and that home prices are about to crash.

14) U.S. consumer confidence has fallen again in May, the fourth time in five months.

-Thanks, Rutabaga.

15) Are the Walton heirs forsaking the left? An arts center they fund has canceled the drag shows for kids.

-Yeah, one very small victory. But watch out.

16) Shocked, I tell ya! Utilities in Kollyfornia may not be able to supply power to the “all-electric” homes.

-But, in case you didn’t know, that was their goal all along.

17) I really love this one. Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes arrives at a Texas prison to begin an 11-year sentence.



18) Are climate whackadoodles finally getting cold feet? Some Euros think so.

19) China’s troubled economy: a fading recovery reveals deep economic issues.

20) How Norway drove out its wealthy.

-Gee, sounds like New York or Kollyfornia.



21) The Groomer Kingdom, Disneyland, has hired a grown man with a mustache in a dress to greet little girls at Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique.

-This company must be driven under.

22) Speaking of this horrid company, it looks like the “Little Mermaid” remake could lose $100 million, despite horrible global sales.

-Transoid whackos are upset that Disney didn’t actually cast a drag queen for Ursala.

23) Faux Prime is down 1 million viewers per night after booting the Tuckster.

24) Did the vax strike again? Miss Bikini Ireland Judy Fitzgerald died “unexpectedly” at age 32.

25) Universal Music is set to buy Queen’s catalog for $1 billion, the largest deal in music history.

-They offered us nearly that much for our four “Rampage” songs back in the day, but we couldn’t be bought.



26) Shocked I tell ya! Most of those infected at the CDC conference on the China Virus were vaxxed.

27) Annnnd the vaxxes cause the immune system to weaken as shown in the latest peer-reviewed study.



28) While not exactly news, it’s worth noting that sometimes people just know they are destined for greatness. A new biography of Winston Churchill, Churchill, Walking With Destiny by Andrew Roberts, noted the following prediction from the great man:

     “This country will be subjected, somehow, to a tremendous invasion, by what means I do not know, but I tell you I shall be in command of the defenses of London and I shall save London and England from disaster . . . . I repeat, London will be in danger and in the high position I shall occupy, it will fall to me to save the capital and save the empire.”

-He said that, not in 1941 or 1931, but in 1891 . . . when he was 16.

Winston Churchill photos: Churchill at school



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