The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 29, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) We have a debt ceiling deal, allowing the Fed to continue to print money til 2025 by raising the debt

2) The two pushbacks by the Trump U.S. Supreme Court last week not only brought out all the nutjob spiddlewhickle tantrums by leftists, such as this one here . . . .

3)  . . . but also should remind us of what would have happened if Cankles had won, here, showing how easy it is to forget what a giant asteroid hit we missed in 2016.

4) Now Mayor Eric The Red Adams wants to suspend New Kabul’s “right to shelter” rule because, well, they can’t shelter all the illegal criminals coming across the border to the Big Apple that they just picked.

5) Our own Wendi Mahoney reports on the “catastrophic” loss of control data breach in New York elections.

6) Vote fraud convictions result in light sentences. But walking through the Capitol Building will getcha 18 years.

7) What a difference a real DA makes, as in Groomer City.

8) Texas AG Ken Paxton was impeached by the GOP-controlled state house, reflecting the RINO/MAGA battle in that state.

9) What is going on in Katie Hobbs’ office? (Easy: The Hobbit is horribly corrupt and stupid. Bad combo).

10) Showing that going anti-Trump buys you no favor from leftoid feral youts, graduates booed Liz Clusterbomb Cheney and turned their backs on her as she delivered a commencement address at a lib Colorado college. (Is there any other kind?)

11) And where would we be without a tale of the peaceful and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake, where a mere 43 people were shot, and only nine died. So bucolic.

12) But neighboring Milwaukee trying to catch up with two killed and eight wounded.

13) The former Cruz Crew, Jeff Roe and Ken Cuccinelli plan a 2,600 campaign spending blast for canvassers in the first four primary states (possibly in the neighborhood of $39 million).

14) While DeSantis’s adviser and head of his polling firm who devised the “never back down” slogan . . . just backed down and quit.



15) Tar-Gay shares have fallen following the “pride” push.

16) Tar-Gay has donated to a group that promotes secret gender transitions. Who woulda guessed?

17) Meanwhile, Bud Light has now dropped $16 billion in market value.

-Thank you, sir may I have another!

18) Rutabaga’s green new regulatory agenda has run afoul of the Supes.

19) When climate scientists are actually sociologists.

20) U.S. core inflation rose in April to 4.7%.

21) And thanks to Rutabaga’s fine economy, an average family of four needs a minimum of $85,000 annual income just to get by.

22) And another idiot wokester company wants to allow itself to be vandalized into nothingness. Lululemon fired two employees that confronted masked robbers.



23) Japan is boldly igniting a national fusion revolution.

24) Incumbent Turkish President Erdogan declared victory in Turkey. This is how Trump should have done it. Sorry, counting’s over. Course, his military & FascistBI would not go in and stop the count like Erdogan’s did.

25) How Greece got its groove back with Supply Side economics.

26) Finland went from an energy shortage to negative power prices.

-How? (Just one nuke reactor was all it took).



27) The Dodgers have a Groomer problem.

28) George Maharis, who starred in the cult classic “Route 66,” dead at age 94.



29) Steve Kirsch says there is proof of malicious manipulation of data to support their agenda.

30) The FDA detects serious safety signal for the China Virus vax.

31) Over 300 China Virus papers were withdrawn for not meeting standards of scientific soundness: in other words, they were claiming the China Virus was responsible for deaths that it wasn’t related to.



32) Actress Hanoi Jane Fonda, who is rumored to be over 200 years old, says white men are to blame for the climate crisis and calls for them to be arrested and jailed.

-Tell you what, anyone who would cuddle up to this dino-gina should def be arrested and jailed before he can spread the gonorrheinsanity to any other male human.



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