The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 25, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) In an inauspicious debut, Ron DeSantis announced his presidential run (shock! shock!) on Twitter Spaces, which repeatedly crashes.

2) Good article addressing why companies need to purge “woke” from their administration and management. Clue: They can’t.

3) Why isn’t the rise of the “nones” (no particular religion) helping the DemoKKKrats more? (“Nones” and Christians have basically switched parties in the last 20 years).

4) A second Rutabaga judicial pick has withdrawn from consideration, apparently “not qualified,” according to the liberal American Bar Association. You know, sorta like Rutabaga himself.

5) Niiiiice. Black Looters Matter lost millions in 2022.

6) And more good news as Planned Parenthood announced layoffs due to Dobbs.

7) A senior FBI official admitted he hadn’t read the Sloth Durham report.

-Why should he read it? He lived it.

8) The exodus from Benghazi-by-the-Lake is about to get worse.

-Why? Is Cankles moving there?

9) Lib writer Noah Smith argues, “Degrowth is bad.” Correct. Tell that to DemoKKKrat blue city mayors who are doing everything they can to kill their cities.

10) While Groomer City (SF) declines into bedlam: someone throws a brick at the mayor when he announces a crackdown on drugs (no pun intended).

11) The same lugielugger D.C. cop who beat an innocent Trump supporter nearly to death on Patriot Day (J6) was spotted hanging out with the DC fascist so-called Antifa leader during the June 2020 riots.

12) Some 160 retired military brass urged Congress to root out the DoD’s poisonous “woke” programs.

-Good luck. They don’t care about you. They are out to make the military as weak as possible so the ChiComs win easily.

13) The Department of INJustice mysteriously downgraded charges against a “white supremacist” who rammed the White House barricade after it was learned he wasn’t white, nor was he a U.S. citizen. Oops.



14) David Blackmon reviews the “state of the transition” based on what execs said were the biggest barriers to “fossil free.”

-Lack of tech is a big one, but customers just won’t pay is #1.

15) Looks like Tar-Gay has removed all items from the Satanic “queer” designer Abprallen from its website.

-Gee, this can’t be reacting to “violent confrontations,” as Tar-Gay dishonestly said, if it was on the website.

16) Speaking of corporate collapse, “Nobody imagined it would go on this long,” but JP Morgan Chase says that the Anheuser-Bush boycott is continuing and getting worse and that the company has lost $15.7 billion since April 1.

17) The mortgage market declined 3.5% from the previous week, and purchase demand is down 30% from the previous year.

18) And now North Face partnering with the transoids to sell kiddie clothes. These all need to be bankrupted, and the CEOs horsewhipped.

19) While the beer industry is in shock that the Bud Light backlash continues as an expert warns of supply shortages in rival beers.



20)  More Uke lies, as U.S. military equipment was used to attack Russia directly.

21) A French estimate puts Uke losses at 40-60% of all Uke forces trained by the French.

-Not sure that speaks well of the French.

22) While Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin says, “We fought in Bakhmut against superior forces, destroyed about 50,000 Ukrainian [troops] and wounded up to 70,000.”

-So even if you cut those numbers in half, that’s a severe loss to the Ukes.

23) France has banned short-haul flights where trains are available.



24) Tina Turner, the original superwoman and the Queen of Rock and Roll, died today at age 83.

-You, indeed, will “keep on rollin’.”

25) By the way, did you know she lived in Switzerland in a 260,000-square-foot estate of 10 buildings ($76 million) with her second husband Erwin Bach, her husband of 38 years?



26) And finally, in Arizona, we have a war on tamales. That’s right, the Hobbit governor vetoed a bill to allow street vendors to sell tamales—which they are already doing on the black market. Hobbit said it would “risk foodborne illness.”

-Nope. But it would risk flamin’ Zapata’s revenge if you put some of Arizona’s famous “Stinger ‘n’ Linger” XXX Habanero on it. I will testify that stuff can take the paint off a car or the makeup off Dylan Mulvany!


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