The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 15, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart




1) A Rasmussen poll shows that 69% think Rutabagagate is a serious scandal, 63% say “payola” was involved.

2) Trump, citing a tornado warning, canceled his Iowa appearance, leading Team DeSantis to claim his crowd wasn’t large enough. Later shots of weather reports confirmed the tornado warning.

3) Coming from the Nation of all places: “Have the DemoKKKrats become the party of the Rich?” Well, yeah. You just noticing?

4) Blue state hellholes continue to collapse into the giant pus bowl.

-Now mail delivery is halted in parts of Rain City (Seattle) because of vandalism and theft.

5) Zero’s five biggest mistakes. Nope, not even close. His biggest mistake was in taking racism, which was virtually gone in America, and reigniting it into a major issue.

6) In New Mogadishu (Minneapolis), the ferals turn a simple meeting into a free-for-all requiring the cops, whom they wanted to defund.

7) Cong. Nancy Mace told Steve Bannon that the investigation into Hunter Biteme showed evidence of a sex ring operation.

8) New York Broome County has issued an exec order banning hotels from accepting asylum seekers from New Kabul (NYC).

9) There apparently is insanity fueling the RDS campaign: “DeSantis team claims Trump supporters will switch.”

-Wow. I mean, just wow. How out of touch can you get?

10) A court blocked Rutabaga from releasing illegals into the US without court dates. Fine, but so what if they have a “court date” that they just miss?

11) Yale research showed what we already knew, that liberals are more racist than conservatives.

12) Bobby Kennedy, sounding like Donald Trump, says he would make the border “impervious” if elected.

13) A flesh-eating “zombie drug” is saturating the streets of New Calcutta (LA).

14) In Benghazi-by-the-Lake, citizens whine about turning a closed school into a refuge for illegal criminals.

-Why? You poodlesniffers voted for this time and again? Suck it.

15) Whoever is advising Gov. Ron DeSantis is doing him no favors. His new tour bus looks uncannily like a case of Bud Light.

16) The left is trying to erase mothers. Yep. That’s because transoids and homosexuals cannot be mothers.

17) Critical Race Theory has a “scholarship problem,” as in, since it won’t even accept outside critics, it cannot be validated.

18) The House voted yes on the Secure Border Act. Two Rs voted against it. There are concerns that e-verify will be used against employers to fire innocent people. Robert Barnes raises good cautions about this (think Patriot Act).

19) Brutal new research shows how gubment ruined higher education; from the student debt crisis to socializing higher ed, government meddling made things worse.

20) While a professor says “junk citations” have created “distrust” in academic research (i.e., citing references that are “wrong, irrelevant, misleading, corrupt, uninformative, useless, or purely rhetorical.”

-Dang dude. You didn’t leave me with much. What about my opinion?

21) Wow. Even AP is warning about the threat to elections from AI.

22) The useless diddlepickle governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, is barnstorming the state preaching that killing babies is good for the economy.

23) While the equally useless yamstamper Kansas governor has vetoed funding for abortion alternative centers. Horrible, horrible people.

24) And our weekly news from the tranquil and bucolic Benghazi-by-the-Lake as 14 were shot, only 3 fatally in a rather calm weekend (may be revised upwards for Sunday night)



25) Theft is rampant at a downtown Groomer City Target store: “at least 10 times a day.”

So move. No one except pedos and criminals should live in Groomer City.

26) David Blackmon, Rutabaga’s energy regulatory onslaught has shifted into high gear.

27) No rent is being paid on 20% of U.S. office space.

28) Despite 7% inflation, the Social Security COLA could actually fall in 2024 to about a 3% increase.



 29) Two leading UK pro-war newspapers admit that the “shock and awe” sanctions have failed.

30) China continues to tighten its grip on Latin America, building a Space Station while Rutabaga and his useless effeminate generals worry about woke labeling and transoid tanks.

31) Now a majority of Germans oppose Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

32) Russkie missiles hit an ammo dump in Khmelnytsky that set off Brit depeleted uranium tank shells, irradiating the area.



33) Netflix’s “Queen Cleopatra,” which portrays Cleopatra as black, has received horrible reviews on “Rotten Tomatoes” and generated backlash from the nation of Egypt, whose culture celebrates here as GREEK.



33) A judge ordered the speedup of the release of China Virus vax trial data from 23 years to 2. How about NOW?

34) A nine-year-old boy has been denied a kidney transplant to save his life because he doesn’t have a China Virus vax.


35) This is the headine: “Steak for breakfast, chocolate every day, and swap prosecco for tequila. How you can get a toned midriff by summer.”

-And the answer is, “don’t do any of those things and ya got a shot. Especially if you go on an 800 calorie a week diet and do three thousand crunches a day.



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