QTP Sends Build-A-Queer Kits Sent to Minors Without Parental Consent

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  • 09/19/2023

A Florida-based Trans activist group called the Queer Trans Project (QTP) "secretly shipped dozens of weapons and hundreds of sex-change kits to children in 45 states across the country," according to reporting from the Epoch Times. The "build-a-queer kits" contain artificial male genitalia, breast binders, condoms, Tampax, tucking tape, and more. The "Trans Self-Defense Kits" were sent out by Thorn, a group promoting a "self-defense project based in Chicago that works to arm and protect Black & Brown trans folks." Those kits allegedly contained "a knife, taser, steel baton, pepper spray and instructions on how to use each weapon." Priority was given to black prostitutes for the weapons kits, according to QTP founder Cielo Sunsarae.

No parental consent was required to receive the kits. Sunsarae is featured in a video describing how minors can evade parental knowledge of a request for the kits in the name of "privacy." Sunsarae suggests several options for minors; obtaining a P.O. Box, requesting that kits be sent to a friend, family member, or teacher's address, putting someone else's name on the package, having packages held at the post office, or adding tracking to the kits to intercept more easily from parents.

The website states that over 900 "Build-a-Queer" kits have been sent out nationwide. They say they are "overwhelmed" with orders. The kits for both Transmasculine and "Transfeminine" individuals feature "binders for anyone," trans tape, bras, underwear, and artificial male genitalia called the "Easy Squeezy Soft 4-inch Soft Packer," depending on individual needs. The organization has a "VIP Cutie text club" that individuals can join to be notified about new items and restocks. BIPOC individuals get 30 minutes early "stress-free" access to texts and shopping deals.


Gender-affirming body modifications like chest binding and tucking can interfere with good health. Rashes, itching, and testicular and penile pain are all common side effects, according to a recent survey.

Epoch Times investigation cited a National Library of Medicine study that, "in at least one case, tucking temporarily damaged male fertility." Epoch Times also stated that "tucking can cause urinary tract infections, urine flow problems, and twisted testicles, and can cut off circulation to the genitals, according to Oregon Health and Science University."

Build-a-Queer Kits for Kids

The kits also contain books, stickers, games, and other materials that appeal to younger audiences. Kit materials and video content can be viewed on the Queer Trans Project Instagram or TikTok accounts. Sunsarae's TikTok account has almost 75k followers. Featured are graphic videos showing the results of "top surgeries" and videos of the recovery process. There is also content offering tutorials of individuals injecting Testosterone.

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Travel and Immigration? We've Got You Covered

In addition to its kits, the organization also offers help with the costs of travel for gender-affirming care treatments. Called the Gender-Affirming Care Flights program, the program partners with a volunteer pilot network that "anonymously flies people in private aircraft at no cost to access gender-affirming care." The site also features a blog covering sex education, suggestions for LGBTQ Shows and Movies, community articles, and important updates for the LGBTQ+ community. QTP is two years old, and its mission is to provide "gender-empowering resources to LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide." The site boasts of having "distributed $6,000 in gender-affirming care dollars to Black trans people in addition to the kits."

QTP partners with Translifeline, an organization that has raised over $1.5 million for individuals, including minors, in the trans community. They supply "microgrants" for official name changes, "incarcerated trans folks," and Gender Affirming Hair Removal for "folks who experience transmisogyny, the specific oppression directed towards people perceived as transfeminine. This includes trans women, trans femmes, Two Spirit people, and trans & gender non-conforming people who were assigned /assumed male at birth—but is not limited to these labels!" Microgrants are also set aside for Hormone Replacement Therapy in partnership with FOLX Health.

Translifeline Microgrants


Translifeline also partners with NGOs that provide immigration services. The organization distributed $101,000 to three organizations to "support immigration costs, including updating names on official documents, legal fees, and asylum processes."

Translifeline Immigration Aid/https://translifeline.org/microgrants/?__cf_chl_tk=AGXs0aucoZY2QWS4pTG_si5z7uHg1mhW0ExRqeK4j80-1683914511-0-gaNycGzNC6U

Sunsarae says he doesn't rely on the government for his grants. He says his organization is non-profit but doesn't "technically" have 501(c)(3) status, whatever that means. He said in a video interview that the government "can suck it because we are going to give [trans individuals] their resources anyway."

The Florida Board of Medicine banned sex change surgeries and treatments in 2022. The state is also in the process of considering a bill that would "grant courts state temporary emergency jurisdiction over a child who has been subjected to or is threatened with being subjected to sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures." According to reporting from Epoch Times, "lawmakers in 12 states have banned child sex-change procedures, while nineteen more states have similar bills moving through the process." However, the justice department is challenging legislation in several states, including Tennessee.

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