The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 10, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) The slimy Washington ComPost has called out the Rutabaga for being a media evader: fewer than 60 interviews in two years.

2) In the federal trial in New Kabul, President Trump was acquitted of rape and was liable for defamation. He will appeal, saying he has “absolutely no idea” who E. Jean Carroll is.

3) Melania Trump is fully behind The Donald’s 2024 bid, saying it would be a “privilege” to serve again.

4) Former FascistBI agents slam the agency for its efforts to shield Rutabaga.

-Sorry, people, this doesn’t stand the integrity test. Who among you “slammed” him while in rank? Who among you resigned in protest when Combover and Smarmy Wray turned your little club into a lawless Gestapo? You guys are no profiles in courage.

5) A proposition to decriminalize abortion and marijuana was destroyed, 3:1 in San Antonio.

6) While Phoenix, facing lawsuits from neighbors, cleared out its homeless camp. Send them to Botoxic’s house.

7) North Carolina medical schools see children as young as two for “gender dysphoria.” The sickest people in all these situations are the doctors and administrators.

8) Yep. It has been so all along: the transoids’ endgame is transhumanism so they can be “as gods.” Cuz that worked out so well the last time it was tried.

9) Florida will allow teachers to ban cell phones in classrooms. Good. Should be SOP.

10) Lying congressman George Santos of New York was charged by the INJustice Department for as of yet unknown crimes. I have no problem with serial liars being charged: now do the whole damn DemoKKKrat Party.

11) Here’s a new one: a judge cleared a transoid male who exposed himself in a female changing room because he was too fat and his fat covered his weenie.

12) Nice. The NCAA football champion Georgia Bulldogs turned down a White House invite.

13) The evil CIA fast-tracked a letter that falsely suggested the Hunter Biteme laptop was a Russian op.

14) A Nebraska high school track star died after collapsing during practice.

-But not the vax, I’m sure.

15) The upcoming Supreme Court case involving the “Chevron Deference” will have major implications for gun rights, particularly in reining in the ATF and other out-of-control agencies.



16) Intel is the latest tech company to face big layoffs.

17) Bud Light continues to circle the drain, with sales down 21.5% last week and down 23.4% compared to 2022. Other Anheuser-Busch brands hurting as well.

18) Rutabaga’s ridiculous new mortgage rule to give lower rates to people with worse credit ratings was quickly neutered by Peter Schiff, who advised, “Just miss a few payments, screw up your credit score.”

19) Has America’s “Atlas Shrugged” moment arrived? Elites and businesses are leaving the big cities, whose woke and destructive policies they created and supported.

20) Backlash builds against the $3 trillion “clean-energy” push.

21) Food prices up 44% under Rutabaga.

22) A Hardee’s franchise has filed for bankruptcy after shuttering 39 of its 108 stores due to rising costs.

23) Home prices fell 31% in the U.S., the highest in more than a decade, as the exodus continues from the blue-run West Coast goblin headquarters.

24) Homeless Highway 101 as ordinary people destroyed by the lockdowns and Rutabaga’s economy live in 135 motorhomes on the side of Route 101 in Kollyfornia.

-Hint: Leave Kollyfornia.



 25) Chileans have begun to draft a new constitution after conservatives kicked butt in the elections.



26) The Tuckster is moving his show to Twitter.

27) A Writers Guild hit squad is shutting down Hollywood one shoot at a time.

28) Joe Kapp, who led the Minnesota Vikings to the Superbowl, died at age 85.


And Finally...

29) We’ve heard of blue-pilled and red-pilled, but the FDA has approved the first pill containing human feces.

-Now we can all be brown-pilled.



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