The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow May 2, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart


1) DemoKKKrat pollster Mark Penn says, “don’t count Ron DeSantis out.”

2) Then, of course, there are the polls that say the opposite: Trump leads in an Emerson poll by 46%.

3) Bobby Kennedy, Jr. continues to gain ground, picking up another 3% (to 19%) against Rutabaga in only two weeks.

4) Tim Scott (“Senator Who?”) of South Carolina says he is ready for a “major announcement of a White House run.

-Sorry, Timmy, the job is taken by President Trump.

5) Maryland puckerplaster Senator Ben Cardin will retire.

-I wish every DemoKKKrat would follow his lead.

6) Beetlejuice, the former mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake, has begged Texas Governor Greg Abbott to stop sending illegals to her beautiful and peaceful burb.

-But you are a “sanctuary city?” As such, you should love and encourage illegals, ya biddlepuckit.

7) Speaking of the quiet and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake, over the weekend, another 27 were shot and 5 killed.

-So the city is pretty much back to its average of calm and agreeability.

8) The Supreme Court has unanimously (!!) rejected ethics complaints by DemoKKKrats against Justice Clarence Thomas.

-Perhaps they understand that it will never end with just Thomas.

9) Speaking of the Supes, this is huge: The Court will consider overruling the “Chevron Doctrine,” on which much of the Deep State is built. Folks, this was THE test question Bannon and the others prepared for the nominees to judge their willingness to demolish the Deep State/administrative state.

10) School violence is not just contained in blue semi-fascist states but has spread to Texas, where an assistant principal was attacked by a student mob and sent to the hospital.

11)  . . . and Georgia, where a high school teacher was hospitalized after a student attack.

12)  . . . and Florida, in a prior episode, where a student attacked a teacher for taking his little Nintendo Switch, it was discovered the so-called student had three prior charges.

13) . . . while in Kollyfornia, a high school football coach was shot after breaking up a fight, presumably among ferals who want to kill each other.

14) Meanwhile, lunatic socialist (but I repeat myself) Dinobernie says the gubment should confiscate all wealth over $999 million.

-I say, confiscate the home of anyone who has more than two, ya evil analpicker.

15) Some truth to this: 3/4 of Americans fault the news media for dividing the nation.

-Yes, that is their goal: but you fools bought it and still watch Hoax News.

16) Colorado now has a law that will prevent and hide information about medication abortion reversal associated with the drug mifepristone (you can’t prescribe progesterone, the hormone for a healthy pregnancy.)

-Time for a major avalanche in that state.

17) An expert says that it is “becoming normalcy” for the White House to feed the demented Rutabaga answers to press questions.

18) The demonic stew brewing in Oregon gets worse: now they want to decriminalize all homeless encampments and let homeless sue for $1000 if they are told to leave—like if they’re pooping in your front yard.



19) JPMorgan Chase has bought First Republic. Everyone cheers. Now, evil JPMorgan just consolidated a larger share of American banking. Everyone boos.

-Make up your friggin’ mind.

20) American Airlines pilots voted “overwhelmingly” to authorize a strike.

21) The ISM manufacturing index screams “stagflation.”



22) A major victory was achieved in Paraguay over the globalists and Klaus Schwab by the freedom party.

23) A Euro lawmaker says that the “15-minute cities” being foisted on the West would generate “complete impoverishment and enslavement of all the people.”

24) I dealt with this Friday, courtesy of the Duran, but “just one thing” is keeping Russkie warplanes from rampaging across Ukraine: Kiev’s dwindling air defenses.

-Why are they dwindling? Russkie attacks on the energy grid, which have to be defended.



 25) A former white sports editor has sued Gannett and the Democrat & Chronicle for racial discrimination.

26) Tim Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive is dead at age 71.

-Guess he’s takin’ care of business now.

27) Bud Lite accused of cowardice for turning off Youtube comments.

28) So Rupert Murdoch and his slimy son met with Green Screen Zelensky before firing the Tuckster, huh?



29) The FDA has rejected an expert petition on a re-labeling of the China Virus vax as federal research has confirmed its poor performance. False statements by Rochelle Walensky, Rutabaga, and Dr. Fallacy do NOT show “commonly held belief” that the vaxxes stop infections, says the agency . . . against all evidence and common sense.

30) Steve Kirsch: the Cleveland Clinic study shows that the more vaxxes you got, the more likely you were to get the China Virus.



31) “Nazi gold” turned out to be a WWII bullet, and a pair of boots after the hunt for lost loot in a Dutch village ended up in disappointment.

-This reminds me of when I received “secret” clearance from the USAF at Wright Patterson AFB—you know, where they “keep the alien bodies.” After investigations by the FBI and others, I was ready. Went into the secret room, and the Colonel brought a very thin envelope with one page in it. It had the names of two or three common metals that I was not to use together in public. I said, “Where are the alien bodies!!!!????” Alas, they apparently got to the Nazi gold first.



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