The show starts today with a quick rundown of what the TSA has done to innocent Americans who decided to travel to DC in a certain date range. Please make sure to click the article below. Then, we move into the rut at Fox News and discuss a few of the theories about Tucker’s departure, with a segway into media and the newest Twitter Files. After that, we highlight an amazing young man named “King Randall” who is empowering his community and facing the wrath of the left for doing so. As discussed, his Amazon Wish list is linked below – along with a link to the video we played and the articles we have written about his mission for UncoverDC. It was a jam-packed show today, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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Links We Discussed:

The TSA:

Are You a Domestic Terrorist? TSA Might Say Yes

Mises’ theory on Tucker

Amuse breaks some down:

King Randall:

King Randall: Black Communities Will Only Change If We Change Them Ourselves

Moving Mountains and Making Men: King Randall and “The X For Boys”

King Randall Amazon Wish List

The Twitter Files: