The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 24, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) A huge story, normally reserved for the economic section, but this has immense ramifications: Chile has announced it will nationalize its lithium industry (40% of all reserves in the world —#3). That alone is horrible: the Chileans could skyrocket the price of batteries to be prohibitive by that alone. But worse: Chile is contracting with the ChiComs, so we won’t get it anyway. (Psst: Argentina is #4 and Bolivia is another major lithium reserve. How long before the ChiComs take them over, economically speaking?)

2) Just one of the many problems with Boast ‘n’ Bragg’s case against President Trump: the Manhattan DA has no authority to enforce “federal campaign finance crimes,” even if they exist, says an ex-FEC commissioner.

3) Rutabaga will spend $1 billion that we do not have to advance “equitable access to trees.

-This demented moron is more evil than any demon in hell.

4) The National Institute of UnHealth is recruiting 18-year-olds to learn the “unknown” side effects of removing a boy’s testicles.

-You know, the Ottoman Turks tried this with the Janissaries, who ultimately overthrew one of the dictators.

5) Good. The Texas Senate passed a bill to allow state law enforcement officers to arrest illegals.

-Too bad they can’t pass a bill allowing the LEOs to arrest Rutabaga.

6) Not the Bee: Benghazi-by-the-Lake is instituting a feral yout riot alert system for, you know, when the disadvantaged need to express themselves by murdering and looting.

7) First colleges, now med schools are ditching standardized tests because of “diversity.”

-How long before you’re in the care of these guys?

8) Vote fraud in Benghazi-by-the-Lake? Impossible!

9) Texas is the latest state to seek to exit the ERIC voter database because it’s not safe or secure.

10) A myth no more: cranberry products DO prevent urinary tract infections for women. Ocean Spray stockholders elated!

11) We kinda guessed this: the feds have no data on how regulations reduce emissions.

-“They’re makin’ it up as they go along!”

12) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Claims the middle class was “systematically” wiped out under the China Virus lockdowns.

-Yep. Now blame Dr. Fallacy and your fine DemoKKKrat governors in MI, PA, NY, and CA.

13) Doug Sosnik on the “diploma divide’ in American politics.

14) An ex-CIA official said the Rutabaga’s campaign was behind a letter framing Hunter Biteme’s Laptop Story as “Russkie disinfo.”

15) Yikes! Two Utah homes valued at $2 million slid down a cliff after being built on unstable ground.

-Didn’t Jesus say something about a house’s foundations?

16) Konnech, Inc. Dropped its lawsuit against “True the Vote” coincidentally a day after Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips launched a website that housed important evidence on the case.



17) After teasing us for years, Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy following its dumping of MyPillow.

-Well, bye.

18) The future? Pleasants Power in WV is out of bidness due to the “carbon-free” ruling—but who will supply power, and at what cost?[/embed]

19) Furriners are saying this now, that the “flashing danger signals” in the U.S. economy mean a “disastrous fiscal event.”[/embed]

20) No, millennials aren’t “screwed” and aren’t that far behind other groups. Most of wealth differentials are due to a slightly later start from more of them going to college (home ownership not drastically down, etc).

21) The Bud Lite exec behind the transoid campaign, which cost the company upwards of $7 billion, took a “leave of absence.”

22) You’ve all heard of Kollyfornia’s light rail disaster, but an equally serious collapse is occurring in New Mogadishu (Minneapolis) as the light rail there is one of the most dangerous places in America with crime rates higher than other systems.

23) David Blackmon: the futility of energy transition in two illustrations. (We’d need wind farms spanning all of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee combined by 2050 for energy needs.)



24) Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban told the U.S. to bugger off, that we won’t push his nation into war.[/embed]

25) India has taken its first steps toward liberating itself from the dollar.

26) Back to the future: Afghanistan is back to being a terrorist breeding ground.

27) Netherlands now to legalize gubment euthanasia for kids as young as one year old.

-So, wait: the Nazis did win WW II after all?



28) This is a shocker: Hall of Fame Bulls coach Phil Jackson said he doesn’t follow the NBA now because it’s “woke” and too political after it went into the lockdown bubbles in 2020 and supported Black Looters Matter.

29) “Super Mario Bros” is already at $872 million.



30) Interesting ambulance data shows a huge increase in ambulance calls for people under 30 related to heart problems in 2022.

31) Pfizer’s own trial found that its RSV vax did not lead to reductions in hospitalization over a control group.



32) Six cattle in Texas were found dead with their tongues missing.

-Dear whoever you are, have you ever heard of a television show called “The View?”



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