The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow April 20, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Bingo! This article in The American Mind finally gets to the real issue of transoidism: “It cannot be effectively refuted in merely secular terms . . . . It is a set of SPIRITUAL claims about human purpose and identity [whose] demands can only be described as demonic.”

-Amen, sistah friend.

2) A DemoKKKrat councilman says Manhattan D A Boast ‘n’ Bragg has given New Kabul over to “Lawlessness.”

-Yep. So? What are you gonna do, useless snorkeldiget?

3) The useless Rutabaga is seeing DemoKKKrats jump ship for '24 into the arms of RFK, Jr.

4) Speaking of useless people, Fetterman the Human Massacre says he “rarely left his bed” after winning the senate election. Yeah, Hugh Hefner said the same thing, but we didn’t make him a senator.

5) Folks, I think it’s freezing in hell, and I think pigs are flying. National Review (!) now admits we aren’t going back to a “pre-Trump” world and that any “pre-MAGA” candidates don’t have a chance; specifically, they mention Nick Knack and Pompous.

6) The Minnesota legislature is going all out on CRT/BLM garbage in the schools.

7) Meanwhile, Florida has this down! The state has banned lessons on all sex orientation in all public school grades. Boom chakalaka.

8) Republican Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan has accused the Navy secretary of violating a shipbuilding law.

-So what? The whole administration is corrupt. What are you gonna do, senator?

9) The group Bible2School is using little-known “release time” court rulings to teach the Bible to kids at recess or over lunch.

10) Just another day in Benghazi-by-the-Lake, where a woman tried to mow down her boyfriend in an SUV, then hit another vehicle and then flipped her vehicle speeding away.

-Ah, tranquil and peaceful Benghazi-by-the-Lake.

11) New Kabul, under Eric the Red Adams, will impose restrictions on public meat consumption to fight the unicorn “climate change.”

12) Rutabaga will send another $325 million in military aid to the Ukes.

13) A poll shows Yertle is America’s least popular senator by a wide margin.

14) Texas Republican Lance Gooden endorsed Trump moments after meeting DeSantis.

15) We’ve raised a generation of spooge-o-crats. Rutabaga’s Sec of Interior Deb Haaland burst into tears in a hearing saying, “climate change is the crisis of our lifetime.”



16)  Now down $7 billion in the Bud Light transoid fiasco, Anheuser-Busch has lost a generation of drinkers.

17) For example, a popular Florida restaurant “Grills Seafood,” has banned Bud Light. Just one of many.

18) Desperate for energy, a Michigan nuke plant may get $300 million in state funds for a restart.

19) Heavy electric vehicles could put pressure on parking garages.

20) Oh? The Faux News settlement with Dominion is tax deductible.



21) David Blackmon on Germany’s energy idiocy.

22) What is the “grey zone” with China, and why is it important? See the letters from the head of the Micronesian islands.



23) The Pentagon has shown the Senate a mysterious flying orb spotted by a Reaper drone.

This one?



24) Allegedly more abuse victims of Jonathan Majors have come forward, says the always reliable Manhattan DA’s office.

25) News to brighten your day: Disney expected to fire thousands of staff, including 15% of its entertainment division, next week. (7,000, partly because of the battle with Ron DeSantis).

26) Personal note: I finished “The Night Agent” on Netflix. Very good, although the guy’s voice sounded just like Hayden Christensen's. A-



27) For the first time, the U.S. has compensated people injured by the China Virus vax (as in myocarditis).

28) While this study inches toward admitting harms: “If harms can be exclusively and conclusively attributed to the spike protein . . . .”

29) Dr. Fallacy and his band of loyal pelicanpenises knew masking was ineffective, knew the science, and never once invoked it.

30) China began developing the China Virus vaxxes in mid-November 2019.

-Shocked, I tell ya!



31) Madonna wears knee pads while rehearsing for an 81-date Celebration Tour. Word is she has a Kamala Harris number . . . .



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