Three Tennessee Democrat representatives were allegedly behind the storming of the TN legislature on March 30. Representatives Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson have been stripped of their committee assignments, their IDs shut off, and they could face expulsion.

At times the crowds attempted to overwhelm TN State Troopers while Jones, Pearson, and Johnson led a disruptive protest from inside the Assembly against gun violence because of the March 27 Covenant School shooting that killed six people. Others protested loudly outside.

Armed with megaphones, the three Democrats and other protesters forced Speaker Cameron Sexton to go out of session on Thursday. The Democrats were dismissive of the Sargeant at Arms, and they managed to impede the business of the legislature.

Ironically, all three Democrats voted against a bill passed earlier in the month “allowing private schools to have SROs.” Many believe having armed school resource officers in schools will deter the plans of those who would commit violence in schools. Governor Bill Lee is calling for measures to protect families, skirting questions about Red Flag laws on Monday.

A 28-year-old Nashville woman named Audrey Hale, who identified herself as transgender, shot and killed three small children and three adults on March 27 at the Covenant School in West Nashville. According to a manifesto currently under seal, while the FBI reviews the case, Hale allegedly identified other targets. However, she reportedly decided not to go to those locations because they were softer targets. Nashville Officers Michael Collazo and Rex Engelbert acted quickly, saving many lives.

Justin Jones, who is the youngest legislator in TN, says “his constituents are being silenced” because of the actions taken by his colleagues.

Some are trying to pull the race card as an excuse for the potential expulsions, but the facts are that one of the Democrats who is being considered for removal is a Caucasian woman.

Today Nashville area high schools staged a walkout because of the shooting and to protest gun violence. Representative William Lamberth attempted to talk with students as Rep. Jones tried to manage the conversation from behind. Lamberth shut him down in an attempt to hear the students whose school he was visiting.

Meanwhile, Biden avoided comment on the shooting by focusing on bills that address the banning of transgender surgeries and hormone replacement therapies for minors. He issued a Proclamation declaring March 31 as a Day of Transgender Visibility while completely ignoring the victims of the gun violence in Nashville. “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul,” said Biden in his speech. Rachel Crandall-Crocker created the International Transgender Day of Visibility in 2009.