The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 23, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Whoops. A letter from Michael Cohen claims Trump did NOT reimburse him for hush money paid to Porney Daniels. Manhattan DA Boast n’ Bragg’s case just went up in smoke.

2) Major dissension in Boast ‘n’ Bragg’s office now as the case is so weak he can’t even get the grand jury to convict the pickle, let alone the ham sandwich.

3) Well, this is true but meaningless: Boast ‘n’ Bragg’s office withheld exculpatory evidence from the grand jury. As our own Tracy Beanz has pointed out on Twit, prosecutors do not have to present exculpatory evidence.

 4) These people. I mean, the days of Caligula and Nero were not this perverse. Hunter Biteme used an FBI mole named “one-eye” to tip him off to the China probes.

5) That didn’t take long. Apparently, Yeb/Rove/Soros got to DeSantis, as he has done a 180 on his criticism of the Uke war.

6) And DeSantis says Trump should have stepped down like “George Washington,” apparently unaware that GW desperately wanted OUT of the presidency; that there was no fraudulent election with his successor, John Adams; and that Washington was eligible for more terms if he wanted. He wanted out.

7) Patrick Ruffini argues the U.S. isn’t as polarized as we think, mainly because non-white voters are hardly polarized at all. The white wokesters are the problem.

8) Craigslist Craig funded the Censorship-Industrial Complex to silence dissent.

9)  . . . while the crusade against “Malinformation” explicitly targets inconvenient truths, none of them belonging to ManBearPig (Algore).

10) And in Groomer City, a supervisor urged $50 million for an “office of reparations.”

-Folks, wait till the white people start showing up with DNA showing black blood. The riots will make OJ’s upheaval look like Woodstock.

11) Illinois now looking at legislation to allow prisoners to earn parole regardless of the crime. May Benghazi-by-the-Lake burn.

12) Echoing Scott Adams, race hustler Robin DiAngelo of White Fragility apparently thinks whites aren’t so fragile after all and now urges segregation. I’d love for just 10 minutes for Martin Luther King, Jr. to come back and bitch slap every one of these reverse Klansmen.

13) But, hey, the University of Michigan is way ahead of them, hosting separate graduation celebrations based on race and sex.

14) You know it’s bad when the leftist Boston Globe publishes a report saying Asian students are “an afterthought.”

15) A Pennsylvania DemoKKKrat is threatening to withhold funding from universities that feature conservative speakers.

-Well, this is an “I told you so.” Two years ago, I told a Koch Brothers Education guy that “within five years, Ben Shapiro won’t be allowed to speak on a college campus.” Dang, I hate being right all the time.

16) Wait, say what? Kinshasa on the Delaware (Philly) will now PAY women to get pregnant . . . what? So they can abort the babies?

17) The meme case involving Ricky Vaughn (Douglass Mackey) starts. Important for free speech. Can you make a meme about Cankles?



18) The Fed has raised interest rates by 25 basis points to 5%.

19) Liberal Noah Smith argues that Progressives need to embrace progress.

-Sorry, Noah. Ain’t happenin’. They have wedded themselves to the most demonic of positions that people are the problem and must be eliminated.

20) A new AP poll shows Americans’ faith in banks is low.

-Gee, Americans’ faith in banks?  Everything is in the toilet—gubment, the military, the media, Congress. Why should banks be any different?

21) Newsmax is being returned to DirectTV.

22) More on this story we had earlier, as more low-mileage electric cars with minor damage are being written off because of the useless batteries, increasing premiums, and negating “green” benefits.

23) Existing home sales have fallen 22% year over year as the Fed withdraws the punch bowl.



24) Protests in France have gone on for almost a year, but nothing really has happened. Now, however, with Macaroni’s plan to raise the retirement age, the protests have heated up.

25) What could go wrong? Germany, lacking workers, taps robots for elder care. I can hear the “Hal” accent now.

“You veel sit und eat your schnitzel.”

26) In End Times Prophecy News, members of Israel’s Knesset have introduced a bill to make Christian evangelization a crime. You know, like they did to that Jesus guy.

27) Of course they did: the IMF approved a $3 billion bailout for Sri Lanka.



28) Sigh. I really do hate reporting anything on the Grifter Goblins, Megxit, and the Ginger Duke, but apparently, the Hairy One is at risk of deportation from the U.S.

-Please, Lord, send them to a nice island that practices cannibalism.

29) This has to really tighten their pantywads: Trump and the J6 Choir hit number one on Billboard with “Justice For All.”

30) “Blazing Saddles” screenwriter Norman Steinberg died at age 83. Couldn’t produce that great movie today.



31) UC San Francisco (i.e., UC Groomer City) has ordered doctors to ignore China Virus injuries and not report them.

32) Rand Paul caught Modern’s CEO lying about myocarditis risk post-vax.

33) Myocarditis spiked in the military in 2021 after the vax.



34) This man visited all 12 Disney parks around the world in 12 days.

-That’s cuz he didn’t get to ride anything. And now he’s broke.



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