The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow March 21, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Seriously. They are now trying to blame six “mysterious passengers who went on a two-week cruise near the Nord Stream Pipeline and blew it up.

Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip . . . .

2) According to John (The Armadillo) Cardillo, New Kabul law enforcement sources say that the Manhattan DA’s office is in “chaos” and that most of the office wants nothing to do with the Trump case.

3) Jim Jordan et al, have demanded communications, documents, and testimony from Manhattan DA Alvin Boast & Bragg. Course, can’t do anything if he doesn’t comply.

4) Legal expert Jonathan Turley said the Manhattan DA’s potential case against Trump is “legally pathetic.” As is the Manhattan DA’s office.

5) This is how Rutabaga handles all his problems: he can’t show he has fixed anything, so he redefines success.

6) Benghazi-by-the-Lake has resumed its quest to be the most peaceful and tranquil place in America, with 18 shot and 4 killed over the weekend.

7) Miami Beach, unable to handle the spring breakers, now wants to cancel spring break.

-Psst: you guys don’t control university schedules.

8) Reps of 40 African countries are in Moscow today while Rutabaga divvies up his 10% from ChiCom influence buying.

9) Giant invasive snails were found in luggage at the Detroit Metro airport.

10) Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker rejected a run for the Senate seat there in 24.

-Good. He lost his last governor’s race, so not likely he’d win a senate race.

11) Kudos, at least for consistency: Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s is a “top donor” of a group campaigning AGAINST more support for the Ukes.

12) An Oregon man was imprisoned for almost a year because of an error in the DMV database.

-The whole system is corrupt as hell.

13) A Louisiana legislator switched parties after decades, giving the GOP a supermajority in the state legislature.

14) Big victory from Texas against Rutabaga as a federal judge blocked the “waters of the U.S.” rule.

-This is a land-grab/resource grab of immense proportions.

15) Was there a fifth plane on 9/11? The crew of United Flight 23 says they had “six suspicious people” aboard, but the flight was called back after 9:03 am.



16) First Republic Bank continues to have trouble (another northern Kollyfornia bank).

17) Electric vehicle batteries’ lack of reparability is leading some insurers to junk the whole car after even minor collisions.

18) First Republic Bank stock has neared its record low on an S&P downgrade.

19) Amazon confirms another 9,000 job cuts.



20) South Korea has had to backtrack on a planned 69-hour work week.

21) Pootie-poot and Xi Jinping-a-pong met in MOSCOW to seal a growing alliance.



22) Actress Amanda Bynes has been put on a psychiatric hold after she was found wandering the streets of New Calcutta (LA) alone and naked.

23) I’m sorry I missed this: Lance Reddick, star of “The Wire” and “John Wick,” died at age 60 on March 17. Solid actor in everything.

24) Tell ya what: these two are freakin’ weirdos. J-Lo and Ben Affleck have dropped out of escrow again on the Pacific Palisades house marking the third time in months they pulled the plug.

25) And yet again for Disney: “The Mandalorian” saw a huge drop in viewers for the Season 3 premiere. First, they dropped Gina Carano. Then by episode 3, they got all woke with a lesbo character and are starting to re-introduce the First Order. Booooring. I liked seasons 1 & 2 and loved “Andor,” but apparently, there is no fixing woke Disney.



26) And here’s the next China Virus lawsuit, as a physician’s assistant was fired for reporting vax adverse events to VAERS.



27) Researchers used AI to develop a cancer treatment in just 30 days.

Course, what it entails may be a totally different thing.

-“I can’t let you eat that cake, Hal. Now, it’s time for bed.”



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