The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 6, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) The GOP’s digital fundraising, WinRed, is flailing. Why? Maybe because they have screwed the GOP grassroots and populists by refusing to back candidates such as Mastriano, Masters, and others?

2) The House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed Smarmy Wray and Grand Moff Garland for targeting parents. Let’s see if they show up.

3) Of all places, the Columbia Journalism Review lambastes the coverage of “muh Russia” hoax. We haven’t begun to see justice on these snotscab hoaxsters.

4) Yet the panel that awarded Pulitzers for this lying pile of sphincterrubble is mum.

5) Only 23% of Americans are “broadly satisfied” with the way things are going; nearly half are “very dissatisfied.”

6) A reconfiguring of the DemoKKKrat primaries is ANYTHING but a response to “diversity over tradition” and everything about ensconcing the traditional non-populist/non-radical states with the power (i.e., SC over IA, NH).

7) Francis Menton claims to see a “slow political awakening” in NY over Climate Goofballism. I really wish the article supported that. I see only whining and a meek compliance towards utter bankruptcy and destitution if these people don’t leave.

8) Bet ya thought the world couldn’t get any darker? A New Jersey man attempted to hire a hitman on the dark web to kill a 14-year-old he sexually exploited.

9) New NC Supreme Court has voted 5-2 to reconsider its December opinions in the voter ID and redistricting decisions.

-Either they do it, or the Supes will.

10) Republican warmongers are trying to pressure Rutabaga to spend MORE money on the Ukes (Wicker and Rogers)



11) A fascinating study of the ancient world shows that ancient Greece was more wealthy, per capita, than Rome; that the Roman Republican was more wealthy than the Empire. Moreover, Greece had a very high level of democratic participation, unseen again until the 1800s.

12) Wolf Richter argues that the Philadelphia Fed’s revision downward in December was an untested algorithm and that the final showed an increase over six months for 813,000, and some of this was expected, and some of this reflected a spike in employment of people with disabilities (working from home). We’ll see.

13) Even as one gubment report says that the economy added 517,000 jobs, but the household survey “changed little in January,” and the “Unemployment rate has shown little net movement since early 2022.”

14) Meanwhile, employers announce 100,000 job cuts.

15) And from Confounded Interest, one hundred million NOT in the labor force.

16) Massive green energy company Siemens Gamesa reported it had lost close to a billion dollars just since October 2022, and of course, calls for “further gubment action.”

-I’ve got gubment action for ya. SHUT. IT. DOWN.



17) Guess that “global warming” is on hold . . . for the 101st straight month.

18) Having gathered all its data, the ChiCom spy balloon was finally shot down off the South Carolina coast. Great job, Rutabaga.

COMMENT: Why wait? Rutabaga claimed he wanted to shoot down the balloon earlier, but the “Pentagon overruled him.” WHAT? He is the commander in chief Rutabaga. He overrules them. Moreover, the fact that he waited until the balloon was over the ocean suggests he/someone didn’t want anyone to know its payload. Are we developing similar stuff? Was it doing more than spying? We’ll never know now.

19) A far bigger threat than nukes, the ChiComs have a “first strike” EMP threat that could set the U.S. back to the 800s.

20) For a chilling look at this by someone who knows, see William Forstchen’s book, One Second After.

21) Ireland’s death rates are 42% higher than pre-China Virus levels.

-Nahh. Ain’t the vax. Nahhh.

22) Pervez Musharraf, Pok—eee—stan’s former Prime Minister, dead at age 79.

23) Green Screen Zelensky admits the situation at the front is getting “tougher” and that the Russkies are sending more troops.

-How is that possible? Six months ago, the Hoax News Media assured us the Russkies had lost all of their men.



24) After several months, more on the James Gordon Meek story. He had mysteriously disappeared after a FascistBI raid on his home but was not arrested . . . til now. He has been charged with kiddie porn.

25) HULU’s new “1619 Project” is the latest attempt to turn white guilt into green.



26) A study funded by the NIH says that 40% of vaxxed women have experienced menstrual changes.

-Nothing to see here. Move along.



27) And finally, “jump the gun,” “roll with the punches,” and “deadline” are the latest phrases to be branded offensive by the UberWokes.

-How about this: “Toad off.” “Reek it, analpimple.” “You’re spooge, scabwinder.” And “Take a toejam.”



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