The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 3, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) Jason Whitlock, who is fast becoming (maybe way too late) the most sane voice in the culture wars, says what no one else will. The Baby-mama culture explains the Tyre Nichols tragedy.

2) Not often do I find writings that are profound. Entertaining and astute, this one nails modernity’s problem. Please read the links in the piece as well. I won’t add them here.

3) Americans of all political stripes actually agree more about American history than you think. 92% say we should “portray historical figures honestly with the understanding that we can teach a person’s achievements even if their views do not align with values today.”

4) A ChiCom spy balloon the size of three buses is spotted over Montana.

5) Lying Rutabaga’s Consumer Product Safety Commission was indeed serious about banning gas stoves before the backlash. Cost: $65 billion to make every U.S. household electric.

6) Very cool: GOP lawmakers wear assault rifle pins to protest attempts to ban firearms.

7) The GOP is targeting Lurch (John Kerry) for his ChiCom links.

8) The reparations’ Pandora’s Box.

9) Yeah, baby! McCarthy booted Illicit Mullah Omar from the foreign relations committee, citing her anti-Semitism. A hysterical Occasional Cortex rose to her defense.

10)As civilizations grow, elites become more remote from the masses. They imagine that their wealth, status, and power give them permission to hold the masses in contempt.”

11) How ideologues infiltrated (destroyed) the arts.

12) Speaking of ideologues, at the University of Wisconsin, a survey showed that over half the students felt uncomfortable sharing opinions that are controversial in class.

13) Ohio U.S. Senate loser Mike Gibbons is spending big time to punish Republicans who worked with DemoKKKrats to choose the next Ohio Speaker of the House.

14) A newly surfaced Hunter Biteme email to Alcoa Aluminum promised info on Russkie oligarchs.

15) A New Jersey councilwoman was shot dead outside her home.

16) Florida has seven of the nation’s ten deadliest beaches.



17) Challenger job cuts have risen 440% in January.

18) Job openings have collapsed in the information sector, the most since the Dotcom Bust.

19) The Federal Reserve has hiked interest rates another 1/4 point.



20) The Queen has been removed from the new Aussie five-dollar banknote. And no, Megxit did not replace her.



21) This is called really too much time and money on your hands. Director James Cameron has tested fan theories that Leonardo DiCaprio could have survived on Rose’s debris.

-And for those of you in Arkansas, debris does not mean female backside.

22) Texans have broken out the ski-doos and airboats to turn their ice into a playground while 400,000 are without power.

23) Netflix is planning to block every user once a month unless you log in again, and signing in from outside your home could keep you out. Moronic.



24) For those whom the China Virus vax doesn’t kill, the protection wears off after the third dose, says a new study.

25) Dr. Peter McCullough: There is a new onset Type 1 Diabetes after the China Virus vax.

-How doesn’t this thing kill you?

26) Merck’s China Virus Drug is causing new virus mutations, says a new study.



27) We all kinda suspected: unattractive people are more likely to keep wearing the face diapers after the threat is gone.

-Doing the world a favor, I guess.



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