The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow February 2, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


 1) New U.S. senator J.D. Vance: “Trump’s best foreign policy? Not starting any wars.”

2) House oversight committee chairman Comer says Hunter Biteme was “in proximity” to Rutabaga’s classified docs.

-Oh, he was almost “in proximity” to a fax machine as well.

3) McCarthy continues to impress this time around, saying he thinks he has the votes to boot Illicit Mullah Omar off the Foreign Relations Committee—which requires a floor vote.

4) Stories are now appearing about Kampuchea Harris, also known as the “Cackler,” indicating the table is being set to remove Rutabaga immediately afterwards.

5) Hackers gained access to Kollyfornia’s digital license plates. Wonder if they got the custom plates too?


6) Nebraska cops have thwarted an active shooter at Target. I’m guessing the guy really thought it was a target.

7) Yikes! Nikki (Nik Knack) Haley once compared Trump’s speeches to murderer Dylann Roof and tried to tie him to the KKK—you know, the DemoKKKRat organization. (Word is that in a SC poll, she came in fourth. Her own state).

8) A former exec of a Kollyfornia solar power company has been sentenced for $1 billion in fraud.

9) Mr. Rogers: “Boys are boys from the beginning. Girls are girls from the start.”



10) ADP jobs added slowed to 106,000 in January, the lowest since August 2021. Reminder, we need over 400,000 per month to actually grow.

11) A ray of hope: 28% of the layoffs at Google, Microsoft, Meta (which means “Death” in Hebrew), and Amazon came in Human Resources.

12) Basketball star and “Mr. Equality” Steph Curry leads opposition to housing for the po on a site near his multi-million dollar home because of “major privacy and safety concerns.”



13) An Iranian couple got prison sentences for dancing in the street.

-I guess Martha and the Vandellas would get a hard “no” there.

14) An Indiana man died after falling off a cliff in Puerto Rico while shooting a TikTok video.

-I think social media is the second leading cause of death among younger people after the China Virus vax. Waiting on a peer-reviewed study

15) Green Screen Zelensky sent out a government order to destroy all info on Hunter Biteme’s Metabiota Company on the day of the Russkie invasion.

16) How Egyptian cops (not Copts) hunt homosexuals on dating apps.

-Do the producers of “Silicon Valley” know about this one? Sounds like something Dinesh would create.

17) Doomsayers warning about the “Slippery Slope” in assisted suicide in Canada were right after all.



18) Greatest of all time QB, Tom Brady, has retired “for good” after 23 seasons. It was time.

-He should have gone out on top.

19) An Indian actor in “Dances With Wolves,” charged in Las Vegas with running a sex cult, was arrested. Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse led a cult called “the Circle.”

-He is not related to Jeffrey, Who Didn’t Hang Himself, Epstein.

20) Actress Octavia Spencer said she experienced more racism in New Calcutta (Los Angeles) than in her Alabama hometown.

21) At last, the greatest actor in the world, “Awwwww-eeeck Bawwwwdwin” has been charged with manslaughter in the “Rust” shooting.



22) Dear Maskiopaths: here is a peer-reviewed study saying face diapers made “little or no difference” in whether you got the China Virus.

23) Heart and vein disease deaths are high in 25-44 year-olds. But we cannot mention the vax that doth not speak its name.

24) Oh? So the Indian gubment says Ivermectin kept China Virus infections and deaths low?

25) Troubling: from Steve Kirsch---Could Dr. Fallacy’s replacement be worse?

26) Edward Dowd’s new book, Cause Unknown, about the epidemic of post-vax deaths.



27) A Florida woman had to be rescued from a storm drain for a third time in less than two years. She was naked.

-I wonder if that had anything to do with the speed of the response team?



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