The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The DOJ is being dragged kicking and screaming into searching more locations for Rutabaga’s classified docs.

-Psst. Department of INJustice: try Hunter Biteme’s residences.

2) Now they are trying the “oh, it’s all been done before,” as Cankles is said to have gone far beyond either Rutabaga or President Trump in mishandling classified docs.

3) The White House and the DOINjustice worked together to conceal the Rutabaga’s classified documents scandal.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

4)Rep. James Comer of Kentucky says the “evidence is everywhere” of Rutabaga’s wrongdoing and it’s like “Tracking a bleeding bear through a snowstorm.”

Comer: Investigating Biden family like ‘tracking a bleeding bear through a snowstorm’

5) Maybe sensing trouble? Rutabaga’s “brain,” Ron Klain has resigned, to be replaced by the China Virus response coordinator Jeff Zients. Cuz, you know, he did such a great job on the China Virus.

Zients to replace Klain as White House chief of staff

6) The peaceful and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake had a mere 30 shot, seven killed over the quiet weekend.

7) Speaking of that lovely burb, a Benghazi-by-the-Lake resident, arrested 32 times since 2014, was involved in a “firefight” with a concealed carry holder on a CTA train.

Arrested 32 times since 2014, man allegedly engaged in a ‘firefight’ with a concealed carry holder on a CTA train

8) A new study shows plain old aspirin is as effective as Heparin, a blood thinner.

9) A Nevada school district has been sued after a 15-year-old girl was asked to read a sexy lesbian monologue in class.

10) Good time story of the day: The homosexual couple who pimped out their kids are getting “jail justice.”

“Jail Justice”: Gay Couple Who Abused & Pimped Out Their Kids Are Getting What they Deserve in Jail

11) “Jefferson’s Bible” was a fraud: he never purported what he published as a “bible,” nor did he use the term. He extracted a number of moral principles from Jesus that he wrote in a new book called The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth. He also brought in Aristides, Cato, Plato, and others.

12) The institutional “hostage crisis.” Can it be defeated?

13) In a similar vein, why are large and highly effective organizations inclined to tyranny?



14) Ten months of decline, and the mortgage rate has risen to 6.47%.

15) Spotify becomes the latest big tech company to announce job cuts.

16) Employers dropping college degree requirements: “We have been using education as a proxy.”

17) Subprime Auto-Loan Delinquencies have risen back to 2019 levels.

Subprime Auto-Loan Delinquencies Rise to 2019 Levels: a Dive into Subprime Lending and Securitizations

18) Federal data shows that Minneapolis-St. Paul’s light rail is the most dangerous in America.

Federal data shows Twin Cities light rail is the most dangerous in America

19) The end of the “Second Tech Boom” has played out with a new wave of layoffs, and may not be over yet.

20) Wind power went negative in Saskatchewan



21) This is reassuring: the Ukes are storing American-supplied weapons at nuke stations.

22) Germany will join the Mediterranean hydrogen pipeline project.

-Yep. Anything but good old reliable gasoline and coal.

23) A priest has described a “Horrifying” new attack on Catholics in Nigeria that left 11 dead.

-This would be TheReligionOfPeace®.



24)  The single most successful indie-funded film project in history, “The Chosen,” will release its season 3 finale in theaters as fans crash the website in a rush for tickets.

25) Pamela Anderson in a new book claims Tim Allen flashed her.

26) Tucker Carlson now the only national media figure leading a fight against the Deep State.



27) Cyclist Kris Yip “dies suddenly” at 47.

Prince George cyclist Kris Yip dies at 47

28) India did not allow in the Pfizer vax because of numerous reasons, including no local testing and they wouldn’t give immunity.

Why India did not allow Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine

29) At last, some of the vaxiopathic apologist mags are questioning the China Virus.

30) Steve Kirsh shows what liars the BBC were about the China Virus.



31) Boris Johnson says the Ukes need hundreds of tanks and that the Germans, Poles, and U.S. should be sending them. “Where else do they need them? Tennessee?”

-Well, now that you mention it, The Grand Ole’ Opry is a pretty vital site to world culture.



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