The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 16, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) And so it begins. Congressman James Comer (R-KY) has called for the release of the visitor log for Biteme’s Delaware residence.

2) Still more classified documents have been found at Rutabaga’s Delaware home.

-Folks, it’s clear this demented pervert was forgetting stuff back then—although it was clearly illegal to even take it to his home in the first place. But then he forgot to take it back. Remove this fungalgland with the 25th or impeachment yesterday.

3) House Republicans have launched an investigation into Biteme’s doc drops.

4) It gets spicier and spicier for Rutabaga: a background check shows Hunter Biteme paid $50,000 a month in rent for the Biteme home where classified docs were stored.

5) Ruh-roh: even Schiffty the Human Lemur admits national security may have been jeopardized with the Rutabaga’s docs.

6) While Kevin McCarthy says the absence of an FBI raid on Biteme after the classified docs revelation is proof, the House needs a new Jim Jordan-led select committee on the weaponization of gubment.

-All fer it—but who will go to jail?

7) Make wokeness expensive: let victims sue the organizations that bailout violent felons.

8) Ronna McRomBush saw her salary triple to over $400,000 for losing more than the New York Jets.

9) Faith levels remained stable, but church attendance fell during the pandemic, especially among da Youts.

10) A federal judge has handed Ron DeSantis a victory in his quest to stop wokism.

11) At least 80 Illinois county sheriffs will refuse to enforce the state’s new (unconstitutional) gun laws.

12) The first January 6 Patriot Day defendant who went into the Senate was acquitted of obstruction, found guilty of entering a restricted building, and disorderly conduct in a restricted building. These still carry potentially heavy sentences.

13) The Georgia Supreme Court has reinstated the case against Fulton County fraud in the 2020 election.

14) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! Political bias—not race, sex, or anything else—explains almost everything.

15) A federal court in Oregon upheld the Title IX exemption that permits religious universities and schools to receive federal funding even if they follow religious beliefs regarding transoidism and homosexuality.



16) The federal budget is exploding: net interest costs up 192%: Social Security and health entitlements up 140%, and non-defense discretionary spending up 76%.

17) Inflation doesn’t seem to be a problem for Rolls Royce buyers.

-Wonder why?

18) PC shipments saw their largest decline ever last quarter.



19) The U.S. is running out of ammo to send the Ukes.

-Hmm, shouldn’t we be worried about the U.S. running out of ammo?

20) Ukraine’s Bakhmut retreat begins.

21) The whole country of German is an energy absurdity.



22)  Mindy Kaling’s new “Scooby Doo” spinoff “Velma” slammed as a “massive disaster,” with fans rebelling against the “over-sexualization” of “unlikeable 15-year-old characters.

23) PETA is after the U. of Georgia for having a live bulldog as a mascot. These are totally useless people with nothing to do.

24) Your cultural influencers at work: Chelsea Handler, who let a man pee on her, confessed she didn’t know the sun and the moon weren’t the same thing until she was 40.

-Now she knows that Mars and the moon are the same thing.

25) The sequel to the “Passion of the Christ” will begin filming this spring.

26) Paul Johnson, probably the world’s most popular historian, died at 94.[/embed]

27) Straight out of “Remember the Titans”: national champion offensive lineman for the University of Georgia Devin Willock died along with a recruiting staffer in a car crash less than 24 hours after the Bulldogs’ victory parade.

28) Marie Osmond, who passed up multiple opportunities to marry me, stated she will not leave her eight children any inheritance. “It breeds laziness.”



29) The CDC just opened a large-scale investigation into mRNA China Virus vaxxes because of increased cases of strokes.

-First step, people, first step.

30) “Paradigm shifting” paper shows that China Virus boosters for young adults cause “net harm” and makes university booster mandates “unethical.”

31) And another new study offers even more proof the lockdowns were deadly.

32) The hits keep on comin’ from the “safe and effective” China Virus vax, as it now is associated with metastasis in otherwise stable patients.

33) A Louisiana China Virus vax researcher has called for the withdrawal of messenger RNA China Virus vaxxes due to adverse events. Now, where are the other 1 million docs joining him?

34) Steve Kirsch: the CDC has been ignoring the death safety signal in VAERS for two years.



35) The hunt for Hitler’s gold: From a booby-trapped train to caves, an interactive map now reveals the locations that experts and wonks have been scouring . . .

-But did they look in Rutabaga’s garage?



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