The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow January 13, 2023

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) That didn’t take long: a House panel has already launched an investigation into Rutabaga’s classified stash.

2) As more docs were found in a garage owned by Rutabaga, theories swirl that this is an effort to throw him under the bus. Techno Fog disagrees.

COMMENT: As I keep saying, they must deal with Harris first and missed their chance while DemoKKKrats still held the House. Now, the GOP house would have to approve Biteme’s new veep nominee, and that would be tough. Harris is so universally despised and ridiculed that they can’t get rid of Rutabaga with her in the line of succession.

3) There is this take: Rutabaga just guaranteed there will be no prosecution of Trump.

4) While, of course, the insane leftist pusnuggets are saying that the docs may have been planted.

5) A whistleblower says illegals are “drinking all day” and “having sex in the stairs” of taxpayer-funded New Kabul (NYC) hotels.

6) Meanwhile, in Benghazi-by-the-Lake, an “anti-violence” worker was found in a home with a gun, suspected narcotics, and $50,000 in cash, say prosecutors.

-Sorta like Warren Zevon: “Send lawyers, guns, and money.”

7) Stuff like this is why Mayor Beetlejuice says the “crime plan” for Benghazi-by-the-Lake is “working.” Crime is up 41%. But that was the plan. So it’s working.

8) An Oregon Senate bill would allow victims of released felons to sue those who bailed them out if they commit another crime.

9) Not optimistic, but already this went further than I thought: a court of appeals has agreed to expedite Kari Lake’s 2022 election fraud case.

10) The House passed a bill that requires doctors to provide medical care to babies that survive an attempted abortion.

11) A Penn State prof told his straight students to watch gay porn.

-The cardiac arrests are hitting all the wrong people.

12) Speaking of heart attacks, Moderna is testing an mRNA shot injected directly into the heart to treat heart attack patients.

-You know, the ones they caused.

13) America is winning the war on cancer: death rates have fallen 33% since 1991.

-That’s cause we’re dropping like flies from cardiac arrests, clots, and other heart diseases from the vaxxes before we can live long enough to get freakin’ cancer.



14) The corporate media’s “Mastadon” revolt vs. Elon Musk and Twit has failed.



15) The Swiss Army has sent 5,000 soldiers to guard the global elites at Davos . . . cuz, you know, they are sooooooo popular.



16) Lisa Marie Presley has died after a cardiac arrest.

-Need we ask?

17) This is really taking over the entertainment section: TikTok star Waffler69 dead at age 33 from . . .

-Don’t make me say it.

18) Probably not the vax, but terrible. In many ways, my role model for good writing. Paul Johnson, who wrote the pathbreaking book, Modern Times, dead at 94.



19) After the second injection of mRNA, 17.1% of students reported cardiovascular symptoms.

20) An 18-year-old rugby player has “died suddenly.”



21) Shades of “Footloose”: that culturally advanced nation Sweden finally repealed a law that banned people from dancing.

-To which Kevin Bacon was heard to scream . . . “Let Daaaaaannnnce”



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