VoterGA Vindicated: Fulton County Counterfeit Ballot Case Reinstated

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  • 09/19/2023

The VoterGA Fulton County counterfeit ballot case "is back," according to Garland Favorito. Favorito told UncoverDC in November that an order from the Georgia Supreme court in the Sons of Confederate Veterans et al. v. Henry Cty. Bd of Commissioners would no doubt help his case. The Supreme Court confirmed what Garland already knew—that "citizens in the state have standing to sue government officials who violate the law." During what he dubbed the "Georgia Supreme Court Victory" press conference on Thursday, Favorito said this "was something he had been saying all along for a year even after our case was dismissed" on October 13, 2021. The counterfeit ballot case was dismissed because the "Petitioners failed to allege a particularized injury." Garland says the decision was erroneous and violated "every precedent in the state in Georgia history since 1788 and all precedents in U.S. Supreme Court history dating back 100 years."

Press Conference/Favorito/Jan. 12, 2023

The dismissal came after Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero asked the parties in his Sept. 2021 hearing whether the State Election Board or the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had "investigated whether counterfeit ballots had diluted legal votes." Judge Amero had granted access to more than 145,000 absentee ballots in May 2021 in favor of the Petitioners. All briefs and documents in the case can be found on the VoterGA website under the legal tab with the heading "2020 Fulton County Counterfeit Ballot Inspection Case."

Persistence Pays

VoterGA is nothing, if not persistent, concerning the "ballot-box stuffing" case initially filed on December 23, 2020. The election lawsuit was an equal protection and due process claim. Favorito obtained sworn affidavits from senior poll managers stating they handled counterfeit ballots during the 2020 Fulton County Hand Count Audit on November 14, 2020. Favorito is confident the mail-in ballots were counterfeit because "they were not creased from being mailed. They were not on the correct paper stock. They were not marked with a writing instrument like you would expect a mail-in ballot to be marked but appeared to be copied with toner. And they were marked exactly the same in all down-ballot races, 100 in a row." A total of 9 petitioners joined the case, but the petitioners eventually split into two identical cases: Favorito et al. v. Wan et al. (7 petitioners) and Jeffords v. Fulton County (2).

Favorito experienced several victories early on in the case. The Plaintiffs were able to obtain protective order on the ballots, obtained the original ballot images, defeated a motion to dismiss, and were granted a motion by Amero to unseal the ballots. The case garnered sufficient attention to impel Fulton county "to hire criminal defense attorneys to prevent plaintiffs from seeing the ballots. What does that tell you?," said Favorito, "If you were hiring criminal defense attorneys, were you involved in criminal activity?"

Favorito ultimately had to get a court order to view the ballots "even after Governor Kemp had signed a bill to make ballot images public record." Kemp admitted in Nov. 2021 that there were "inconsistencies" in the 2020 Fulton County election based on Joseph Rossi's findings during his 2021 review of Georgia's Risk Limiting Audit and thousands of ballot images. Favorito said the hand count audit "was riddled with errors and provable fraud" in his July 15, 2021, press conference. Sadly, many of his videos detailing the alleged fraud have been removed from YouTube and the VoterGA website due to censoring.

What is Next in the Counterfeit Ballot Case?

The preservation of the ballots is a top concern in the case. It has now been two years, the time for preservation has passed, and "the clock is ticking." The winds are blowing in favor of the plaintiffs because the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in their favor, and no hearing will be required because the court confirmed all Georgia precedents. The Georgia Supreme Court remitted the case to the Georgia Court of Appeals, which will likely adopt the Supreme Court order. Favorito says the case is a "no-brainer" but explains the court can elect to conduct a hearing or move "immediately to discovery." He added that once "discovery is initiated, we will be able to inspect the ballots."

Additionally, Favorito says he has ample corroborating evidence to bolster his case. They have geo-tracking evidence of ballot trafficking, destruction of ballot images, and admissions from Raffensperger and Ruby Freeman. Raffensperger stated ("We don't guess") with specific numbers detailing those "who voted" (4.7 million) there were "not enough votes left to count for Biden to catch Trump," as shown in an NBC news report shown by Favorito during the press conference. NBC cut him off mid-sentence. The Secretary of State later certified 4.998 million total Presidential votes and 240,000 plus phantom votes. The SoS continued to count ballots for two more days after he gave NBC his numbers.

Garland Favorito/Press Conference January 12, 2023

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