The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow December 21, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The good news is that an Arizona judge ruled that Kari Lake’s challenge to the governor’s election can go to trial for “chain of custody” and “intent to defraud” issues.

-The bad news is that “signature matches,” the Rosetta Stone of all fraud, has been disallowed.

2) Victor Davis Hanson has ten practical steps to restore America. The problem is not only does the left oppose every single one, but the RINOs won’t push for any.

3) State attorneys general have sounded the alarm about BlackRock and Vanguard buying stakes in utilities.

4) They refuse to learn: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, already dragged into court over race-conscious admissions policies, now has offered a fellowship available only to blacks.

5) Department of Injustice spies snooped on the House Intelligence Committee investigators. This is a thoroughly corrupt arm of government and needs to be downsized to two clerks and a janitor.

6) Our once-dominant military has become a laughing stock. Now the Air Farce has grounded B-2 bombers after a second one catches fire during an emergency landing. Have these things been hanging out with the Secret Service cars after hours?

7) An recently-elected NY Congressman from Long Island found “no records” at big banks where he said he worked or the college he said he attended.

-Sorta like a former president, right?

8) Talk about social destruction: just 18% of U.S. households are “nuclear families” with a married couple and children, down 40% from 1970 and the lowest since 1959.

9) In the never-ending quest for “zero carbon emissions,” New York will change the way people can heat their homes as gas, oil, and propane furnaces will be phased out.

10) More news out of the peaceful and tranquil Groomer City (SF) as the Twin Peaks region was hit with rampant car smash-and-grabs.

-You people are getting off easy. If it were me, I’d be sending boils and locusts.

11) Thousands at Turning Point USA take out flashlights/phone lights as whistleblower Kyle Seraphin of the FBI appears.


12) Sam Bankman-Fried has signed extradition papers and will return to the U.S. for charges.

13) A mother of two has died during a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with an unlicensed anesthesiologist.

14) There is no other way to say this. The evil Yertle is committed to bankrupting this country to try to keep Green Screen Zalensky and his Traveling Money Laundering Circus alive.

-It’s time for Yertle to have a Brazilian Butt Lift scheduled.



15) Groomer City (the newly renamed SF) and Silicon Valley housing markets have seen big price drops.

16)  . . . while overall housing starts have dropped 16.4% since last November.

17) DemoKKKrat policies, particularly focusing on drug addiction and mental health rather than building housing, causes homelessness, says The Atlantic.



 18) A solid article on the war in Ukraine: “Is this winning?”

19) A massive “freak wave” killed three and injured 17 in South Africa. Yikes! This thing is huge.

20) Japan, the last holdout of free money, begins to tighten.



21) A New Calcutta (LA) jury has found Harvey Weinstein guilty on three of seven sex assault charges.

22) In a way, a shocker. But given that Warner Bros. is hell-bent on exceeding Disney in stupidity, not so much. James Gunn has fired Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from his new “Black Adam”/DC Universe.

-As I said in a previous comment, this is utterly astounding as Warner Bros. has both the characters still alive in their series and the actors and actresses, many of whom are top-level (such as Gal Godot, Henry Cavill, and the Rock). But nooooo. Warner Bros. is getting rid of all of them.



23) A videographer in Massachusetts has sued a station that fired him from his job over his refusal to take the poison vax.

24) China’s crematoriums are packed as China Virus cases soar. Ya know, maybe if you’d let it run its course the first time, people would have that little thing called immunity. But nooooo. The Deep State ChiComs try to control every aspect of human behavior.

25) There was an increased incidence of menstrual disturbances in girls 12-15 vaxxed for the China Virus.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

26) Some 25 governors have urged Rutabaga to end the China Virus public health emergency. Sorry, kids. The Rutabaga loves him some power. He ain’t gwine give up no power to a bunch of nobodies.

27) A New York science teacher accused of injecting a teen with the vax without parental consent was sentenced to community service for a misdemeanor. At the very least, this should have been assault with a deadly weapon.



28) Actress and one-time star Alicia Silverstone posed nude to inspire people to wear... wait for it . . . vegan clothes.

-No, I ain’t wearin’ a rutabaga suit. That would be disrespectful to the Demented Pervert in the White House.



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