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1) DemoKKKrats, constantly looking for ways to rub it into Republicans’ noses, have given Botoxic a new title, “Speaker Emerita.” This should be revoked on Jan. 3.

Democrats Give Pelosi New Title as House Committee Anoints Her ‘Speaker Emerita’


2) This time, I am shocked. New Rutabaga Supreme Court Justice Jumpin’ Brown Jackson swiped at the Biteme DoInJustice on the immigration case saying the Solicitor General had a “conceptual problem” in understanding the Administrative Procedure Act.

3) In thoroughly corrupt Kollyfornia, Oakland is planning to send taxpayer dollars to residents to donate to local politicians. No corruption here. Move along.

4) Alabama becomes the second state (after Louisiana) to terminate the leftist voter-fraud ERIC database contract.

5) The “Big Bang”: supposedly, Elon Musk is restoring 62,000 suspended Twit accounts. So far, I am still suspended.

They Call It ‘The Big Bang’ – Elon Musk’s Twitter Team Begins Process Of Reinstating 62,000 Suspended Accounts


6) Fentanyl overdose death in Los Angeles County are up 1,280% since 2016. But Kollyfornia is concerned about wokeness and the environment, so never mind.

7) While in New York, just 4% of black students and no eighth graders in Schenectady passed the state math test. But more transoid drag shows, please.

8) Indiana R senator Mike Braun has filed papers to run for governor, opening the door for another MAGA senator.

9) There is a new job specialty: deprogramming kids from colleges brainwashing agendas.

10) Schifty, the Human Lemur, says that evidence will have to be “scrubbed” from the Patriot Day (J6) Report cuz, you know, it shows FascistBI informants/agitators at work, fascist so-called Antifa engaging in violence, and Capitol Hill Police willingly opening doors and directing people inside.

-This is Alfred Dreyfus-level crap.

SCHIFF: Evidence Will Have To Be ‘Scrubbed’ From January 6th House Report



11) More men need to be working. It is an anthropological/sexual need as well as an economic reality. Yet fewer are.

12) Private hiring slowed in November to just 127,000. Remember, growth of about 450,000 a month is needed to have positive GDP. But nahhh. We ain’t in a recession.

13) Yet officials insist the U.S. “grew” at 2.9% in the third quarter. “Little sign of recession for now.”

14) Pending home sales have fallen for the fifth straight month. No recession here, though.

15) Oil execs rip the Rutabaga saying he tells a “completely inaccurate, flat-out lie” about U.S. energy production.



16) )Ok, this is getting extremely suspicious. Now another crypto billionaire, a Russian (Vyacheslav Taran), has died in a helicopter crash, making the third such crypto king to die mysteriously in a month.

17) Jiang Zemin, former dictator of China during the Tiananmen massacre, has died.

18) Euro inflation rises to a new record.

Euro Inflation without Energy Rages to New Record. Overall CPI Second Worst Ever


19) Calling it a “necessary evil,” France has refired a coal plant amidst its energy woes.

20) Brazil has approved the use of bitcoin as payment of taxes.



21) Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie died at age 79.

22) This has become entertainment, not economics, as Elon Musk and Tim Cook had a discussion in which Cook said he never considered having Twit taken from the App Store.

23) This definitely belongs under entertainment. President Trump says that Kanye tried to, er, fornicate him over with the Fuentes dinner.

-Look, people, this three-way between Milo, Fuentes, and Yeezy is sleazier than an episode of “My Son Hunter,” and I urge everyone to hold off—in any direction. No one yet knows whom among all these spinners is truthful (or sane).



24) China has warned of a crackdown as protests against the China Virus policy have spread. Can’t lose control of those proles.

25) The CDC knew that the China Virus vax was associated with myocarditis but left it off the post-vax surveys.

-Nuremberg trials, people. Nuremberg trials.

26) Maybe just another small crack in the dam? Pfizer’s CEO has been found guilty of making “disgracefully misleading’ statements regarding kiddie vaxxes by the British regulator Prescriptions Medicines Code.

Pfizer CEO is Found Guilty of Making ‘Disgracefully Misleading’ Statements on Child Vaccination



27) You know when Bruce Willis shot his car up a toll station into a helicopter in “Live Free or Die Hard?” Yeah, you can do it. This Chinese driver shot his car 50 feet into the air and somehow lived. Course, surviving the ChiCom vax police is another matter.




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