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1) Oh? The new Trump special prosecutor was overturned by the Supreme Court and is tied to the Lois Lerner IRS scandal. You know, the one no one went to jail for?

2) The wife of the Trump Special Counsel produced the Michell O documentary and donated thousands to Rutabaga. Yeah, no conflict of interest there.


3) The outgoing Arizona Attorney General said that Maricopa County broke the law on election day and refuses to certify the election.

4) Peaceful and tranquil Benghazi-by-the-Lake only saw 22 shootings last weekend, with three dead—all in all, a rather quiet time for the somnambulant borough.

5) Kollyfornia, already on a trajectory to be medieval Morocco in 10 years, accelerates the trajectory by seeking to ban diesel trucks at ports by 2035.

6) A newly elected state legislator in Arizona said she won’t cast a vote on any bill until the 2022 election is redone.

-Liz, I voted for ya, hon, but you’re not going to represent your constituents? Not a good look, I don’t care what you’re protesting. You just nullified my vote.

7) File under “let’s deal with important issues like teen suicide and soaring crime among kids,” the state of New York has told schools their funding is at risk unless they ditch “racist” Indian mascots.

-I know they won’t, but schools should tell the state to stick their peace pipe where the smoke don’t rise.

8) Rutabaga’s dream of an offshore wind farm in the Gulf has hit reality: could be a net negative for Texas.

Reality bites Joe Biden’s Gulf of Mexico wind dream


9) While New Kabul (NYC) communities are banning e-bikes due to fires. You know, you shlubs will have to actually pedal.

10) Whatever else you think happened in the 2022 mid-term, a “youth explosion” wasn’t one of them. Turnout in America’s youngest counties declined.

11) New York Slimes recognizes what I’ve known for 10 years: Ohio is no longer a swing state.

12) DeSantis’s top donor—an Obama/Biteme fundraiser—admits accessing ChiCom markets is his top focus.

Desantis’ Top Donor Admits Accessing Chinese Markets Is Top Focus

13) A House Republican resolution to audit Ukraine aid has gained momentum. (I’d start with one of Green Screen Zelensky’s mansions in Florida).



14) FTX owes its 50 biggest unsecured creditors more than $3 billion.

15) Consumers are feeling inflation is getting worse.

16) Jaguar Land Rover wants to hire laid-off Twit and Meta employees (“Meta” means death in Hebrew).

-So now they will have to learn to weld, not code.

17) Was FTX another tool of the CIA? Probably.

BREAKING: FTX, Tether, the CIA, Drug Cartels and Ukraine


18) Tether is also involved. Here is a flashback from Slate on the unstable situation at that crypto collapse-in-motion.

19) Malta, the last pro-life Euro country, moves to legalize the killing of babies.

Malta, the last pro-life European country, moves to legalize the killing of preborn humans




20) The Catholic Church in Italy said 600 sex abuse cases have been sent to the Vatican already.

21) New Zealand will vote on whether to lower the vote to 16. Can’t hurt, as the moronic adults there allowed the Lockdown Lucy Jacinda Ardern to treat them like slaves. Kids can’t be much stupider.

22) A female TV reporter was robbed live on air at the Qatar World Cup. So the “they’re just like us” is pretty much correct, huh?

23) Our own Michelle Edwards discusses a major threat to world stability and freedom, GFANZ, the UN-backed global finance group pushing net zero and other hocus pocus.

GFANZ: The UN-Backed Global Financial Alliance Pushing Net Zero


24) Belgium has so much cocaine the police have run out of incinerators to burn it. Just gift it to Disney.



25) How deep a hole is Disney in? They had to bring back Bob Iger as CEO to replace Bob Chapek after he came close to destroying the company with wokeness. Wall Street approved.

26) Iger is boosted by “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”’s performance of $546 million worldwide.



27) A court has ordered the CDC to release data showing 18 million vax injuries in America.

Court Orders CDC to Release Data Showing 18 Million Vaccine Injuries in America



28) Florida cops reported of an arsonist they shot, “We’ve changed the looks of his groin forever.” That could be an interesting new cataloging of punishments by courts: “Major groin alteration” for pedos. “Minor digit removal” for thieves. I like it.

‘We’ve Changed the Looks of His Groin Forever.’ Florida Cops Shoot Arsonist




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