The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 17, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) In very concerning news for the Deep State, President Trump declared for 2024. “America’s comeback starts right now.”

2) Only ten senators love America enough to vote against Yertle as GOP Senate leader. The rest are useless snot-gobblers.

3) Trump-backed Kevin Kiley (CA-3) put the Republicans over the top in taking the House.

4) Well, that didn’t take long: New York’s Young Republican Club endorsed President Trump just hours after he announced for reelection.

5) The U.S. Navy found a “massive amount” of explosive material able to fuel over a dozen ballistic missiles on a fishing boat sailing from Iran.

6) A DemoKKKrat in New Hampshire’s House of Representatives has overturned the election result in a recount, beating the Republican by one vote.

-So, he was an “election denier?”

7) Indians are rapidly replacing Chinese at American universities.

8) The FascistBI is planning to extradite Sam Bankman-Fried from the Bahamas . . . then put him in the Epstein Cell. Can’t have this mushpuppet talking.

9) This is a tough one: NBC says body cam footage contradicts the Department of InJustice in the Pelosi (Mr. Botoxic) case. Which of the liars do you believe?

10) The Reverend Warlock finally remembered who Jesus was, saying critics of his church’s evictions are attacking Him.

-The only previous time he used the term “Jesus Christ” was when he fell down some stairs.

11) The fight over the election tally threatens Arizona certification. As it should.

12) The Rutabaga has pulled air marshals off flights and deployed them to conduct welfare checks on illegals.

-You know, the millions he let in?

13) Pennsylvania’s Governor-elect charged his own former campaign consultant with “widespread” voter fraud.



14) The Producer Price (Inflation) Index is now at 8% year over year.

15) While buying a typical new U.S. home requires an income of over $100,000 (up 46% year over year)

16) Billionaire Jeff Bezos tells families not to buy new cars and TVs as the US hurtles toward recession.

-“Now, you will excuse me. My yacht is waiting.”

17) That French company, Target, saw its earnings plunge 52% with a $400 million loss.



18) The ChiComs have developed flying submarine drones capable of operating above and below the surface.

19) Did Russia strike Poland? No. Ukraine did.

20) In England, kids are waiting 15 hours in emergency rooms due to a shortage of Amoxicillin caused by the China Virus restrictions.

21) Indonesia is getting $20 billion from a number of nations, including the U.S.—cuz, you know, we ain’t in debt or anything—to dump coal.

22) Iran’s parliament voted to execute 15,000 protestors to teach a “hard lesson.”

-But, you know, they’re just like us.

23) Brit inflation soared to a 41-year high. But, you know, Limeys, keep pouring more money into Ukraine.

24) A Berlin state election was declared null and void. Oh? So the Huns are “election deniers?”

25) The CIA director was in Kiev with Green Screen Zelensky yesterday.



26) Kevin Spacey was hit with another seven sex-attack charges in the UK.

27) In entertainment, the good news keeps coming as the Communist News Network (CNN)’s president Chris Licht confirmed the network will see layoffs as early as December, and ABC and NBC both join in firing sprees.



28) 400,000 have died of something\ not China Virus, “Long Covid, or overdose/accident/suicide. All where vax rates are higher.

-Gee, now I wonder what that might be?

29) Myocarditis in kids under 18 cases are up by over 100 times in Canada. Parents, you deserve this, not your kids.

30) The ongoing under-reporting problem with VAERS.



31) This is how low we’ve fallen. Scientists have created a mathematical model to help you avoid spattering with squeezy sauce bottles. That’s right, folks. We have little boys having their weenies cut off, we have teen suicide at all-time highs, we have a mental patient as president and a stroke victim as a senator, and we have poisonous vaxxes being foisted on people everywhere, but THIS, my friends, THIS is what has scientists in a tizzy.




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