The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 11, 2022

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Kampuchea Harris’s hubby is prepping DemoKKKrats to rally behind her if Rutabaga steps aside.

2) In the circus that is Arizona’s electoral process, the results will be delayed until after the weekend, said Maricopa County officials. (They are coping with a drop of 350,000+ Election Day ballots that are going to be 2:1 Republican).

3) This writer says, “leftists hate conservatives so much they’ll smilingly endure brutal crime and historic inflation rather than allow a Republican in office.”

4) Boy, these people are truly living on another planet: “The biggest midterm takeaway is that the economy is stronger than we thought.”

-No, it’s that the DemoKKKrats have perfected a “ballots” over “votes” strategy and the GOP doesn’t yet know how to counter.

5) U.S. Catholic Bishops gave $3.4 million to organizations involved in abortion, transoidism, and similar activist socialist causes.

6) DemoKKKrats took full government control in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota.

7) Alex Jones was ordered to pay $473 million more to Sandy Hook families. Why not just make it a Bazillion?

8) I’m sure this is reassuring to so many Americans: George W. Bush is doing an event with Green Screen Zelensky.

9) Trust the doctors, right? Now they want kids to mask up in schools for the flu, despite studies showing masks stunted kids’ development.

10) The GOP made big gains among young black, Hispanic voters.

-(Again, the “Ballots” vs. “votes” strategy makes this less important).

11) A good citizen turned in a lost wallet containing $2,000 to the cops.

12) Betamale O’ Rourke burned up $164 million in donor dollars.



13) Some central banks have dropped digital currency.

14) Taiwan Semiconductor cut orders by 50%, sending shockwaves.

15) Passengers pleaded with the FAA to force airlines back to wider seats after they shrunk them to save money.

16) A federal judge has ruled Rutabaga’s plan to cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt is unconstitutional and must be vacated.



17) Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson means that, for the time being, there will be no invasion of Odessa. A definite setback for the Russkies.



18) Outrageous, unfair, and disgusting. A fat man won a women’s beauty pageant.

19) Warren Beatty accused of rape from years ago in the “Parallax View.”

20) Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis was ordered to pay $7.5 million in damages for raping his publicist in 2013.


And finally...

21) And finally, file this under stooooo-pid. A Georgia man was holding $3 billion in stolen bitcoin stashed in a popcorn tin after calling 9/11 to report a burglary. This is up there with the QuickMart thief who had his work overalls on with his name, “Randy,” on it.



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